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How to Optimize Your Online Studying Process

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Studying online has many benefits and can help you to acquire a new skill, certificate, or even a degree. When studying online you have to set goals and boundaries because there is no one checking on you. The benefit is that you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Based on research and best practices, here are six tips to optimize your online studying process. 

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Studying online can be a great solution - it's convenient, accessible, and allows you to set your own schedule.

Tip 1: Technology is your friend

One of the main differences between online learning and learning in a physical classroom is that you need to create your own learning environment. This requires the use of technology. In most cases, a decent computer and reliable internet access are all you need. If you want to do certain online courses such as graphic design or video editing, you need to make sure that your computer has enough memory and that the graphics card must be able to handle the software.


There are certain online courses designed specifically for MacBook users. Making sure your MacBook is performing optimally is important. You can use special applications to protect your device and free up RAM. Special apps can also help with specific problems, such as the green light staying on near the camera on your MacBook. It can be worrying when the light stays on and you are not using any apps. It is possible that malware is the issue. If this is the case, it is important to get rid of it. 

Tip 2: Schedule time to study on your calendar 

On your calendar, you will need to select suitable times to dedicate to your studies. Perhaps it suits you best to study in the evenings or early in the morning before anyone else is awake. If you schedule a regular time to study, you are less likely to fall behind. You can fill in the due dates of all your assignments and plan how far ahead you need to start doing your research. If you need to create engaging presentations you can schedule enough time to prepare them. Having a schedule helps you to hold yourself accountable. 


Tip 3: Create a dedicated study space

It helps if you have a separate, comfortable, and organized space in which to work. If you’re working at a kitchen table and not in a dedicated study space, you’re unlikely to be as productive as you could be.


  • Getting enough light in the space is essential. Natural light is best and helps you to avoid eye strain. If the area is dark, consider adding some extra light sources.  
  • An ergonomic chair can make a difference. It ensures that you sit with the right posture so you can avoid aches and pains. 
  • Make sure your desk is the right height. Your fingers should rest comfortably on the keyboard. 
  • Avoid distractions. Tell your family not to bother you when you’re studying so you can focus on the material. You may want to close all the browser tabs on your computer except for the one you need and switch off your cell phone. 

Tip 4: Set daily goals for studying

You need to know what you want to accomplish on a daily basis. If you go into your studies with a particular goal in mind for the day, you will have more motivation and be less likely to procrastinate. Your daily goal should be easy to measure. For example, you can set a goal to go through a specific module and complete the quiz questions at the end. Giving yourself a reward for completing your goal can help you to stay motivated. 

Tip 5: Take breaks

Taking breaks is critical if you want to stay the distance between your studies and find happiness within yourself. If you don’t take breaks while learning you are not as productive. You are likely to find yourself staring at a page and not really taking in any information. Taking a walk, talking to a friend, or eating a healthy snack can help your brain to re-energize. You will feel refreshed and return to your studies with renewed focus. 


Studying online can be a great solution in many situations. It is convenient, accessible, and allows you to set your own schedule. However, you have to make sure you hold yourself accountable. To do so you must set goals and boundaries but also take breaks when you need them. 

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