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Queen’s Gambit Opening: Chess Opening


Certain chess moves will give you great methods to change the course of a game. You can practice playing online or learn from a live online chess coach. As you try new moves, you realize how one naturally leads to another by forcing your opponent to take specific steps to protect their pieces or come after yours.


Chess is a game of chain reactions, so you can set the entire tone of the game by using the queen’s gambit as an opening move. Read on to learn what steps this move requires and how it will impact the gameplay.


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What Is the Queen’s Gambit Opening?

This chess move gets its name from the initial sacrifice because White wants to give up a pawn to take control of the center of the board. It uses the queen’s pawn, while the king’s gambit move uses the kingside pawn.


The queen’s gambit opening requires three moves. You start by moving the queen’s pawn two spaces forward. Next, the Black queen’s pawn also moves forward two squares. Finally, the bishop on the queen’s side will move two spaces forward.


On the surface, this move seems like a way to sacrifice the C-pawn. However, if Black tries to retain that piece, they put themselves at a disadvantage.

What Is the Opening Move In the Queen’s Gambit?

The opening move in the queen’s gambit is to take your queen’s pawn forward two steps. You’re showing that you’re willing to exchange your pawn for a center pawn to take control of the middle of the board, though the outcome depends on Black’s response to your move.


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The queen's gambit is a white opening that leads to a strategic game.

Is Queen’s Gambit a White or Black Opening?

The queen’s gambit is a white opening that leads to a strategic game. This feature makes it a fantastic choice for elite players, while beginners can learn the move and then study the involved game that follows. 

Do Grandmasters Play Queen’s Gambit?

Many people play chess for brain health because they learn moves that teach them to look ahead with each game. This approach means that people become grandmasters and learn to look at this move from each angle. It’s an eligible play for grandmasters, but many players decline the action to prevent losing control of the center.


There’s no way to beat this move because it’s a sound opening. You’ll have to look ahead and think of moves that can help you out of the jam you’re in due to the queen’s gambit.


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How To Play the Queen’s Gambit Opening in 6 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Move your pawns to take control of the center squares.
  • Step 2: Send the knights to their spaces.
  • Step 3: Move the bishops.
  • Step 4: Fortify the pawn.
  • Step 5: Prepare for a break.
  • Step 6: Send out the queen.
queen's gambit opening

Step 1: Move Your Pawns To Take Control of the Center Squares.

You’ll send your pawns to d4 and c4 to control the center for White. Black will move pawns to d5 and e6 for a similar level of control.

Step 2: Send the Knights To Their Spaces.

The White knights go to their traditional spaces of c3 and f3. Black will send the kingside knight to f6 and the other to d7.

Step 3: Move the Bishops.

The dark-squared bishop goes to f4 or g5 for White. Black will send theirs to e7.

Step 4: Fortify the Pawn.

White will fortify the pawn by playing e2 and e3.

Step 5: Prepare for a Break.

White prepares for the break by moving the light-squared bishop to d3. Black prepares by moving to b7 to support e4.

Step 6: Send Out the Queen.

White sends the queen to b3, c2, or e2. Black keeps the queen in place until completing the break. At that point, they send the queenside rook to c8.

Tips for a Successful Queen’s Gambit Opening

Many chess players say this move isn’t a true gambit because there’s no way Black can take the pawn White attempts to sacrifice. However, there are ways to make the most of this move.


Black may accept or decline the gambit. Acceptance means they take the white pawn and forfeit control of the center. This move requires White to spend more time to regain the pawn, freeing Black up to take control of the game.


A decline means Black doesn’t take the bait and continues with a separate strategy. They’re able to strengthen the center without giving control to White. At that point, White has even footing in the game because Black can’t take the pawn anymore.


Watch out for the trap if your opponent declines the queen’s gambit. Black can play Nbd7 instead of Be7, which gives them more developed pieces. White must develop the knight and establish a pawn chain to keep the queen comfortable.


Consider these tips when you play free games online to practice the queen’s gambit.

queen's gambit opening


The queen’s gambit is an effective and classic move because it strengthens the game. One player will immediately take control of the center with a minor sacrifice, showing the opponent they’re serious about the game.


Players who love strategic games that start with immense pressure will appreciate how this move immediately puts things in play. When you use it properly, you can force Black to react to each of your moves instead of playing their own strategy, which keeps you in control for the first part of the game.

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