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What To Expect From A 10 Hour OSHA Class Online And How To Prepare For It


Looking to take OSHA’s 10-hour online class? Here’s what you can expect from it. 


OSHA provides various safety training classes, including 30 hour and 10 hour classes. While 30 hour is more suited for leadership roles, the 10 hour class is the basic option. As it’s one of the leading options that organizations provide by default.


Or, some companies require this training/certification before you get started. That’s why a lot of people are taking this class—with around 1 million taking it in 2022.

4 Things To Expect in OSHA Class Online

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) provides many different types of training under the regulations of the US Department of Labor. That’s why their programs need to encompass necessary aspects of workplace safety and the prevention of occupational hazards. 


That’s why OSHA 10 hour training ensures thorough hazard prevention and provides proper training for injury prevention, teaches compliance with safety regulations, and promotes a safety culture. So, to help you understand it a bit more, here’s what you can expect from this class:

  • Interactive Course Content

One of the first things that OSHA provides is the ability to learn without a trainer or teacher. That’s why OSHA programs are increasingly famous, as they teach you all the aspects of safety regulations and standards throughout their course structure. 


This means you get to interact with the course content through audio, exercises, and quizzes. This allows you to better grasp the ideas of workplace safety and accident prevention through a variety of interactive elements and study materials.

  • Real-life Crisis & Case Studies

An example of a real-life crisis is the best way to teach any lesson, and OSHA understands that. Throughout the course content, OSHA focuses on occupational hazards and hazard prevention by teaching you real-life case studies. Here’s why it is important:


  • It teaches you the importance of dire situations;
  • Shows how to deal with occupational hazards through assignments and assessments;
  • Study materials help you understand the consequences of workplace hazards.

These are some of the main things you will expect in OSHA 10 hour training. 

  • OSHA Trainers To Guide You

If you’re ever in doubt, OSHA trainers aren’t too far off from helping you. At the end of every quiz or study material, you can get in touch with an OSHA-authorized trainer to help you out. Now, the reason instructor support is important is because they can answer questions even if the course content might not.


They can help you understand various aspects of online learning, such as:


  • Basics of hazard prevention;
  • Safety regulations and standards in the US;
  • Compliance with safety regulations, etc.


So, even though you’ll tend to technical requirements at your own duration and pace, you can always rely on instructor support to ensure that all the frequently asked questions (FAQs) are answered. 

  • Flexible Class Timing 

One of the best things about OSHA 10 hour training is that it allows you to pick flexible class timing. Why is this important? Because it allows you to work at your duration and pace and use the interactive elements.


The reason it promotes the best learning outcomes is the training format provided by OSHA. So, a flexible class/course structure doesn’t only allow you to study at any hour but also doesn’t require you to be there at specific times.

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OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) provides many different types of training under the regulations of the US Department of Labor.

4 Things To Prepare For OSHA 10 Hour Class Online

To prepare for the training objective of OSHA 10 hour training, you can always learn more about occupational hazards in the United States. However, to help you with the course’s study materials, here are four things you should be prepared for before the class:

  • Prepare to Finish Within A Few Weeks

One of the best things you can do is finish the course as soon as you can. While OSHA has a limit of 180 days before you can finish the course after signing up, make sure you do not take that long. 


Because after you are finished with the course content, it’ll take a month or two before you get the card. So, finish within a week or two, as it’s only 10 hours. 

  • Prepare to Pass the Quiz

Each training objective in the OSHA 10 hour training class requires you to learn the basics of occupational hazards and workplace safety. Each of these course materials teaches you specific areas of safety regulations and standards.


But, once you’re done, OSHA will provide you with interactive elements such as quizzes. Thus, it’s your responsibility to prepare for these quizzes by learning all the study materials provided to you. 

  • Make Sure You Have A Working Laptop/PC

To take part in OSHA’s lesson topics, all you need is a working internet with a PC or Laptop. These courses are web-enabled, so you’re going to need a device that allows you to access them.


You can even borrow one from a friend or family member—as the class is only 10 hours and won’t take more than 4-5 days to complete. But make sure you give it at least 1-2 hours every day to finish it quickly. But take it at your duration and pace that allows you to learn the course properly. 

  • Earn at least 70% in all exams

To get the OSHA 10 hour card, you need to pass by 70 or more. OSHA requires this because it allows them to understand how seriously you took the preparation tips and course content.


That’s why you need to focus on the class and course structure provided to you. So, learn all the information before you take quizzes/exams and be prepared to pass those quizzes by at least 70% to pass the exams.


These are some of the things that you can expect from the OSHA 10-hour class. Besides that, make sure you tend to all the preparations before you sign up for the course. And lastly, make sure you follow the course material provided to you and focus on the lesson topics. 

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