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How to Build a Professional Profile That Gets Results

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What you can do to build a better professional profile

Most people think that having a profile on a piece of paper is enough and then there is this group who thinks that having everything online is good enough! Both are partially correct. Though everything has moved online, there is still this group of people who rely on the physical copy profile better than the ones online. Thus, our goal is to focus on both.

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Write a bio that acts as your elevator pitch. Something impressive that would leave an imprint on the reader.

Extend your contacts

People do all sorts of things online. Including blogging or vlogging their daily activities, to brushing their teeth to making their bed, you have everything you need to know online. When things like these go up on social media, why doesn’t career or professional advice be available to people who really want to know. It is all about putting your name out in the industry and making your presence online. This doesn’t only mean that you are getting into the competition but also means that you must work up to make yourself stand out.

The first thing that you must do is to extend your contacts. By contacts I mean professional contacts. This will develop your reputation that precedes you and opens door to new opportunities that you would not have heard of before. Maybe this time the opportunities that open, will be a dream job that you thought never existed.

The internet is an ocean of resources. If you look it up you will find that there are many fish in sea! People who are better than you, equal to you and who are mirror images of you (through profile I mean). You might get discouraged that you do not stand out, but that is not the case. They seem to be that way is because they make themselves look that way. They are either that good or just smart enough to make them look like they are good. At this stage you must try to find your unique selling point. Be clear of who you are, what you offer and where you want to start.

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Try to find out who are the other people who will be competing for this position and try to figure out what makes you different from them. This will be your unique selling point. Research! Research! Research! While you are researching, try googling your name. This will tell you where you stand. By the way, do you think people are not interested in your personal life? Many employers will stalk your personal profile to see who you are. This may be a good thing. The more you are exposed the more people think they know you and the more can you move closer to being their choice. All you must do at this point is give them what they want to see. In short, try to be on the good books.

Now based on what you see decide which ones reflects more like you and which ones must be changed. Make sure you are remembered and to do that make sure you create your email id, handle or username is something creative but decent enough or something that is easy to remember, perhaps just your name without any symbols or numbers.

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Write a bio

Write a bio that acts as your elevator pitch. Something impressive that would leave an imprint on the reader. Keep it precise, like it will grab the attention of the one who is reading it for at least 30 seconds. Give a crisp idea about the overview of your career dreams, your current achievements, current job and maybe some ideas that you can think of. Make sure you portray what the benefits are of hiring you. Update your education, skills, certificated, license, job experience and make sure to keep it updated. Add one or more of your work, like a portfolio.

Remember to proofread and proofread again. Simple mistakes can make a great impact. Follow similar business profiles and try getting noticed. 


Build a professional network, that is important.

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Double check all your social media accounts

Now that one profile is done, repeat the same on the other medias. Even the ones you may think is not common.
Keep an eye on what you post. Everything you do should leave a positive impact about you. Avoid sensitive topics that could be judged easily. Make it relevant so you can gain people’s interest especially those who you are targeting specifically for creating a professional network. Get personal too, by sharing your hobby, an article of your interest or maybe sharing someone’s work.

Try not getting too personal because that leaves room for others to invade your personal space which might impact your profile. Make yourself newsworthy! Express your work in a way that will make people want to talk about you. This is similar to word-of-mouth marketing. Your ultimate goal is to sell yourself. You should be all set now but not yet. Take this to the next level and make it offline. You will nail it!



Making an offline profile is creating a resume and cover letter that could market for you. Imagine you having your entire life on one piece of paper! That’s a lot of work already and on top of that having an elevator pitch to speak instead of you, that is a whole other topic to discuss.

We could do this in 30 mins through my FREE workshop for Resume and Cover letter writing every Monday morning and Friday evening EST. In this workshop we cover everything you need to create a perfect, eye catching and impressive resume that will make you unique and stand out from your competitors. (All this in just 30 mins? Yea! I know you would want it) Book now!

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