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The 31 Best Spanish Learning Apps and Platforms

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Spanish is the second-most spoken primary language in the world. In America, the rise in the population of Spanish-speaking people has also brought about another trend; increased demand for Spanish language learning apps and websites. 


In this article, we’ll look at the top Spanish learning apps and platforms on the market today

1. Amphy

Amphy is home to an almost unlimited number of online learning programs. They offer 147 unique Spanish language classes that range from beginner to expert. No matter your goals or skill level, there is sure to be a class suited for you at Amphy.

2. Pimsleur

Pimsleur is a language learning app used by millions of people around the world. If your goal is to learn Spanish, Pimsleur offers a 7-day free trial and claims to have you speaking a new language in 30 days with a native accent.

3. SpanishPod101

If you struggle with traditional class structure and want to know how to learn Spanish using a customized training program, check out the offerings at SpanishPod101. With classes designed around your goals and needs, you can learn Spanish at your own pace.

4. Italki

Italki offers language learning lessons in over 150 languages. If learning Spanish is on your to-do list, Italki has what you need. With an emphasis on interactive learning, you will get feedback on your progress from native speakers as well as teachers.

5. Babel

One of the most popular language learning apps around is Babel. The Spanish lessons on Babel focus on conversational language instead of random words and phrases.

6. Lupa

The Spanish learning app Lupa is not for beginners. If you have been learning casually and are looking to take your Spanish to the next level, Lupa uses native speakers talking conversationally to give you an idea of how the language is meant to be spoken.

7. LingQ

Another popular language learning app is LingQ. The lessons revolve around immersing yourself in Spanish language content through topics that interest you.

8. Manga Method

The creators of Manga Method have devised an innovative way to learn Spanish. Using comic books to teach the language, Manga Method is one of the few free Spanish learning platforms.

9. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp aims to use classic stories and literature to make learning Spanish fun and easy

10. Speechling

If you learn better with practice than just by reading, then Speechling could be the Spanish learning platform for you. Speechling emphasizes speaking exercises to improve your new language skills.

11. SpanishDict

The Spanish learning lessons on SpanishDict start at the beginner level and allow you to learn at your own pace. Puzzles and games make learning fun and interactive.

12. Memrise

The Spanish learning courses at Memrise focus on having fun as you learn. The instructors at Memrise believe this is the most effective way to retain a language.

13. Anki

Anki is a learning platform that focuses on unique ways of remembering things. They use different techniques that improve memory and the ability to retain language skills.

14. Clozemaster

Another company using innovative methods for learning Spanish is Clozemaster. Here you will have gaming and fun skills tests to learn Spanish at your own pace.

15. Lingvist

If you always wanted to learn Spanish but didn’t think you had the time, the creators at Lingvist have an app for you. With quick daily lessons, they aim to improve your language skills in as little as 30 minutes per day.

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Spanish is the second-most spoken primary language in the world.

16. Verbling

Some people learn languages better with a tutor. To help find a Spanish tutor check out the app offered by Verbling. Choose from over 10,000 tutors and book your lesson today.

17. Hello Talk

Hello Talk has users chat with real people around the world to get the most realistic Spanish language learning experience you can get.

18. Tandem

Another app that uses real conversations with real people to help improve Spanish language skills is Tandem. Scroll through the list of users and start chatting.

19. Fluentu

The language learning platform Fluentu uses videos with subtitles to help you learn Spanish. Practice what you learn after each video with quizzes.

20. Lingodeer

A new Spanish learning app is Lingodeer. This is geared towards beginners and offers a good amount of free content.

21. Duolingo

Perhaps the most popular language-learning app is Duolingo. This is a free app that makes learning Spanish easy and affordable.

22. Language Transfer

Another free offering is from Language Transfer. This is mainly an audio teaching tool for users that aren’t looking for visual lessons. 

23. Coursera

Coursera is an app that offers a ton of learning opportunities on top of language skills. The lessons are free, but certifications are available for paid subscribers.

24. Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish is a good tool for beginners as it keeps the lessons simple and easy to follow.

25. Busuu

Busuu is a Spanish learning app that integrates feedback from other users to improve your skills as you complete your lessons.

26. Udemy

Another platform that offers a variety of educational lessons is Udemy. There are several Spanish learning options available with varying degrees of difficulty. 

27. Rosetta Stone

A language learning platform that has been around for years is Rosetta Stone. Like other resources, Rosetta Stone believes immersing yourself in the language is the best way to learn.

28. Mondly

Another free offering for learning Spanish is Mondly. Users learn through daily lessons and quizzes with monthly challenges as well.

29. Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish teaches language lessons through repetition. The instructors emphasize keywords and phrases that aim to improve your Spanish language skills.

30. News In Slow Spanish

This app releases weekly podcast episodes discussing current events in Spanish. Hearing the lessons spoken in real-life contexts helps the user retain what they are learning.

31. EDX

Yet another free offering for learning Spanish is EDX. Lessons included are grammar basics and conversational Spanish. There are lessons available for all skill levels.

Which Spanish Learning Platform Is the Best?

While there are several language learning options on the market, the volume and flexibility of the lessons at Amphy are unmatched. No matter your goals or skill levels, there are courses available that will suit you perfectly.

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