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On-Fleek Eyebrows in a Few Simple Steps


How to Get On-Fleek Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are light or you plucked your eyebrows to near extinction when thinner eyebrows were in style, there’s still hope. Here are some tips to up your eyebrow game.

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The inner edge of the eyebrow should start at a right angle, or 90 degrees, from the inner corner of the eye.

Develop an Eyebrow Routine
Don’t let your eyebrows be an afterthought. Getting your eyebrows on fleek won’t happen without an eyebrow routine unique to your beauty needs. Serums can help them grow fuller, and cosmetics including pencils, powders, and gels will help define them.


Stop Overplucking
If you grew up in the 1990s or 1970s, you might be overplucking your eyebrows. Thin eyebrows were a trend in those decades, but not today. Tweeze them to remove stray hairs and keep them neat, but don’t overdo it. Keep your eyebrows in top condition by applying oils or serums.


See an Aesthetician
Another way to neaten up unruly eyebrows is to get them waxed. Waxing and eyebrow threading are both slightly painful but will remove stray hairs to show a more defined and dramatic eyebrow.

eyebrow threading

Clean Eyebrows with Care
Wash your eyebrows when you are cleansing your face but cleanse them with care. Don’t rub them hard if you’re trying to grow them fuller.


Accentuate Your Eyebrows
On-fleek eyebrows are accentuated with cosmetics. There are more eyebrow cosmetics today than ever, so choosing products can be confusing. Knowing which products to add to your eyebrow routine is important to getting the results you want.


Brush Your Brows
At the least, you should groom your eyebrows by brushing them upward with a spoolie brush. Often, this brush will come with eyebrow pomades and gels, but spoolie brushes can also be purchased separately.

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Work the Angles
Remember your geometry lessons from high school. Generally, the inner edge of the eyebrow should start at a right angle, or 90 degrees, from the inner corner of the eye. The arch should be close to the outer edge of the iris. The outer edge of the brow should end at a 45-degree angle from the eye’s outer corner.


Connect the Dots
Place dots with an eyebrow pencil or the straight edge of a pomade brush at the corners of these angles. Connect these dots with straight lines. This will provide the shape and structure of eyebrows.


Fill In the Shape
Using an angled brush, fill in the eyebrow shape with gel, powder, or pomade designed for eyebrows.


Add Definition
As a finishing touch, draw hair-like lines with an eyebrow pencil in the shaded spaces to give definition and make the brow look more natural.


Staying Power
To make sure your eyebrows have staying power, give your eyebrow artistry a spritz of makeup setting spray.

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Learn from Professional Makeup Artists

If you feel like you’re all thumbs when it comes to developing an eyebrow routine, learning more about makeup and eyebrow tricks is easier than ever. Here are some ways to get eyebrow lessons.


Hire a Professional
Makeup artists in your area will be glad to give you a makeup lesson, or you could book a professional for lessons at local cosmetic stores. These are in-person sessions, and you’d be able to ask questions during the process. These personalized lessons will cost at least $50 or more, though, or you will be required to spend at least that much on beauty products.


Watch YouTube Videos
You could always look up a YouTube makeup video on eyebrow routines and makeup, but these can move too quickly for you to catch on. These videos aren’t personalized for your unique beauty questions, and if you have questions, there’s no way to get an answer right away. The best you can do is post a question and hope that the YouTuber will type up an answer.


Take an Online Class
Some online platforms offer video makeup classes, including eyebrow routines, but these classes are videos and not live classes. You won’t be able to interact with your teacher or ask questions during these classes. In makeup classes, you may have multiple questions about techniques and products. Not being able to ask them can defeat the purpose of taking the class.


Learn Live with Amphy
There must be a better way to learn makeup techniques, including eyebrow artistry. There is – Amphy. Amphy is an online platform for live online classes on myriad subjects, including fashion, beauty, and how to do your eyebrows like a pro.


When you take beginner makeup lessons on Amphy, you can interact with your instructor, ask questions and get important details that you wouldn’t be able to get with any other online method.


Amphy classes can be private or for groups. You might want to book a private class to have your instructor’s full attention. Group classes can be fun for interacting with others, or you might want to book a group class for a group of classmates before a reunion or for your bridesmaids before the wedding for the best photos possible.

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Raise Some Eyebrows

The attention-getting eyebrows you want are within reach. The serums, oils, pomades, and gels offered today are part of an eyebrow routine you’ll want to do every day. Knowing how to accentuate your eyebrows using these products is the other half of building an eyebrow routine for on-fleek eyebrows.


Makeup lessons that focus on eyebrows can teach you techniques to up your eyebrow game. The best way to learn eyebrow artistry is in interactive classes with Amphy.

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