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13 of the Best Spanish Teachers to Learn Spanish From

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Spanish is one of the most common languages on Earth, with over 580 million speakers worldwide. For that reason, it’s nothing less than essential to dive into the illustrious language–whether for professional success, global travel, or just plain fun!


But of course, it’s never that simple. Many people struggle for years to find the right mentor in Spanish. Some struggle under the rigidity of traditional education, making language learning difficult for a busy schedule. 


If you’re wondering how to learn Spanish with a hectic schedule, the solution is with a teacher. In this article, we’ll list 13 of the best Spanish teachers who make learning Spanish easy.

1. Yanina Carrera

The first eminent instructor on our list is Yanina Carrera. A longtime Spanish teacher with adaptable skills, Carrera is a TEFL-certified teacher and translator who excels at crafting a fun, personalized learning environment. 


One of her greatest strengths as an instructor is her versatility. She’s excellent at adapting to a student’s unique language-learning need, from conversational fluency to certification exam preparation.

2. Jackie Guiter

If you want a teacher who understands the particularities of moving between English and Spanish, Jackie Guiter is right for you. Guiter, a translator with a background in linguistics and psychoanalysis, teaches English and Spanish courses, making her well-equipped to tackle the challenges of diving into Spanish from English. 


Additionally, she offers a variety of courses, from beginner and intermediate Spanish classes to English-Spanish translation.

3. Curt McNeal

The best teaching environment often includes personal relationships and one-on-one connections. This is the case for Curt McNeal, a Spanish teacher based in Argentina who emphasizes connecting with students in their unique motivations for language learning. 


McNeal tends to lead private bookings rather than public classes, which allows students to mold their learning environment to suit their unique needs. Given McNeal’s lengthy career as a teacher in schools throughout Latin America, you’re sure to be successful with his instruction.

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Many people struggle for years to find the right mentor in Spanish

4. Yaledis Garcia

If you want to connect with a Spanish instructor with lengthy experience in secondary education, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better person than Yaledis Garcia.


Garcia, a Colombian living in Hungary while studying to be a petroleum geoengineer, boasts many achievements in her long history of teaching Spanish, including several teaching certificates. She is an excellent instructor for young and old students who do not mesh with abstract Spanish classes. Her pedagogy is rooted in communicative contexts rather than hypotheticals.

5. Suzana Andjelkovic

It’s always important to recognize that teachers are learners just as much as students are. Suzana Anjelkovic, a Serbian Spanish teacher who also leads Russian, Turkish, Italian, and English classes, places this at the core of her pedagogy. 


Besides covering the basics, Anjelkovic is adept at adapting to students’ unique needs, often customizing classes around their progression.

6. Maria Soledad Bancoff

Maria Soledad Bancoff has a hefty 15 years of teaching experience, and that expertise shines through in her teaching. She’s especially well-suited to EFE (Español con Fines Específicos, or Spanish for Specific Purposes), which includes topics such as law, sustainability, and business.

7. Sarah Fox

If you need a Spanish instructor with a positive demeanour, professional comportment, and an eye for culture, Sarah Fox is the teacher for you. In addition to her pedagogy, which emphasizes student confidence, Fox emphasizes the living language that shines through in culture, from the performance arts to cooking.

8. Andrea Gutierrez

Since Spanish is an international language, it’s important to learn from instructors literate in the richness of global differences. Andrea Gutierrez is one such instructor. With experience as a student in both Spanish-majority, English-majority, and Chinese-majority classroom settings, Andrea is adept at moving between cultural contexts to suit the unique needs of her students.

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9. Andri Carrero

Andri Carrero is a fantastic Spanish instructor for improving your writing skills. Carrero is a professional journalist and editor with experience managing magazine articles, social media posts, and more. 


Carrero is also an assistant professor with a strong interest in pedagogy and learning strategies. She has a keen eye for grammar and syntax and can help even a beginner Spanish speaker write articulately. 

10. Angeles Huertas

Angeles Huertas teaches Spanish at Granada University and specializes in medicine and journalism in the Spanish language. As a professional journalist, Huertas can advise students on the best practices for written communication in Spanish. In addition to writing, she has experience designing curriculums focused on conversational Spanish and Spanish grammar. 

11. Leo Herrera 

Leo Herrera is an excellent instructor for students interested in building Spanish conversational skills for various settings. Herrera loves language and has spent many years learning and teaching foreign languages.


He is currently a medical student and sports journalist with a background in language education and translation. Herrera will plan curriculums based on the individual student’s interests. For instance, he will make lesson plans based on Spanish art vocabulary if you enjoy art. 

12. Íñigo J. Eguía 

Íñigo J. Eguía is a highly educated language instructor with over a decade of experience as a teacher and a translator. Eguía has a degree in Hispanic Philology and a Master’s Degree in Applied French. 


He has a great passion for accessible and innovative teaching methodologies and is open to teaching learners at any level. Eguía prefers speaking-based lesson styles and tailoring curriculums to meet individual student needs. In addition to Spanish and English, Eguía speaks French and a small amount of Greek. 

13. Oscar Facundo

Oscar Facundo is a professional Spanish teacher with over eight years of experience. Originally from Barcelona, Facundo is ELE certified with International House Barcelona. 


His curriculum focuses on conversational skills and meaningful communication. He aims to give each student the ability to have rich, effective conversations in Spanish. Facundo has taught for a wide range of schools, companies, and private students. He is available to teach all levels, from beginner to advanced. 

Final Thoughts

Learning a new language is an exciting, stimulating prospect–especially when the language is as rich and versatile as Spanish. Choose from any of these best Spanish teachers, and you’ll be on the road to fluency in no time!

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