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How to Learn Vietnamese Online

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Vietnamese is a tough language to learn. It’s tonal, meaning it relies on different vocal tones to convey meaning, which is a very difficult skill for English-speakers to master.


Wading through all the ways to learn can make the task even harder. Some are worthwhile, but many available learning resources are boring or might teach in a way you don’t like. 


Others might provide decent course materials, but they don’t provide the personalized help you might need to succeed.  


Below, find out how to learn Vietnamese online and which one might be right for you. Some resources are better than others, but by the end, you’ll understand why Amphy stands out from the pack. 

Language Apps

Everyone who wants to learn another language uses mobile apps these days. They’re often free and easy to use, with valuable vocabulary and grammar tools to get you started on the right foot. 


However, mobile apps like Duolingo are often too simplistic, offering little to no challenge and no reason to continue studying. Plus, those constant notifications can be pretty annoying, too. 


Paid apps are generally better than free ones, but they still don’t offer individual support from native speakers. There’s always a roof to the amount you can learn with an app before you have to venture out into the real speaking world to learn more. 

Online Courses

There are a ton of courses available online featuring human instructors and comprehensive lesson plans. They’re a great tool for those who like the feel of a classroom but don’t have access to in-person Vietnamese classes. 


While online courses are a great way to gain a basic understanding of Vietnamese, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind. You can’t ask questions in real-time and often don’t have any say in the direction you want to take your learning. 


Also, these courses can be expensive. You may find out that you don’t like the way it’s taught after it’s already too late. Researching reviews and snippets of lesson plans is an important part of choosing which one is for you. 

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Only a real person can teach you slang and colloquialisms.

Digital Books

Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find a hardcover Vietnamese language book in stores, let alone a good one. Luckily, you can download a ton of books on the subject in Google Play or Apple Store. 


Books can jumpstart your learning, especially in regards to basic vocabulary. If you’re really adventurous, you might buy a Vietnamese fiction book to take your education even further. 


But books can’t offer the same hands-on approach that online tutors or courses can. Textbook Vietnamese might be a good start, but it doesn’t reflect how people speak in real life. Only a real person can teach you slang and colloquialisms. 

Vietnamese Youtube Videos

Youtube can be a valuable resource for learning another language. Searching “How to learn Vietnamese online” comes up with a bunch of results. Some are actually pretty decent, while others are earnest but unprofessional. 


The best part about Youtube is that it’s free. Take advantage of this resource in your spare time to improve your skills and grow from beginner to intermediate before you know it. 


However, like the other tools on this list, Youtube lacks the cornerstone of language learning: communication. You can’t speak with your instructor or lead a conversation to where you want it to go, meaning there’s a limit to how much you can learn. 


Once you reach the end of Youtube learning, it’s time to move on to better learning resources like an online Vietnamese tutor. 

Vietnamese/English Language Exchanges

Another fantastic way to learn Vietnamese is through online language exchanges. Various websites allow users to connect from the United States to Vietnam. You can have conversations with native speakers about any topic you’d like! 


However, there aren’t many qualified tutors offering their skills for free on sites like this. Just like you might not know everything about English, they might not know everything about Vietnamese. 


Language exchanges are a good option if you are an intermediate or advanced Vietnamese speaker looking to expand your conversational skills. However, beginners might not find everything they’re looking for. 

The Best Way to Learn Vietnamese Online

Without a doubt, the best way to learn Vietnamese online is with Amphy and our qualified language tutors. For an affordable hourly price, you’ll have access to live tutors who can teach you Vietnamese one-on-one and cover any topic you’d like. 


The benefits of a live Vietnamese tutor can’t be overstated. Both of you can determine your weak points and figure out the best ways to improve your speaking. Constructive criticism is the key to learning another language, something other learning resources can’t provide. 


Schedule your first lesson with an online Vietnamese language tutor now and take your Vietnamese to the next level. 

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