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How to Boost Your Business with Digital Marketing


Most people are on social media platforms, if not all platforms at least they’re more active on one platform.

These are people who might be interested in the products or services that you sell and you need to reach them in the social platforms that they spend most of their time in and create messages that will grab their attention in those platforms meaning creating content in the format that’s consumed in the specific platform.

Most people see social media as an easy job but believe me it’s not. For you to ace it, you need to put in a lot of time, money and lots of energy. But this is not to scare you, once you hit the right spot then you will definitely mine gold.

Before we jump into it, first things first.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of selling products and services through the internet and electronic devices.

It’s marketing through channels like social media, email and mobile apps.

I’m sure you have encountered these ads as you scroll through your socials or the most common – YouTube.

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Most people see social media as an easy job but believe me it's not. For you to ace it, you need to put in a lot of time, money and lots of energy. But this is not to scare you, once you hit the right spot then you will definitely mine gold.

Why Digital Marketing?

People are now shifting from the traditional advertising methods to digital channels.

Why? Most people spend their time on the internet more than they do on the internet or eve looking at billboards along the roads.


How Can Your Business Thrive in the Digital World?

Organic Growth

Not every social media platform is best for your business.

Different social platforms have different audiences i.e LinkedIn is B2B while Facebook and Instagram are B2C.

Therefore depending on your target audience you can choose the platform that your target audience mostly spends most of their time.

Get Started on Socials

Create the your social media profiles and start growing your online community, you can start by inviting your friends, family and colleagues. On social media platforms like Facebook, when a friend likes a page, it often pops to the newsfeeds of their friends too meaning that more people will see your page increasing your brand visibility. Tagging pages of influencers in the same field and asking them to do the same for you, will help you get your page off the ground. Gaining page likes from influencers or bloggers will also have a positive impact on your brand credibility. Optimized your profiles- First impression matters. Your profile should communicate who you are and what you do from your bio, profile picture to your recent posts. Consider adding your logo as your profile picture, your business location, contact details and adding a description of what your business is all about.


In order to capture your target audience offer content that your ideal customers will want to read it could be content that’s educational or entertaining. In short give people what they signed up for.

You can create different types of content on social media, still images, videos, motion graphics, gifs, infographics, QnA, polls etc. Different platforms have unique features that you can use for your business to drive engagement or awareness.


Remember to not be too salesy even if the aim of you taking your brand online is to sell. Why?


Social media platforms are mostly for entertainment or to get information therefore if you bombard people with over promotional posts on their feed they will definitely unfollow you and we don’t want that.


Remember to show the human side of your business, let people see behind the scenes of your business. You can achieve this by taking photos or creating videos.


In this era of Tiktok and reels you can show the fun side of your brand by hoping on trends that relates to your brand or creating funny videos with your colleagues. Everyone loves funny videos especially from businesses that they like.

Paid Growth

In digital marketing, it is possible to reach millions of people and even narrow down your target audience in terms of their location, interest, age etc. In digital marketing, the world is your oyster.


Digital marketing allows you to have concrete data in terms of who saw your ad, how much money was spent and where.


With the traditional methods of advertising it is rather hard to get such types of reports and it is also quite expensive.


If you’re looking to reach more people while spending minimum budgets then digital marketing is the way to go.

You can run google ads or social media according to where they hand out.
It’s good to note that if you don’t know how to run ads on digital platforms please consult an expert because you might end up spending money with no results.


If done well, social media can boost your brand awareness and boost your sales ultimately.

Remember don’t be a beggar on social media, give value.

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