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Hindi as a Language and the Process of How One Can Learn It


Hindi Language

Languages of any kind be that sign language, written language, or spoken/orally used language, remains the solely used medium of interpretation of thoughts, If I go to America I’d hear English though with an American accent if I’d go to France I’d hear french and a little English with a french accent, and when I’ll come to India I’d hear Hindi and English as well with the accent twist, so as a language teacher I need to concentrate over the accents and the specific words but as a speaker, I am free to enjoy the liberty in my spoken language, languages have no barriers as long as we can interpret the desired message to our receiver.


The learning process begins at a tender age, when we are a growing toddler, from the age of 1-12; during this age, the child becomes fully aware of the common words and differences in living genders and nonliving things gender(especially in Hindi). 


The child can form sentences and understand sentences through the tones and pitches of the speaker.


While the exact opposite happens to us as adults when we begin the journey of speaking a new language even though we have already mastered our mother tongue, but still get often confused in plural, singular, noun, pronoun, and especially genders.

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Unlike other languages Hindi also has a long history of existence.

The process of learning can be tough but patience and perseverance can keep you going for the long run, try taking baby steps at first; try with your name, and don’t go straight to the enunciation. First, try with alphabets then go for words, and then with sentences.


By this time our mind is trained so well in the language that we use daily and are using for decades and it’s hard for us to adapt to the new changes and delve into the habits of the new transitions. While some of us adapt to the new changes quickly while some have a low tendency to get used to them.

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Change is imminent;

And you must be aware of the saying, “age is just a number” and it doesn’t define what you can do and what you can’t, let not your age define you.


Unlike other languages Hindi also has a long history of existence, It is highly spoken in many countries which includes the USA, India, moreover, Bihar was the first Indian state to adopt Hindi as its official language, and Pakistan, Nepal, Uganda, Yemen, South Africa, Mauritius, New Zealand, and the list goes on. 


You must be thinking whether the language is so easy or its residents have given home tuitions all over the globe and led a small revolution of making people aware about what kind of language Hindi actually is. Well, as a matter of fact, our people live all over the globe and we’re glad that they do, and so are capable to make every single one aware about how truthful and how majestic our Hindi language really is.


It’s easy to grab any language though not in 3 months span of time, it’s like you are giving your body only 3 months to fully grow from a teenager to adolescence which is completely preposterous. As like for complete growth you provide yourself with proteins, nutrients, carbohydrates, glucose, etc similarly for getting to know a completely unknown language you have to provide your brain with enough nutrients, carbohydrates, and proteins to grab the language as a whole and completely understand it like a native.


Everything is hard unless we try it, as a kid walking was hard until we did, then running got hard until we ran then jumping got hard until we jumped and our hardships went on and on and so went the solutions, everything comes easy to those who believe in themselves.

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The initiation should be from believe, a firm belief, and a resistant approach towards your goal of learning a new language, it is what gets you to stay motivated throughout the process, undoubtably the process can be tiring and excruciating but for some, its more like hoping on a new journey of being kids agin and agin learning the birds names, the animals name and enunciating them in different languages, its a complete different process and i should tell you that its all worth it.

Dont you feel the chills on a weekend ride in your car as you open the window and let your hand move freely with the wind, the same kind of chills you will feel as you will complete the things that you thought were so big of a hurdle in your head.

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Dont forget to take a break. While sleeping we forget to get up early, while exercising we forget to drink water, we always miss the details, but in this tiring process, you dont forget to take small breaks to appreciate the efforts that you have put in so far, tell yourself, “ you are amazing, keep going on superstar”, believe it or not, it helps in you many ways that your budding mind wont be able to comprehend.

Do look back; when in the hassle of completing a lesson we forget that this is not a train which if left wont come again, its life and keep in mind that whatever you are learning today is for the better tomorrow; keep tracking what you learned yesterday, because now the general ABC’s has changed with new pronunciations and new meanings, so keep track of what you learned then to strengthen your memory.

Happy learning to you, By now you must be ready to hop on to the new chapter of your life of learning new languages, and i think you are ready, even if you are not, tell yourself “I am brave enough to do it, I know i can do it and I will do it.”

And pat yourself on the back when you do!

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