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Spotlight On Nancy Birtwhistle – Great British Bake Off Winner in 2014


Nancy Birtwhistle charmed the world with her terrific bakes on the Great British Bake-Off. Now she shares her vast amount of expertise in all aspects of practical, traditional homekeeping, from cooking to cleaning, sewing, and gardening. 


Baking is a precise, scientific art. Master the skills with someone who loves to share everything she knows. With decades of baking experience and a major amateur baking title under her belt, Nancy Birtwhistle delivers high-rated online baking classes. Join Birtwhistle to learn classic British bakes and master fresh techniques.


Who is Nancy Birtwhistle and What’s Their Background Story?

Nancy Birtwhistle is a retired amateur baker living in Great Britain. Birtwhistle grew up baking with her grandmother and developed both skills and strong opinions about food from an early age. Birtwhistle continued to develop her baking skills, making special creations for her family and friends.


Birtwhistle lives on a large estate with access to abundant gardens. Along with her baking prowess, Birtwhistle enjoys a green thumb as well. She celebrates fresh ingredients and says she tries to incorporate them into her bakes as much as possible.


While Birtwhistle always made delicious treats for her family, she did not take baking seriously until retiring from her career as an office manager. In addition to becoming an elite amateur baker, Birtwhistle also holds bragging rights for her highly-trained dog and the college degree she attained later in life. 


Her ambition and abundant energy make it clear to see how Nancy Birtwhistle became a celebrity.

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Nancy Birtwhistle charmed the world with her terrific bakes on the Great British Bake-Off. Now she shares her vast amount of expertise in all aspects of practical, traditional homekeeping

Nancy’s Rise to Fame

Nancy Birtwhistle auditioned for the Great British Bake-Off competition baking show for the fourth season. She was unsuccessfully getting invited to the show, but practiced and auditioned again the following year. This time she made it to the Season Five competition, which is considered the first season in the United States version of this show.


Great British Bake-Off proved to be a runaway hit, becoming a popular show both in the United Kingdom and across the pond in North America. The charming show prioritizes polite interactions and goofy humor over the more cutthroat reality shows people may be used to. It’s hard not to cheer for these amateur bakers as they complete three challenges each week.


Bakers like Nancy Birtwhistle first must present a signature challenge each week. Bakers offer their interpretation of the week’s theme, whether that is bread, cookies, or cakes. Next, all of these amateur bakers must interpret a highly technical recipe from a bare-bones list of ingredients and directions. Finally, contestants must deliver a truly “show-stopping” recipe for their final challenge.


Nancy Birtwhistle blew away viewers who marveled at her tremendous attention to detail. Many times judges complimented Nancy on the professional level of finishing her amazing baked treats. This grandmother of nine impressed judges consistently week after week before claiming the Great British Bake-Off title in 2014.


Birtwhistle is also remembered for her feisty personality as well as her jaw-dropping creations. Fans remember her cheeky responses to judges who gave her light criticism and laughed along with good-hearted Birtwhistle when things didn’t go quite to plan. 


While there is no shortage of extremely likable contestants on this show, her charming nature earned Birtwhistle the rank of fan favorite for the Great British Bake-Off.

nancy birtwhistle and other contestants on the great british bake off

What is She Doing Now?

Unlike many other reality cooking and baking competitions, the prize for Great British Bake-Off amounts to a beautiful commemorative plate, a large bouquet, and lifelong bragging rights. While that adds to the charm, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee future success in the baking industry.


Nancy Birtwhistle’s natural grace as an educator and ability to connect with fans of all ages on social media helps her maintain a devoted online following.


Birtwhistle published her first book in 2019, the irresistible cookbook Sizzle and Drizzle. Bake-Off fans were thrilled to have some of Birtwhistle’s terrific personal recipes in their home kitchens. This book introduces readers to this baker’s practical and inspirational style of modern homemaking.


In 2021 Birtwhistle published a second cookbook, but this time focused on eco-friendly cleaning and housekeeping techniques. Clean & Green: 101 Hints and Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Home encourages readers to adopt recipes for homemade oven cleaner and starch for ironing clothes. This bestselling book proves Birtwhistle has a recipe for everything to make our lives happier and healthier.


