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How to Build a Strategy for your Business Account on Instagram: Part 2


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Up, up and away! After a few months of getting up posts that flow thematically, building relationships with influencers, increasing your brand’s reach, earning data, and sales via Instagram ads, it’s time to reflect. At this point, based on your Instagram account’s insights, you should be able to have a pretty good grasp on what is growing the brand and what isn’t.

Here are a few things you should look back at to help determine what adjustments you should make.

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A/B Testing Content

A/B testing is the technical term for testing one thing against another. In this case, we might be A/B testing content types, so video vs. still images, or A/B testing ad variations with Facebook ads. Below is a quick checklist of what you should test in the early stages of building a long-term social media strategy.

Content types – Video posts, still posts, carousel posts, and stories.
Influencers – How many likes did the posts get, did you get followers from the relationship, were the comments unique.
Instagram ads – What ads had the lowest CPC (cost per click), lowest CPA (cost per acquisition or sale)

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Marketing Budget Redistribution

Emphasizing effective campaigns is the name of the game. After reviewing your A/B testing results, you can start to get a feel for what you need to change and what you need to continue with.

For content, if videos and custom photography are getting you the best engagement, then you know to focus more of your budget on those two content types.

Influencers can be hit or miss, and based on your insights, you should see that out of the five influencers you worked with, only two gave you the results you wanted. This is where you can decide to drop the other three influencers and redistribute your budget to represent your remaining budget better.

Instagram ads should be your most significant focus if sales are your main objective, as it most often is. Determine the best performing ads, kill off the least performing, and redistribute your budget into the best ads. Additionally, you might want to consider creating more content like that in the best performing ads and A/B test further within those campaigns.

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Instagram ads should be your most significant focus if sales are your main objective, as it most often is.

Product and Service Evolution

Consider for a moment you’re selling t-shirts, and through all your ads testing and influencer outreach, the red t-shirt sells the most and gets the best engagement. Then you know, creating more product types of that shirt will most likely equal more sales. Alternatively, if you are selling a service and your lowest tier service sells the most, then creating variations on that service will also lead to more sales.

Over time it will become clear what product/service types are doing the best on social media, and you can expand your business endlessly from there.

What’s amazing about social media is just how many people you can reach you would have never reached otherwise. You might garner relationships with influencers across the country who help you drive sales that would otherwise be untouchable. Your ads can target precise demographics and place your products in front of the perfect customer.

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When it comes to Social Media, be relevant and consistent!

Overall, remember whether you are first starting out or in the middle of your business journey, when it comes to social media you need to be relevant (on brand) and consistent (color, type, tone, content & timing) and try to use all neighborhoods of Instagram (feed, stories, live, IGTV & Reels) when posting to Instagram. If you do not have a budget to pay for ads or influencers, that’s ok but it’s good to know it is available to you at any time.


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