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How to Say ‘Cheers’ in Russian


"Cheers" in Russian

In this video, Julia will teach you how to say the phrase “Cheers” in Russian.


Julia is a native Russian speaker, certified Russian teacher, Duolingo Ambassador, and traveler (20+ countries). She is passionate about teaching people the Russian language as well as helping them to gain a better understanding of Russian culture.

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What do Russians say when they drink? Cheers?

Cheers! ... but in Russian

What do Russians say when they drink? Cheers? (See video for pronunciation)?, What’s the difference?


Well, the toast is …To the health! But the phrase, (See video for pronunciation), is very specific and It means you’re welcome, literally, for your health.


But we say it only as an answer when the person thanks us for some food, some drinks, something edible we gave them.


I hope this tip was helpful. Sign up for my classes today to speak Russian tomorrow.

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