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How to Create a Wine Cork Trivet


Wine corks are great items to hold on to if you like to dabble in at-home crafts and DIY projects. If you’ve been saving old wine corks for a long time, you may be building up quite the stockpile—after all, you can only have so any decorative gloss vases filled with corld If you wont to level up your wine cork crafting skills, making a wine cork trivet is a fantastic place to start. A wine cork trivet is an easy DIY project that will result in a handcrafted piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful in daily life.

What is a Wine Cork Trivet?

Now you may be asking, what is a wine cork trivet? Well, first, let’s start with identifying the handy household item that is the trivet.

A trivet is that little flat round piece, usually made of wood or metal, that you put under a hot pan or serving dish to protect your table or counter from heat damage. Trivets are convenient and valuable items to have in your kitchen, whether for regular use or just for whipping out when you’re hosting a dinner party.

If you have yet to acquire a trivet, this wine cork trivet project may be perfect for you. Having a trivet will get you another step closer to feeling like an adult, and having a handmade recycled wine cork trivet will be a great conversation piece that will help you flex your artistic skills.

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Naturally, you will need enough wine corks to create the size trivet you desire. When determining how big of a trivet you want, it’s a good idea to look through your kitchen to see the sizes of your most commonly used serving dishes.
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How to Make a DIY Wine Cork Trivet

Making a wine cork trivet is a reasonably straightforward project involving simple materials and a few construction steps. Read on for a complete guide on how to create a wine cork trivet.


Before beginning the process of making your wine cork trivet, make sure you have all of the necessary materials on hand. You will need:


Wine corks
Single solid piece of cork
Strong adhesive or glue


Naturally, you will need enough wine corks to create the size trivet you desire. When determining how big of a trivet you want, it’s a good idea to look through your kitchen to see the sizes of your most commonly used serving dishes.


Based on that, you can pick the dimensions for your wine cork trivet. If you have a surplus of old wine corks, consider making multiple trivets in various shapes and sizes to match your dishes.


You will also need a single solid piece of cork as your base. Most craft or hardware stores should sell these. Be sure that the piece of cork you purchase is either the size of the trivet you want to make or larger, so you can trim it down later. The last thing you want is for the wine corks to be hanging over the sides of the base.


Another essential material is a strong adhesive, like a hot glue gun or another strong glue product. This product will be the crucial ingredient to construct your wine cork trivet securely, so be sure to use a quality adhesive tool.


If you regularly do DIY projects or are looking to start, now might be a good time to invest in a decent hot glue gun. However, if this wine cork trivet is more of a one-time thing, you should be fine getting a small bottle of strong glue.


Finally, you’ll need some items that you likely already have around your home: scissors and a pen. The scissors should be decent enough to cut through a corkboard, and the pen just needs to have enough ink to show up on the cork.

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Steps for How to Create a Wine Cork Trivet

First, lay your corkboard out on a flat surface that will be easy for you to work on. Gather up the wine corks you would like to use, and play around with arranging them on the board.


This step is where you get to let your creative side out to play. Take some time to try different patterns, like stripes, diagonals, or alternating directions. If you want to be extra artsy, pay attention to the labels and different color shades on the corks, and utilize that in your design.


Once you’ve finalized your design, take your pen and trace an outline of the wine cork trivet layout. You can then remove the corks (maybe take a picture first if you need help remembering your design) and use your scissors to cut out the outline from the corkboard. This shape will function as the base of the trivet.


Following the directions accompanying the adhesive tool you’ve chosen, glue the wine corks onto the corkboard, following your pattern one row at a time. Be sure to let the glue fully dry before you touch the trivet again.


After the glue has dried, your wine cork trivet is complete. This durable and practical craft is sure to be a lovely and long-lasting addition to your table setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some further questions about wine cork trivets. Here are some of the most frequently asked and their responses.

Can cork be used as a trivet?

Absolutely! The natural qualities of cork make it both heat and moisture resistant. This makes cork an affordable option for a high-quality trivet. Using cork, you will protect your table from heat and any steam or condensation coming from your serving dish.

Can you put a cork trivet in the dishwasher?

Although cork is a durable and convenient material, it does not do well in a dishwasher. Instead of using a dishwasher to clean your cork trivet, wipe it down with a damp cloth and soap. If there’s an awful mess, you could try boiling your trivet in water for a few minutes.

Can you glue the cork to wood?
If you’re interested in using a piece of wood as the base for your wine cork trivet, it may be a little more challenging (cutting wood is more complicated than cutting cork), but it is certainly possible. For a wine cork trivet with a wood base, be sure to get glue that is meant explicitly for wooden materials.

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