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29 of the Best Chess Coaches | Hire a Chess Coach

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Learning to play chess sharpens your mind and strategy skills. But becoming a true chess master is virtually impossible without the help of an experienced coach.


The best chess coaches and tutors provide insight into your gameplay strategies, refine your playing skills, and offer new tactics to improve your decision-making. Here are some of the best chess coaches to take your playing to the next level.

1. Myroslava Hrabinska

Myroslava Hrabinska is a chess grandmaster, the highest possible title any player can earn! She has the competitive and teaching experience to help you to become one of the newest hot chess players. Her private chess lessons are sought-after by serious students. 

2. Ashwin Kumar Subramanian

Taking private lessons from a grandmaster coach can be a little intimidating if you’re a beginner-level chess player. Fortunately, Ashwin Kumar Subramanian (an amateur world champion of chess) is down to earth, encouraging, and more than happy to work with beginners!

3. Jessica U. 

Though Jessica U. is relatively new to teaching, she’s no beginner when it comes to chess! She’s an excellent instructor for children and beginner-level adults and offers online coaching and private lessons.

4. Matt Nunbhakdi

Matt Nunbhakdi is a National Master in the United States Chess Federation. Though he doesn’t specialize in private coaching sessions, his six-hour-long course is a wonderful tool for players of all ages and skill levels.

5. Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko

Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko is an international grandmaster of chess, and he’s an official FIDE Trainer. Intermediate players looking to become champions might choose Oleksiyenko as their coach due to these exceptional qualifications. 

6. Mike Ivanov

If you are eager to learn from a FIDE master, Mike Ivanov could be your ideal chess coach. His qualifications are exemplary, and he’s spent nearly all his life learning and mastering the art of chess. 

7. Manuel Ocantos

Manuel Ocantos can help you create a study plan for chess precisely suited to your skill level. He ensures your time is never wasted or spent reviewing topics you already know.

8. Igor Smirnov

Igor Smirnov isn’t only a chess grandmaster—he’s also an Instagram chess legend! Though his primary skillset lies in business, his pragmatic attitude lends itself perfectly to the game of chess, making him one of the best chess coaches available.

9. Dror Weiss

Dror Weiss is one of the few chess instructors capable of teaching in Hebrew. With a background in therapy, Weiss is one of the most supportive chess coaches available. Like all Amphy Teachers, he’s eager to help students achieve their goals.

10. Harshal Patil

Harshal Patil is a chess coach who’s won many personal and professional battles. His dedication to learning more about the game and teaching others his skills makes him an exceptional instructor.

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11. Kyle B.

Kyle B. is a solid choice for beginners and intermediate-level chess students. He uses diagnostic testing to determine each student’s strengths and weaknesses and curates a study plan. 

12. Viktor Neustroev

If you are helping your child learn chess, Viktor Neustroev is one of the most experienced and capable coaches, teaching children aged ten and younger. 

13. Mihajlo Stojanovic

Mihajlo Stojanovic is a chess grandmaster and helps advanced players become world champions. His private coaching lessons are a valuable resource for competitive adult players.

14. Nikolai Maevskii

Russian chess players are some of the most competitive and highly ranked in the world, so it should be no surprise that several of the best chess coaches, including Nikolai Maevskii, hail from Russia! Improve your skills by signing up for private lessons today.

15. Tryfon Gavriel

If you’ve ever perused chess gameplay videos on YouTube, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Tryfon Gavriel (aka Kingscrusher). He’s a skillful chess coach with an eye for social media.

16. Sasa Jevtic

There are many chess coaches to choose from, but Sasa Jevtic could be the right option for you if you have an analytical mind and prefer a serious (but dedicated) instructor, 

17. Ana Berke

Many chess coaches are men, which can be off-putting for those hoping to learn from a female instructor. Ana Berke could be the right fit for you if you’re looking for a capable and experienced female coach.

18. Milos Stankovic

The list of Milos Stankovic’s chess achievements could fill an entire article. You’ll appreciate his private chess coaching sessions and learn from one of Serbia’s best chess players.

19. Tomer Ben

Tomer Ben gives you an initial skill diagnostic test and a carefully-crafted study plan. He covers practically everything you could hope to know about the game, from game analysis to endgame approaches and principles.

20. Andrew H.

Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated chess student, you’re bound to enjoy the coaching of the experienced Andrew H. Though he is laidback, he’s passionate about helping others improve their skills and techniques.

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Becoming a true chess master is virtually impossible without the help of an experienced coach.

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21. Dhanesh Shrikhande

Dhanesh Shrikhande is the primary instructor involved in Chess Trainer, an online instructional program that helps players of all skill levels improve their game. If you’re serious about becoming the best, you’ll want to consider this option.

22. Alex Davidovic

Chess appeals to those with logical, analytical minds. Alex Davidovic applies his primary love is computer programming to the game of chess, making him a top-notch chess coach.

23. Knarik Mouradian

It’s common to compare learning chess to learning mathematics, as both fields share several notable principles. Knarik Mouradian is a master of both, and she could be your chess coach!

24. Siddharth G.

After only a few lessons with Siddharth G., you’ll find that your strategy, technique, and understanding of the game vastly improve. 

25. Andrea Romero

Andrea Romero emphasizes playing chess with passion, logic, and skill. Signing up for her private instruction could motivate you to improve your skills.

26. Clyde Wolpe

Clyde Wolpe is an author and a former South African Chess Champion! Those hoping to transition from intermediate to advanced-level playing could benefit from his coaching.

27. Daniel M.

Daniel M. is a Peruvian chess master with plenty to offer students of all ages. He is fluent in Spanish, which expands his pupil pool.

28. Greg Vanderford

Greg Vanderford offers multiple chess courses tailored to meet your specific needs. His professionalism and quality teaching material ensure that he’s a fantastic choice for a chess coach.

29. Davor Rogic

Davor Rogic is a highly-efficient chess coach. He transforms your strategy and game playing techniques in only ten hours, making him one of the best-value choices.

Learn Chess From the Best

Whether a novice player or a ranked competitor, having a chess coach is an invaluable resource. These professionals have the training and experience to help you improve your playing ability, and they’re also fantastic sources of inspiration and encouragement. 

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