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How to Create A Good TikTok Video

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TikTok is the newest social media app taking the world by storm with videos generated explicitly for a personalized “for you” page. It is a mecca of original content for every creator and viewer alike. If you have a creative idea and need an outlet to share your vision, performance, or thoughts with the world, creating an account and learning how to make TikTok videos is a great choice! If you are interested in creating content on the app, you can just follow a few simple steps and a few tips and tricks to succeed on the platform.


Here we’ll walk you through everything you need to create videos for the platform.

How to Create a TikTok Account?

The first step in becoming a TikTok superstar is to create an account. Once you have a profile, you can watch, make and post social media content.


First, you will need to download the TikTok app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.
After it is added to your phone’s home screen, you can begin to set up your profile page with a photo and short biography.

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TikTok shares your video with audiences its algorithm believes to be similar to the content of your video, so use words, sounds, or hashtags that reflect your branding.

A TikTok account can be made for an individual, a small business, or an athlete – even politicians like Senator Jon Ossoff have made accounts!


Before diving into content creation, scroll through your “for you page” to see common styles of videos. The “for you page” or FYP automatically generates a stream of videos the algorithm at TikTok believes you would like most. Find exciting videos by searching for a topic or a hashtag.


Sign up for an account with your email address, phone number, or other social media account.

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Tips and Tricks for Your First TikTok Video

Many people unfamiliar with TikTok think that only professional dancers and choreographers create videos, but that is only a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of videos on the app.


To upload a video, select the plus sign at the bottom of the screen. You can record a video for posting directly on the app by pressing the red record button, or you can upload a previously recorded video for sharing.


Add some of TikTok’s ready-made features like stickers or filters to boost your video and create that competitive edge. Additionally, templates add some visual style to your TikTok videos.


Finally, find your niche on the app. Based on what type of videos you would like to add to your account, you can suppose what audience you attract. Finding and staying within the boundaries of your particular niche can lead to long-term success.

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How to Make a Viral TikTok

Anyone can make and post a video on TikTok, but to generate a large audience, a best practice is best to produce viral content – a feat easier said than done!


First, start your video with a hook by using eye-catching clothing, commentary, or trending music. While you can select the length of your video, it is best to keep it short. Generally, people will give a video about eight seconds before they scroll on to the next.


Second, record your content. It can be a video, a series of pictures, or a combination of the two. Using either custom audio or an available clip of music, add sound to your video.


TikTok shares your video with audiences its algorithm believes to be similar to the content of your video, so use words, sounds, or hashtags that reflect your branding.


Finally, have a solid call to action at your video’s conclusion, whether that is visiting your storefront, sharing your product with information about how to purchase it, or where you will be playing live in the future.


If you’re serious about wanting to go viral on TikTok, consider taking a social media strategy course. You can learn how to create eye-catching videos for your TikTok and how to build up your social media presence.

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What are TikTok Trends?

When a sound or specific music reaches maximum popularity on the app, it becomes a trend. The TikTok algorithm promotes videos that use specific trending sounds, effects, or hashtags.


Videos that use trending elements are more likely to be viewed on the FYP of people who have participated in or watched the trend. One of the most straightforward ways to recognize trends is to scan the Discover tab, which features various trending sounds or topics.


To help identify what is trending on the app, creators use a followable hashtag – #trendalert – which helps users see what is popular as soon as it starts trending.


Furthermore, the more you use the app, the more specific your FYP will become, allowing you to see which trends are popular and which will most likely be seen by the audience you would like to cultivate.


Once you have discovered a popular song or audio, save it to your favorites. To keep audio for later use, click on the scrolling text at the bottom of a video, which will pull up the original sound and all of the other videos that have used it. Then, select “add to favorites,” and it will be waiting to be added to your video whenever it is ready to post.


Often a trending sound will have an accompanying movement or story associated with it, so to reach peak viral status, make sure you play along with the TikTok rules for that particular trend.

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What are the Benefits of Joining TikTok?

Millions of people have a TikTok account, so your reach to an attentive audience will be massive. TikTok surged in popularity over the past year and is now one of the most downloaded and used apps.


Furthermore, engagement with the app is exceptionally high. Viewers and commentators will share and engage with your video, which will boost its popularity. Interestingly, this level of engagement is paired with the TikTok algorithm, so even if your account does not have any followers, a video that you post can still go viral on the app.


A good video on TikTok can help boost your personal brand or support your small business. Consider taking online courses to learn the ins and outs of creating social media that will build your brand and capture your audience.

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