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How to Stop Procrastinating IN 5 MINUTES

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How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is the act of delaying or putting off tasks until the last minute, or past their deadline. Some say it’s a “form of self-regulation failure” when you do irrational things even though it will end in disaster. Let’s master our self-control with this short video.


Jeni is a former architect turned entrepreneur, speaker, and productivity coach. She helps people reach consistent goals by focusing on mindful productivity and mental fitness


She was always very goal-oriented and efficient. She was a young, award-winning architect by the time she was 30 – on the surface, everything seemed perfect, but she felt exhausted, stressed, frustrated, and disengaged.


Through her entrepreneurial and personal growth journey, she discovered mindful productivity and mental fitness, which transformed my life, and she is now helping people worldwide increase their productivity and fulfill their potential without sacrificing their mental health.

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Once we're over that procrastination hump, it's easier for us to keep the momentum and keep going.

How to Stop Procrastinating IN 5 MINUTES

How to stop procrastinating in 5 minutes. Usually the hardest part with procrastination is getting started.


Once we’re over that procrastination hump, it’s easier for us to keep the momentum and keep going. Enter the 5 minute rule. This is a CBT technique to help us avoid procrastinating. 


What I want you to do is put a timer on your clock for 5 minutes and start doing the task you’ve been avoiding doing. After 5 minutes, if you see that it’s super unpleasant or it’s horrible, you can stop and you can do it guilt free.


Once you’re in the task,it’s easier for us to keep going and just finish the task all over it.


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