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How to Make a Profile to Attract New Students

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Why is it important to make your profile appealing and how to do it? What are the things you should include in your descriptions and what should be avoided? Find all this and more in this guide, created especially for language teachers who begin their path on Amphy. 


Often we hear our new teachers saying “I just want to teach. Marketing and selling is not my forte”. Unfortunately, that’s the reason why they tend to avoid investing time to create engaging class and profile pages. 


The good news is that we’ve created a guide on how to create a great-looking profile. Having said that, you also need to accept the fact that long gone are the days when the only skill you had to possess in order to be a teacher was teaching. Today if you want to have a cohort of regular, satisfied students, you need to know how to set up a profile and classes that sell themselves. This guide will give you the key points to be successful on Amphy.


Now, let’s get started! 

Think about your students when you build your profile & classes

The most important thing to keep in mind is what your ideal student needs and wants. When you create your profile, it’s important to focus on how your future students will benefit from the live sessions with you, what skills they will gain and why they should learn with you and not with other live language teachers on Amphy.

Think about how you would choose your language teacher; for example, by years of experience, reviews, special teaching methods, class price or maybe even by reading the teacher’s interesting life story. Thus, try describing yourself as well as your live class in an interesting full-of-adjectives manner. Also, don’t forget to elaborate on your teaching approach or methods and what is special about them. To show credibility, be sure to add your certifications. Once you have these in mind, put it in writing. Try keeping it sweet, simple, and straight to the point while avoiding self-admiration.  

Tip: “Perfection is the enemy of completion”,  so if you see that this process takes too much time, move on, and refine your profile as you go along.

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A video is worth a ten thousand words

Before booking your class, students will investigate your profile and look for information about you and your live classes. Engage your students from the get go with a short video explaining to them about your lessons, maybe even squeeze in teaching a new word or phrase. 


You can also appeal to a specific audience, for example ‘professionals’. Let’s say you’re Chinese teacher – you can upload videos about the importance of knowing the Chinese language for business. If you teach Spanish, you may want to attract music lovers by going through the words of popular Latin music.


To sum up, you should upload any media that will give your students a better sense of you and your classes. Atmosphere images of relevant items, places or backgrounds work great too.

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Try keeping it sweet, simple, and straight to the point while avoiding self-admiration.

Customize the classes to suit different students

Keep in mind that your students probably have different language levels. Some students may not speak a word, and others may be advanced but need coaching for speech and casual talk. Give each student the perfect class by creating beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes.  Create multiple public and private classes and add levels to the title of each class. In the description section, make sure to clearly explain the level, to help students pick the perfect one.

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Be flexible

Be as available as possible, as this increases your chances to get found by students. Remember: students come with their own schedules – if they want to learn Spanish after 7 pm on Tuesdays, they’ll filter the Amphy classes to show only classes for that time.


Similarly, some students are looking for 1-on-1 classes, some for groups. We recommend having a good selection of both private and public classes as well as a variety of available dates and times to get the most exposure.

Be creative with creating class plans

Amphy is a place for you to let all your skills shine. Set up a variety of courses to engage students and give them options. This can be a great way to invite current students to take more classes with you, and to attract new ones too.

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