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How To Make the Best School Lunch That Your Kids Will Love


Are your kids sick of peanut butter and jelly? It might be time to change things up. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are ways to give your kids the best school lunch in the cafeteria.


Your kid’s diet is an integral part of their growth and performance. Whether they’re going to in-person school or taking online classes, they need a meal that’ll fill them up and satisfy their taste buds.


Need some help coming up with school kids’ lunch ideas? Here are some tips to get you started!

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Think Outside the Box

When most people think of school lunches, they usually picture a sandwich, some fruit, a juice box, and maybe some potato chips. While most kids are just fine with that, they might want a little more variety after a while.


Try branching outside from the typical deli meat and cheese combo if your kid wants to stick with sandwiches. Perhaps your child would like a more uncommon sandwich in their school lunch, such as Caprese or BLT. You can also try different kinds of bread, such as tortilla wraps or flatbread.


Or, you could scrap the idea of sandwiches altogether. A healthy pasta salad or a charcuterie-style lunch with deli meats and veggies are just a few unique ideas for your child’s school lunch.


You don’t have to stick to the typical “lunch” foods, either. Consider giving your kids a breakfast-themed lunch. They might enjoy some overnight oats loaded with fruit or perhaps a homemade bagel with some cream cheese!

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Your kids’ health matters, and that starts with the food they eat.

Prioritize Nutrition

Your kids’ health matters, and that starts with the food they eat. It’s important to incorporate all of the major food groups into your kids’ school lunches. 


Try to find some nutrient-dense foods that your children like. Spreads such as nut butter or hummus are popular among kids, and they’re high in protein and fiber. They’re also great to dip vegetables in, so it can help your picky eaters get their greens. 


While it’s tempting to add a dessert to your little one’s lunch, doing it too often can result in them ignoring the main course. Instead, add some healthy alternatives that’ll still satisfy any sweet tooth, such as a fruit cup or a yogurt parfait. 

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Your kids’ health matters, and that starts with the food they eat.

Make It Look Pretty

Kids are more likely to eat something that looks good, so you need to be creative when preparing a school lunch.


If possible, try to make it colorful. A wide selection of fruits and vegetables will make your kids’ school lunch look like a beautiful rainbow!


You can also try cutting up sandwiches or fruit into cute little shapes; a cookie-cutter will make this quick and easy.


Overall, you should try to have fun with it. The more creative you are, the more appealing your kids’ lunch will be, and the more likely they’ll be to eat every bite.

Homemade, Not Processed

It’s no secret that kids love processed food; after all, products like Lunchables and Little Debbie cakes sell because they’re appealing to young taste buds. And if you aren’t exactly proud of your cooking skills, it can be tempting to let your kids eat these pre-made foods. 


But processed foods are often high in sugar and sodium. Many also contain preservatives and artificial dyes. 


That’s why homemade food is the best way to go. Even if you’re short on money and time, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your kids get a delicious homemade meal in their packed lunches. 


Learning how to cook homemade meals for your kids will take a bit of time and effort, but it will be worth every second. There are plenty of online courses available where you can learn to make unique, nutritious, and tasty dishes for your kids! 


With homemade dishes, you can also ensure that your kids get all of the nutrition they need. And unlike processed food, you will know what’s going into your kids’ bodie

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Keep It Varied

Variety is key to ensuring your kids don’t get sick of their packed lunches. To keep things interesting, try giving your kids something new at least once a week–or if you want to get fancy, you can try and do something new every day.


You could also try giving your kids dishes from around the world. It’ll add some tasty variety to their meals and possibly even pique their interest in other cultures! With online classes, you can learn to make food from various cultures such as Indian, Russian, Italian, and much more.

Add a Note

It may be cheesy, but a little note in your kid’s lunch is a great way to brighten up their school day and keep them motivated. 


Consider leaving an encouraging message in your kid’s lunch box. And if you’ve prepared a new recipe for their lunch, you could write a note explaining what it is and why it’s a delicious and healthy choice! 


If you have an artistic side, you could also add a cute little drawing to their note. A simple doodle or a detailed sketch of your child’s favorite character will surely brighten up their lunch period. 


No matter how you do it, putting a note in your kids’ lunch is a surefire way to remind them that you care. 

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Key Takeaway

It’s no secret that parenting is hard, and sometimes you just don’t have time to put together a fancy school lunch, and there’s no shame in giving your kids lunch money or buying pre-made meals like from Serenity Kids from time to time. 


But if you have the time to make a homemade lunch for your little ones, it can make a big difference–and with Amphy’s selection of online classes, you can learn how to make plenty of tasty, nutritious meals! 


Your kids’ growth and performance rely on what they eat. So when you’re packing school lunch, it’s essential to give them something that’ll help them succeed. 


When you incorporate these tips into your kids’ packed lunches, you can rest assured that they’ll believe it to be the best school lunch and that they’ll eat every bite!

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