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9 Incredible Places to Learn to Become a Digital Marketer

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With consumers spending most of their time online, marketers have an easier time reaching new prospects. Because of this, learning about online marketing has become crucial for marketers.


But where does one learn how to become a digital marketer? There are many reputable online resources to help you start your digital marketing career, like Amphy. Still, you’ll also run into unreliable and downright wrong information about digital marketing. So it’s important to know whom you should trust.


This article will give you all the information you need to start your journey of learning how to become a successful digital marketer. 

What Is Online Marketing?

When you’re online, you’ll notice a plethora of endorsements, advertisements, and brand-building strategies from businesses. That’s what online marketing is.


Online marketing has become the most popular method of advertising for businesses. Most businesses rely on their digital marketers to create engaging campaigns to emphasize the importance of their services or brand to the general public via the internet.

Why You Should Become a Digital Marketer

There are numerous reasons to become a digital marketer, but the biggest one is how important they’ve become. People look at their phones more than 2,617 times daily to check their social media, online articles, or emails. 


Therefore, digital advertising has become the most significant influencer that sways the mind of prospects and consumers. The opportunity to capture the attention of prospects has never been more accessible. 


For many business owners, understanding digital marketing is an absolute must. Even if you don’t own a business, having certification and experience in digital marketing is an incredible advantage. 


Credibility goes a long way when looking for positions in marketing, and every marketer has some grasp of online marketing. 

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Online marketing has become the most popular method of advertising for businesses. Most businesses rely on their digital marketers to create engaging campaigns

How Hard Is It To Become a Digital Marketer?

The difficulty can spike depending on what resources you use to learn digital marketing. If you use confusing and unreliable material, you’ll have a significantly harder time learning than others. 

Benefits of Becoming a Digital Marketer

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a digital marketer.


  • Good pay
  • Skill leverage
  • Freelance opportunities
  • Access to digital marketing jobs
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How To Learn Digital Marketing

Learning digital marketing may seem daunting at first, but there are numerous ways to start. The most important part of learning digital marketing is to learn from reliable and well-organized resources. 


There are plenty of places to get general advice for digital marketing. Still, you’ll have a more challenging time finding websites and resources that give you access to a cohesive learning structure and access to digital marketing professionals. 


It would be best if you started with understanding the basics of digital marketing, such as knowing what the typical jargon means, like SEO, PPC, and conversion rate. After a basic understanding, you’ll want to look into credible learning resources and websites. 

Top 9 Places To Teach You How To Become a Digital Marketer

The following are the top nine best resources where you can learn digital marketing. Each source has a reliable database of resources that encourages users to learn and continue to expand on their digital marketing fundamentals.

1. Amphy

Amphy stands as the number one place to learn about digital marketing. Amphy offers Digital Marketing classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals. 


You can book lessons for digital marketing directly from Amphy with instructors with digital marketing experience. In addition to direct digital marketing courses, you can take classes that allow you to build on your digital marketing fundamentals. 


Courses that help you improve your social media usage and even how to use social media tools. Amphy’s lessons are valuable and practical and taught by people within the industry to ensure the success of their students. 

2. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage offers a fantastic service of base fundamentals of digital marketing. Their course provides video tutorials, modules, and unlimited access to all materials. 


The certification you receive from Google allows users to show their mastery of the material to the public and their employers. 

3. LinkedIn Learning

Another public learning resource is LinkedIn Learning. Through LinkedIn, you have access to fundamental digital marketing practices and a basic understanding of what you can do as a digital marketer. 


LinkedIn provides this information for a monthly or annual fee. You will get full access to their courses to give you a competitive edge. 

4. HubSpot Academy

With over nine lessons, thirty-seven videos, and eleven quizzes, HubSpot Academy is a perfect introductory experience for those just getting into digital marketing. While not providing as much raw content, it delivers on the quality of that content. 

5. Skillshare

A trendy option for users wanting to learn directly from a person with direct digital marketing experience, Skillshare is an attractive option for young adults getting into digital marketing. Their content provides informative videos from well-known content creators and digital marketers. 


While their platform lacks interactive content such as articles, quizzes, and other learning resources, their videos are typically enough for most users who want to learn how to be a digital marketer.

6. Udemy

While a more expensive option than most on this list, Udemy offers direct access to industry professionals and packages a learning experience into hours of lectures. This is a good option if your preferred learning method is via lectures.

7. Semrush Academy

Another free learning resource is Semrush Academy. While offering a base for digital marketing, Semrush heavily promotes the use of its Semrush tools. If you’re currently using Semrush or want to get familiar with the software, this is a perfect place to learn digital marketing.


Their resources aim to help intermediate digital marketers, so to get the most out of Semrush, you should have a grasp of the fundamentals. 

8. Coursera

One of the most attractive options for new digital marketers is Coursera’s digital marketing course. You get direct access to courses and videos, practice quizzes, graded assignments, self-paced learning options, and more. 


If you genuinely want a classroom experience, Coursera will provide that and more. 

9. Simplilearn 

An expensive option, but one that may be worth your time if you’re serious about digital marketing, is Simplilearn’s advanced digital marketing course. Starting at $1,649, Simplilearn offers a hands-on experience with live interactive learning. 


If you strive in a more hands-on environment with guidance, you may heavily benefit from Simplilearn’s program. 

Bottom Line

Now you know how to become a digital marketer. There are multiple ways to learn digital marketing on the internet. But the best shot you have to be a successful digital marketer will be Amphy. Amphy gives users access to outstanding marketers who go above and beyond to ensure your success in online marketing. 

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