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Skills For Education at College That Social Media Using Develops

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Social media has been part of our lives for quite some time. Many say that if you do not have a social media account, you don’t exist. Of course, this is a rather exaggerated view on social media, but it portrays today’s reality. New social media platforms emerge yearly, even though there are some of them which are well-established on the market.


Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are some of the most popular. Some might see using social media as losing time. However, it helps you develop some helpful skills that will help you not only in college but in your professional and personal lives too. Your student contract for grades is essential for your academic progress, so let’s see what skills for education at college social media develops.

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Skills learnt from social media are essential for your academic progress and success.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are helpful not only in your college life but in your future career too. When you are active on social media platforms, you interact with other accounts or friends. Social media platforms represent an opportunity for communication, whether it is through direct messages, comments, or written posts. You learn how to express your point of view succinctly and clearly, and thus hone your communication skills. In college, you will have lots of assignments to complete.


You will have essays to write, a research paper to take care of, and a case study to research. And in all these examples, you need excellent communication skills so that you convey the message how you want it. There are social media addiction examples of papers you can check to discover more about the healthy use of these platforms. There are free examples of essays you can search for and discover about what the prolonged use of social media can do to your brain. Knowing about this and reading more about the topic improves your communication skills too, which will generate teacher comments for students’ writing that are positive. And grading college papers will be facile when communication is smooth and clear.


Digital Literacy

Everything happens online today. Even though universities and colleges started having offline courses again, most of the activity happens online. You submit your assignments on an online platform, and you may get your feedback on that platform too and your grade too. When you work on your essays, you search for information online rather than in books in the library. And social media platforms are online too.


Using them and signing up for an account includes managing your own personal information, evaluating the information you come across there, but also managing your online presence. No matter if you want to be an influencer or just use social media as an online journal, this fosters the development of your digital literacy skills. You understand how to better use digital tools, and how to search for information, but also evaluate its validity and credibility. This is essential in an academic context where you need to write a well-researched paper where you present valid facts and stats.

Skills For Education at College That Social Media Using Develops

Information Management

All social media platforms are full of information on any topic you could think about. However, as you may probably know already, not all information you come across online is valid and true. Spending time on social media platforms forces you to have contact with this information and select the relevant one. You learn how to filter relevant content, verify the sources of information, organize data, and discern credible information. Which helps you develop these skills that are crucial when working on academic assignments. They will be of tremendous help when you will have to conduct literature reviews, gather research materials, and organize your study materials effectively.


Creativity and Visual Communication

Many people think that creativity is something inherited, something you are born with, and not something you can develop throughout your life. But this is actually not true. You can develop your creativity, and this happens if you use social media too. If you actively engage in creating posts for your accounts, including visuals and texts, you indeed hone your creative skills.


To get endorsements and popularity online, your posts have to be engaging, to speak to your audience, and to say a story. And these are skills you need when you create presentations, when you design visuals for your academic projects, or when you need to express ideas effectively.

Skills For Education at College That Social Media Using Develops

Final Thoughts

Many see using social media as something harmful. While prolonged use can lead to addiction or depressive and anxiety symptoms, healthy usage can help you develop some skills. And these skills are useful when you have to complete your academic assignments, work on group projects, research, or create presentations. So, what are the skills that are essential to your academic success that social media use develops?


Well, you develop your communication skills which are crucial when you need to convey a smooth and clear message. You improve your digital literacy as you learn how to use the digital tools available and select the information you come across online. At the same time, you boost your information management as you expand your research skills and you learn how to verify the sources of the information you find. And last but not least, you learn how to communicate visually, how to use storytelling to your advantage, and how to catch and maintain attention through visual and written stories. And all these skills are essential for your academic progress and success.

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