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13 of the Best Platforms to Play Chess Online

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Chess, the millennia-old amusement, continues to enjoy a flare-up of attention. Understandably, you may not have the opportunity to enjoy the actual chessboard. Fortunately, you can use many online chess platforms to access a helpful chess community in a few clicks.


Websites and apps offer varying features and target diverse audiences. Here, we’ll explore the 13 best platforms to play chess online and what each has to offer.

1. Amphy

To start our list, Amphy is a great platform for learning how to play chess. With a variety of classes provided for beginners and advanced players alike, there is a lesson for everyone. 


The videos on Amphy’s platform range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, so you can watch a few videos daily that will teach you different chess-related things. Each video focuses on a different skill, move, or play style, giving you a well-rounded learning opportunity. 


This platform is one of the best for training and playing chess. is available on the web or via Android and iOS apps.

The platform offers vast options for AI and Live puzzles and games, training resources, and tournaments. In addition, the site provides a quick way to find opponents regardless of your level.

It also has a comprehensive leaderboard with stats for the platform’s over three million users; hence you can easily track your position.

3. ChessTempo

While this may be among the free platforms to enjoy the game of chess, ChessTempo’s value lies in its numerous resources for understanding and analyzing the game.

The platform lets you play unlimited online games and access the engine analysis of your ranked games. You’ll also access a database of recorded games and solve two endgame problems daily.

The platform isn’t just for people who understand the basics. You also get to sharpen your skills through serious tactics training.

4. Lichess

Lichess is a gaming platform and an open-source server. You can play against AI or a friend, but you also have the option to participate in Arena tournaments, simultaneous exhibitions, and Swiss tournaments.

This platform is available on the web, but you can also download its Android and iOS apps to play on the go.  

5. Sparkchess

Sparkchess is among the top platforms for online chess, but its free version is one of the most limiting. While you can choose between a human or AI opponent, you can’t access the education features.


Still, the platform’s web-based version stands out with its full-screen play and 3D chessboard. Free users can practice against three different AI opponents. However, you must stump up the cash to enjoy real-time two-player competitions.  

6. Playchess

Another popular online chess platform, Playchess, is worth a try. This platform is the brainchild of ChessBase and offers different options to engage in the world of chess.


Besides regular tournaments, you can study the game, train, and even watch the Grandmasters battling it out. Moreover, you can review other participants’ profiles, stats, and game moves.

7. Listudy

If you’re still new to the game, you should try out the free, beginner-friendly Listudy.


This chess platform is ideal for anyone struggling to remember strategies, thanks to its spaced repetition approach to improving memory.


The platform lets you learn and practice strategies like Scandinavian Defense and Queen’s Gambit at intervals. It also features a database of tactics you can use to test yourself.  

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You can use many online chess platforms to access a helpful chess community in a few clicks.

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8. Internet Chess Club

Also known as ICC, this was the premier online chess game. But its rivals have overtaken it in the last few years. Still, it ranks among the best and is available for iOS and Android users.


The platform has vast learning and playing options, and its free version lets you access limited free games and over 3,000 video lessons.


Excellent features are available on the paid plan, where you can play USCF-rated and sitewide competitions, take courses, watch Grandmasters compete, and follow the world’s elite tournaments.

9. MBChess

If your personal information is a priority, MBChess can be your perfect platform. The site lets you have fun, play, and earn without worrying about exposing your data.


The popular platform has a smooth, easy-to-use interface. You can begin playing online for free, nurture your prowess, and progress to competitions where you can earn actual money. But your player account must have Real Points before you compete for cash.

10. Red Hot Pawn 

The Red Hot Pawn was designed to deliver a unique experience to players who prefer slow-paced chess. Other sites on this list have correspondence chess as an option, but this platform is entirely centred around this approach. Thus, it’s easier to join, manage and develop correspondence games.


This platform has a functional board and a large, informative, supportive online community. Almost everything is free. The only benefit of a paid subscription is that it gets rid of annoying ads.

11. Chessable

Chessable is relatively new and smaller but is among the best platforms to play chess online. The platform focuses more on teaching than playing and can help you learn endgame, middlegame, and opening strategies. As a result, it’s among the most reliable sites to learn chess theories and techniques.


This platform lets you practice your learned tactics and access valuable chess books. Its video lesson subscriptions are relatively costlier, but they’re worth it. Unfortunately, you don’t get to compete with real human players. 

12. Chess2Play 

This platform stands out with its user experience. Despite being primarily web-based and only accessible via the browser, Chess2Play is incredibly mobile-friendly. It allows you to play your favorite board game on the go. 


The site lets you bet against fellow players in a game and win actual cash. It also offers official tournaments thrice monthly. However, you’ll pay a commission based on your winnings or draws in official competitions.

13. Chesskid 

A subsidiary of, ChessKid allows young chess enthusiasts to grow their skills in a secure environment. The site offers everything your kid needs to master the art. It also comes with parental controls to restrict contact sharing and unpermitted chats.


Children also enjoy hilarious kid-friendly video content to help them learn the game. It’s also ad-free, and you don’t have to pay anything to access the games. However, Gold members enjoy unlimited videos and puzzles. While you can download it for Android and iOS for free, ChessKid has in-app purchases.

Parting Shot

The mentioned websites and apps offer incredible learning and chess platforms. While free chess training is always an attractive choice for beginners, working with an instructor is always ideal. 


But before you get there, you must familiarize yourself with the basics, and this is what you’ll get with these 13 best platforms to play chess online

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