Her lively social media presence inspired Birtwhistle to discover healthier alternatives to traditional cleaning methods. Birtwhistle’s lifelong experiences living in rural Britain and tending her home and land contribute to the wealth of knowledge she has to share with readers and followers.


Birtwhistle quickly followed up this book with another green living volume, titled Green Living Made Easy: 101 Eco Tips, Hacks and Recipes to Save Time and Money in 2022. The author offers tips for budget-conscious readers on everything from how to save a ruined cooking recipe to making your pantry staples, like mayonnaise. This book became a Sunday Times bestseller.


This award-winning baker and author frequently post on social media to share her homekeeping expertise with the world. Her infectious energy and big smile help her connect with more than 237,000 followers on Instagram and 44,000 followers on Twitter. Birtwhistle shares a domestic tip each day in a challenge that has lasted for several years!

Nancy Birtwhistle and Amphy’s Collaborations 

Nancy Birtwhistle offers two wonderful baking classes to teach classic British desserts that will impress your friends and family. Fans of the Great British Bake-Off will love the chance to learn alongside one of the most beloved contestants in this show’s history.


There is no better teacher than Birtwhistle, a prestigious award-winning amateur baker and vivacious educator of domestic topics. Everyone who has enjoyed Birtwhistle’s endearing social media posts from her kitchen can now be transported there with these virtual courses!


Enjoy a live, online baking class with Nancy Birtwhistle and Amphy. These engaging courses bring together students in a group environment for fun and informative baking instruction. Birtwhistle offers a traditional, 90-minute Amphy baking course featuring her “secret recipe” for her plum tart. 


Nancy Birtwhistle’s 2-Part Baking Show Special features three of Nancy’s favorite and most famous baking recipes. These competitively-priced courses inspire confidence in her students, even when making these elegant desserts.


Bake alongside Birtwhistle as you create her beloved Summer Berry Genoise Sponge Cake, which is perfect for warm-weather birthdays. Her Easy but Beautiful Plum Tart tastes amazing served warm or cold during transitional fall weather. 


Make Nancy’s Chocolate Bourbon Creams a decadent treat to celebrate the holidays. These recipes will carry you through all of the seasons with classic and tasty treats.


Birtwhistle sends the full recipe to students within 48 hours of their class. Get a sneak peek of the course online to familiarize yourself with the unique ingredients needed, like nectarines and ground almonds. 


Some students love to bake along with Nancy, while others enjoy simply watching this accomplished baker whip up an amazing treat. These courses are great for grandparents and grandchildren to complete together or for a fun date. Bond with your kids or a mentee with Nancy’s delightful baking courses from Amphy.

Great british bake off winner photo

Get to Know Nancy Birtwhistle

Learn more about Great British Bake-Off winner and Amphy educator Nancy Birtwhistle with these frequently asked questions.

How many children does Nancy Birtwhistle have?

Nancy Birtwhistle hones her craft by baking for her five children and nine grandchildren.

How much of Bake-Off is scripted?

The Great British Bake-Off memorably features no scripted content. Amateur bakers experience real reactions and capture authentic moments on this beloved show.

Who is the most famous Bake-Off contestant?

Nadiya Hussain won season six of the Great British Bake-Off and is widely considered the most successful Bake-Off winner. Hussain makes numerous television appearances and published cookbooks as well as baked the 90th birthday cake for the late Queen Elizabeth. 

What is the American name for the Great British Bake-Off?

Because of copyright concerns, the show is called something else when aired in the United States. This show goes by the name of the Great British Baking Show in America.

Do Bake-Off contestants get paid?

No. Unlike other reality shows, contestants on the Great British Bake-Off do not get paid at any point in the competition. Bakers do not receive compensation for weekly participation nor do they earn a final cash prize.

Final Thoughts

Nancy Birtwhistle continues to charm audiences with her baking skills and enthusiasm as an educator. Her irresistible baking courses from Amphy celebrate the best of British baking. Birtwhistle’s beloved teaching style keeps learners coming back to learn from Nancy in class after class.


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