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The List of Useful Online Writing Blogs to Boost and Practice Your Essay Writing

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Whether you write non-fiction or prose, a script, a business letter or an article, a social media post, or a plagiarism free essay, writing can always be done better. For everyone who wants to improve their skills, we have selected the most interesting online writing blogs where they teach how to work with texts. They will be useful for both experienced professionals and those who are just learning the basics of essay writing.


You will get advice from the content team of the publishing site: copywriters who create mailing lists and write courses and articles for the media. The site also has a guide, which will help you with your essay writing. The SelfPublishing website also has a tool that can teach you how to boost your writing without spending much time.


When looking for an online writing blog, everyone, of course, expects to find a site with useful information. EssayShark is exactly such a site. Each article in the blog is written by an experienced essay helper. The site will meet your expectations as it covers all possible topics related to essay writing and not only.

The Write Life

The Write Life is one of those online writing blogs known to anyone who has problems with essay writing. This blog is dedicated to writing guides. When a visitor lands on the home page, they can choose from two main blog categories, “I want to freelance write” and “I want to write a book.” It’s simple but effective and allows the user to jump directly to the content they’re most interested in. Thus, it is convenient for users to get acquainted with the site. 

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writing can always be done better

Writer’s Digest

This is one of those blogging examples on this list that we are willing to recommend over and over again. Writer’s Digest is living proof that if you choose a good niche for your blog, you can go far in your business. The blog is dedicated to advice on how to write your texts successfully. Writer’s Digest will help you to solve complex writing issues in a simple way.


Write to Done

If you’re still looking for examples of online writing blogs, then this blog might be just what you’re looking for. Write to Done has blogged about all aspects of the writing field. The strength of the blog is the overall design and ultra-high-quality posts. The articles in the blog will provide you with full information about writing.

The Write Practice

The Write Practice is one of the best examples of a clean and minimalist writing blog. Like most writing blogs, the site’s main focus is guides and advice for writing. The blog focuses on post previews to keep visitors interested. Each new post has eye-catching photos and helpful information that anyone who deals with writing needs.

Count Blogula

In a world full of writing blogs, there is one that stands out. Count Blogula is a blog consisting of videos by Jenna Moreci, a well-known author. As you may have guessed, this site is built around the theme of writing. In addition, Count Blogula is another example of a blog that has a solid niche. It commits to posting simple video guides: most of them are understandable for novice writers. This helps the blog stand out from many other writing blogs.

The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is a writing blog run by Joanna, a bestselling author. Unlike the other writing blogs on our list, The Creative Penn uses tips from the real experience of the author. Her expertise, combined with helpful tips, makes her blog a real reassurance for those who have writing problems. The homepage also features various posts that go well together.

writing blogs


Writing an essay can be a little tricky, but terrible minds will teach you how to deal with it successfully. The home page of the blog features collections of articles in a handy format. Thus, the visitor can quickly find what they are looking for. Notice how transparently Chuck Wendig describes his life and writing experience.

Daily Writing Tips

It may come as a surprise to some, but Daily Writing Tips can help you with any category related to writing. The blog covers all topics like vocabulary, grammar, common mistakes, etc. This inspiration blog has very simple and helpful posts. They allow everyone who needs to boost essay writing to stand out and grab the attention of readers.

Shayla Raquel

You should add Shayla Raquel to your list of the best writing blogs because it is simply amazing. This blog started out as a creative outlet for Shayla Raquel but has since grown into a site where you can find anything that inspires writing. In each post, visitors can easily find information about the writing that they need.


Looking for a way to write your essays better? Visit Beemgee, dedicated to storytelling and writing in general. This site serves as a source for tips on any topic related to writing. One particularly noteworthy feature of Beemgee is the list of many categories you can choose from. Instead of looking for the right topic, visitors are greeted with a full-length featured articles section. Reading this blog is a great way to create narrative essays with strong stories.

Methods for Writing an Essay

An essay is a creative work in which there are no strict requirements for either content or structure. But such vagueness of requirements often generates errors when writing an essay. The best way to avoid them is to choose a methodology for creating your essay and follow it clearly.


Depending on the type and form of the essay, its topic, and the subject on which the paper will be written, the methods may be different. See the most common ones.


  • Method “Question-Answer”


A popular method of writing an essay on any topic is question and answer. The essence of this method is as follows. The student writes an introduction in which they put forward their theses and then divides the text of the essay into paragraphs. Each individual paragraph is a question posed, to which an answer will follow. In the conclusions, the author writes their position on the topic of the essay.


  • Method “Planning”


Another method of writing an essay is to draw up a detailed plan. It is important to prescribe not just the structure but all the stages of working on an essay. For example:


  1. Study the topic and task.
  2. Find relevant literature.
  3. Highlight the main thesis.
  4. Find compelling arguments.
  5. Make a draft, etc.
  • Note-taking method


If the author does not know where to start writing an essay, then the note-taking method can be a great solution. First, the student finds suitable literature on the topic of the essay, reads, studies it, and takes notes. In them, the author notes the main points. Thus, after taking notes, theses and arguments will become visible. It remains to supplement their own reasoning and draw conclusions.


To write an essay perfectly, you must choose the method you will follow when writing this paper.

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