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How to Learn Greek Online

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Have dreams of visiting spectacular Greek islands and flirting with the locals? Or maybe you’ve been invited to a big fat Greek wedding and want to impress the crowd? Whatever your reasons may be, learning Greek online is a rewarding experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.


If you don’t have access to in-person classes or private tutors, learning Greek on your own can seem like a struggle. There are a ton of online resources, but which one is right for you? 

To help you out, we’ve created an overview of how to learn Greek online that you can take advantage of today. Keep reading to find how every learning resource stacks up and which one is the best for every type of student. 

Greek Courses

There are plenty of online courses available that provide a good or even exceptional understanding of the Greek language. They’re often put together by qualified Greek teachers and institutions, featuring recorded lessons and supplementary course work. 


Online courses are a great resource for beginner and intermediate Greek speakers who value a guided approach to learning. You can review previous materials whenever you’d like and can check your progress with quizzes based on what you’ve learned so far. 


Advanced speakers, on the other hand, might not have use for online Greek courses. If you really want to progress, you need live tutoring to spot your weak points in real-time. Having actual conversations in Greek is essential, and online courses can’t offer that.

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One of the best free online resources at your disposal is Youtube, the popular video-sharing platform.

Greek Books

You can download a plethora of digital books in Greek through Google Play or the Apple Store. These include language textbooks and vocab cheat sheets to Greek tragedies and novels, fit for a wide range of learning levels. 

The value you get from book learning depends on what sort of books you’re reading. Textbooks might be good for beginners, but more advanced readers can try their hand at Greek fiction books instead. You might love the story and learn a ton of Greek along the way. 

However, reading in Greek can be very difficult for a native English speaker. If you’re a beginner, you might be better off skipping Greek textbooks in favor of a more engaging learning method. Once you get better, you can move onto Greek fiction to progress even further. 


One of the best free online resources at your disposal is Youtube, the popular video-sharing platform. 


A quick search reveals a bunch of Greek language videos designed for early learners. Most are tailored towards travel, like common phrases and words to use while touring the Greek isles. Others focus on grammar, but only the basics. 


Anybody looking to seriously study Greek shouldn’t rely entirely on Youtube. There aren’t many videos for advanced learning, and you don’t get any feedback as you study.


 However, using Youtube at the start of your journey is a good increase your basic vocabulary quickly

Online Greek Language Exchanges

Another great way to learn Greek online is by participating in a language exchange. You can find various websites devoted to giving users the opportunity to learn another language with a native speaker. You teach them your language, and in exchange, they’ll teach you Greek!


A language exchange might be a bit too much to handle for a beginner. While all the participants are well-meaning, not all have much experience coaching another person in their own language. Just like you might not know how to teach English very well, they might not know how to teach Greek. 


However, language exchanges are fantastic resources for intermediate and advanced speakers looking to increase their comprehension. Speaking with a Greek person in Greek is the best way to learn as quickly as possible. 


The Best Way to Learn Greek Online

Compared to all of the other learning resources we’ve listed, Amphy is by far the best. You can connect with qualified and experienced tutors over live stream for an affordable hourly rate. Squeeze in a lesson on your lunch break or devote a couple of hours every day to learning. The choice is yours!

Our tutors can help you with everything from the basics and travel speech to advanced topics like business and immigration. Whether you’re planning a short trip to Greece or want to move there, we’ve got you covered. 

Schedule your first private lesson with one of our online Greek tutors today. You’ll be speaking like a Greek god in no time!

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