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How to Get the Most Out of Instagram?


Instagram Tutorial

Hi, I’m Estee and today I’m going to be showing you how to create a reel, removing the background, how to make a simple post, how to check your insights on Instagram.

How to Create a Reel

How to create a reel

The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to open up the app and you’re going to click on your homepage, which is the bottom right hand circle, and then you’re going to see a plus sign on the upper right hand side. You’re going to click on it and a menu pops up and you just select the one down.

It’s a reel and you have a lot of options here. You can add audio, you can add the length, you can make it 60 seconds, 30 seconds, 15, you can even do 5. You could just talk, you can edit filters.

So on the bottom you scroll over and you can create a filter. So then you can tap on the music, see what’s trending, so, kind of like that. So let’s choose that. So you just hit done and it’ll be there when you start recording.

Record Your Reel

So in order to record, you just hit the circle button at the bottom and you hold it down and you start talking or maybe dance or point/sing.  And when you’re ready to start, you just release it and it stops and that’s it.

You hit preview on the bottom right. And it’s going to show you your video. And if you like it, then you hit next and add a cover, you can add it to your home page, which will show up on the feed or just the reels. It really just depends what’s on brand for you.

music, see what’s trending, so, kind of like that. So let’s choose that. So you just hit done and it’ll be there when you start recording.


how to check insights

I want to teach you one little thing that you could be doing in your business to see what’s working, because we’re constantly posting and we’re doing stories or tutorials, but is it really working?

So I want to show you something that you could be looking at in your handy dandy Instagram account, and it’s called Insights. And what you’re going to do is you’re going to open up the app, you’re going to go to your home page, and you’re just going to click on insights, right? And it tells you the overview. The accounts reached, the accounts engaged, and your total followers. You can either do last seven days or if you tap on that button, you can do 14, 30, previous month, last 90 days and so on and so forth.

The other thing you can be doing is going to your reels, which is the second one over from your feed, and you could just right there, you can see all the different views and actually other things as well.

So if you’re not sure why a video did well like this reel right here at 11,000.9 views, just click on it and then you can look at your insights here.

If you just tap, it gives you all these different options you can remix, you could turn off commenting, see if it’s a camera roll edit remix the reel copy, the link, share to view insights, all that fun stuff.

Remove the Background from a Picture

I’m really excited because I want to show you something that’s so simple that you’re probably wondering how other people are doing it on Instagram, and it’s literally just removing the background from a picture, any picture, or you can even add it in the background.

So what I’m going to do is tell you a little pro tip. You’re going to download the Canva app, that’s C.A.N.V.A and if you already have it you’re just going to open it up and then you’re just going to go on to the home page. You’re going to click on Instagram post and click on the very first one, which is just a blank piece of paper, and then it’s going to open up on the bottom. You’re going to see templates, elements, camera, roll uploads, things like that. So you can go to your camera roll and upload something for your camera roll, or I already have a picture right here ready to go. So I’m just going to put that on there. So if you look on the bottom, it says replace, delete, duplicate effect. So click on Effects. And the very first one and there’s obviously a lot of effects. You’re going to click on the BG remover, which automatically removes background and you can move it all around. You can make it bigger or smaller. It’s kind of really cool. and that’s it. And then you remove the background from your picture and you can then put it as your bio picture or put it on your feed or do so many different things with it.

How to Create a Post

create a post on instagram

The first thing you’re going to do is open up the app and you’re going to go to your page and you’re going to see a plus sign on the upper right hand corner. It’s second over from those three lines, what we call “the hamburger”. So you just going to click on it and it’s going to offer you to create.  You can create a post, a reel, anything you’d like. So we’re just going to do a simple post. Are you going to select the post? And now it’s going to automatically open up your camera roll so you can slide down, pick a pretty picture, and you can just hit next.


And it offers you to make it normal or all these different looks you can change it to Juno or Slumber, whatever you want to. But for today’s tutorial, we’re just going to click Normal then you hit next.

And that’s it.

You can write a caption, say whatever you want to say, thinking about afternoon tea I’m saying tea because there’s a honey spill in there. Hit okay, and you share it and that’s it.

If you like this tutorial and you want to learn more, Please go to and sign up for one of my classes and I will teach you what you need to know when it comes to social media with brand strategy for you.

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