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How Can I Learn Spanish Online


Did you know that Spanish is spoken by more than 543 million people all over the world? Are you aware that Spanish is the most common non-English language used in the U.S, with approximately 13 percent of the United States Population speaking it? Do you know that Spanish is the official language of 21 countries? Well, learning Spanish is a significant way of advancing your job skills, associating you with your community, and developing your gray matter.


However, numerous online Spanish classes give you many chances to learn conversational Spanish effectively. The online courses offer an opportunity to chat, play games and even socialize. Below are some of the ways to learn Spanish online:

1. Virtual Platforms

There is a major paradigm shift in learning programs, as illustrated in how technology is applied. Today, you don’t need in-person classes to learn Spanish as you can do it on virtual platforms such as Zoom or Google Meets.


Online Spanish learners can see instructor slides, listen to audio, and practice speaking with other participants on virtual platforms. All you need is a computer, a good headset or laptop mic, and high-speed internet. In virtual platforms, instructors possess tools to share digital files, extract responses, regulate audio volume, send vital messages, and equally enhance talk time among participants.

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Learning a new language can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are learning it for the first time. Understanding Spanish goes beyond figuring out rules, learning vocabulary, and harmonizing the syntax of elegant sentences.

2. YouTube Tutorials

You can learn Spanish inherently by listening to the native speakers who teach the language via YouTube channels. However, you must be more determined and committed when learning Spanish via YouTube tutorials since you cannot gain fluency by just watching a few YouTube videos. The more you increase your daily commitment, the faster you become fluent.


YouTube videos offer an exceptional learning resource since you can conveniently listen to a vast array of Spanish dialects and recall words and sentences in a better way due to the incorporation of visual components. You can also watch the content again as you write down notes.

3. Through Apps

Learning Spanish should not be a daunting experience with the multiple Spanish language learning apps. Some of these apps include:


Duolingo app has a game and funny characters that enhance a firm foundation in Spanish. The app will help you monitor your advancements and set goals so that you can track how you are learning in a short period.


Babbel is the most common adult learning app. If you want quick progress in your Spanish journey, this is the perfect app for you. It is very easy to use since you learn with repetition and natural conversational practice.


Do you know you can learn Spanish by watching television? With Lingopie, you can select from a wide range of Spanish programming, including comedies, telenovelas, sitcoms, and others. You can watch then follow up with detailed reviews and flashcards of what you have.


If you have a tight schedule, Pimsleur is an excellent option. Busy learners are expected to only sign in for half an hour to gain the maximum benefits of this app.


FluentU engages learners by depending heavily on video-based content, such as music videos, movie trailers, and news. While using the platform, you will be given quizzes to assist you in quickly mastering Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation.

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Learn Spanish

You don’t need to travel to Spain or Latin America in order to learn Spanish. There are plenty of online classes that will offer you tools to begin Spanish-speaking culture and gain fluency in no time. In a productive, interactive online Spanish class, you’ll be able to produce incredible results such as reading signs in Spanish, ordering food, etc.


Do you want to learn the Spanish language online? Check out our platform, where you’ll find plenty of options to become fluent sooner than you think.

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