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Story Session Through my Eyes

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Stories are shared through many forms. It could be a movie, a dance, a puppet show, a clown show or just a by the swing.

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Storytelling brings language learning with creativity and participatory skills.


Many think the gift of storytelling is bestowed to a writer only!!! The reality is we have forgotten soft big cushions with story time, our grandfathers and mothers! We are lost in untrodden ways and forgot story by a companion. Stories in eyes, stories our little one wants to tell us in details.

kids on swings

Where do they come from?

Some stories are filled with dynamics. It is a shadow of reality, a ray of hope, a guiding stick in confused moment, story of a Hero or Sacrifice or just some lazy day. Story of a summer evening or a childhood story. Sharing stories from your childhood or your family or other family members helps your kid to understand family lineage better

family on a mountain top

We can make them happen

Humans are at times directors of stories or constantly creating one. We make up\ plan a story in our heads, imagine, visualize as to how our day will should go. We tell ourselves stories about how people treat us and how we treat them. We are our narrator and our stories.

"We are all made of stories" on pink neon sign


Many people may not agree with me about this definition of storytelling, but here is how everything starts, you give the power of imagination and manifestation in hand of a child through storytelling, you let them grow with help of Vocabulary. Reality is that little one who is looking at you is believing in you, child sees the truth in what you are telling.


So go ahead choose a story that you identify with. Your childhood favourite book, Childhood memory, a family story or just make one up where you want to pass a message. I know it sounds difficult but it isn’t, trust me when I am in an online class you never know what new turns a child will bring up and you have to go with it.

Make it happen

boy smiling

The power of our own memory and imagination. Stories that are shared from within a family or which reflect culture become even more powerful as they are shared years after year. They become part of who we are, what we believe, and how we see our future.

Be ready

Children like to take the story their way, they would like to give their inputs, put forward their thoughts during an ongoing story and it means the child is so part of the conversation and is also on a higher thinking phase. Game on, it is challenging and it is calling you for some answers and creativity. Go creative make them understand an authors view without denying theirs. Know when to ignore it, sometimes it is necessary to insert that element in the story to “settle” the child. In any case, I always try doing it sweetly, stay focused and keep in mind, Addition to story should not take you away from the path of story. Over time you will get hold of it.

young girls


This is what I do “No, I do not go with flow all the time, Children are smart and they catch you”.

-Choose a book – Yes just don’t pick a book but choose, I go through them, pick words, build around them.

-Go through them, Question the Author and re tell yourself why is that book you choose what do you want to share. It’s not only the Author but the teller too that will change how the book will be received.

-Being online for a story session is challenging, ‘I look in the screen, express and uses words and book and activity to deliver.

-Keep the rhythm, online classes, ‘I keep in mind to keep looking at all the screens and understanding participants reactions and if all are with me. Work on intonation, dictation and on your speech and voice modulation.

-Try to alternate rhythms according to the story and character and the era or how Author wants to bring the scene. A scene with action can be told frantically and in dramatic way to justify the scene. I work on my voice modulation and that in turn helps children have a clear imagination, and try to make the voices of each character. This brightens the character makes the story memorable.

-Storytelling takes children to places they have never been and helps understand culture and accept people around them. It is beyond time and travel. It offers insight to universal one home and one life experience.

-Promotes understanding self, inculcates patience, enhances listening skill, verbal proficiency.

girl telling another girl a secret

The magic of storytelling

Storytelling brings language learning with creativity and participatory skills. It helps Young Learners to enjoy hearing and enhances listening skill. I, at times bring es stylistic and entertaining way to include children and have them participate. Vocabulary awareness and getting in terms with rhythm and structure. This online classroom atmosphere is no more new but accessible to numerous opportunities and play and creative expression. children enjoy storytelling in class and often ask for more stories and activities that come along with the session. Children are motivated and encouraged to create and tell, their own stories in a variety of ways.


All kids resonate with character, Stories are liked at times because of heroes and villains. Many stories are always cases of “Well vs. Bad”. It is a well made and researched effort that brings the character in highlight of the child than just Bad or Good its always good to show the real picture and ab able to balance it well.


As a Storyteller I want to bring all the books alive and want to drive the vehicle of storytelling to fuel the community and myself with positivity, energy, building and planning and visualising a better future. Realizations of inner passions and parts of myself that I share through my sessions.

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