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The 19 Best Wellness Coaches

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With an increased focus on mental health these days we are seeing a rise in the interest in obtaining wellness coaches. These professionals not only work to improve the health of your body but look to work on your mental health as well. Sites such as Amphy provide a plethora of wellness coaching experts and programs.


Whether you are looking for a wellness coach to follow or aspire to become a wellness coach one day, below is a list of the most influential minds in the industry today.

1. Emily Schromm

Emily focuses more on the physical aspects of wellness training. She is a personal trainer and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Her YouTube channel and podcast serve up free workouts and nutritional advice. Her simplified approach to diet and exercise makes following her routines fun and easy. 

2. Holly Higgins

Holly specializes in nutrition for mental health. She uses her real-life struggles with mental health to relate to her clients. She is also a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a big following on Instagram where she shares her personal experiences. One of her goals is to educate the public about over-medicating with prescription drugs to fight depression and anxiety.

3. Christina Rice

Christina is the host of two podcasts focused on wellness and mental health. She shares her experiences with depression, anxiety, and other problems and the path she decided to take to tackle those issues. Christina posts inspirational messages, recipes, and self-care tips on her Instagram page. 

4. Joanne Encarnacion

Known to the fitness community as GoFitJo, Joanne believes that taking care of your body and feeling healthy goes a long way toward mental health. While the physical results of exercise are visible to anyone, it’s the self-worth and sense of health that is most important to Joanne and her clients.

5. Darryl Edwards

Darryl is all about having fun while staying active. His website Primal Play focuses on making exercise enjoyable and the importance of physical health. This personal trainer posts videos of fun activities and innovative exercise routines that will never be called boring. 

6. Courtney Swan

Courtney is the founder of RealFoodology and has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health. Her goal is to educate the public about the food supply situation in this country and the importance of eating real food. 

7. Ste Lane

Ste’s motivation to get into the wellness coach arena came from his personal experiences of losing family members to cancer. His goal as a personal trainer is to educate clients on the importance of nutrition and exercise and how that balance can affect every aspect of your overall health and well-being. 

8. Abel James

One of the most influential wellness coaches in the world, Abel has a top-rated podcast dedicated to healthy living. Also a best-selling author, Abel produced a TV show for ABC called ‘My Diet is Better Than Yours’. His unique take on diet and exercise has helped millions of people take control of their health.

9. Kirsten McCormick

Kirsten is a yoga teacher and personal chef among many other things. Her Instagram feed is filled with healthy living techniques and advice that involves balanced meals, mental health tips, and the importance of an active lifestyle.

10. Cait Crowell

Cait suffered from panic attacks and digestive issues for years before deciding to take back control of her health. She is now a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Life Coach who focuses on the negative impact of Western medicine on our health and well-being. 

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These professionals not only work to improve the health of your body but look to work on your mental health as well

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11. Anya Perry

Anya is a health coach and hosts events for business owners to help them and their employees take control of their physical and mental health. Anya believes that a healthy diet and exercise regimen is key to being productive in the workplace.

12. Adam Borstein

Adam is the founder of Born Fitness, a company that takes a no-nonsense approach to diet and exercise. He regularly posts tips and advice on his Instagram and Twitter feeds. His program ‘The Fat Loss Academy’ is highly regarded in the fitness community.

13. Joe Condora

Joe is the founder of Primal Example and a nutritionist to several professional athletes and celebrities. He uses bio-hacking strategies and unconventional exercise programs to keep his clients motivated.

14. Michelle Leotta

This health and business coach is the founder of Health Coach Power, which helps train other health coaches on how to run profitable businesses. Her other passion is a project called ‘She’s Got Power’. This venture helps women deal with burnout and stress at work.

15. Amanda Cook

Amanda is the founder of Wellpreneur. Her company’s focus is on helping other wellness coaches avoid burnout while remaining competitive and successful. Her Instagram feed is filled with advice for aspiring coaches. 

16. Erin Power

Erin specializes in increasing her client’s metabolism through proper diet and exercise. Her Instagram and weekly podcasts give advice that helps clients maximize fat loss while gaining much-needed energy.

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17. Marisa Moon

Marisa is a health coach and creator of the course, ‘Intermittent Fasting Freedom’. Her focus is to help clients who are tired of the typical diets out there by learning about the power of intermittent fasting.

18. Katie Duda

Katie is a certified coach of Nutrition and Digestive Health who uses a scientific approach to helping her clients live healthier lives. She uses her own experiences and struggles to teach the importance of digestive health. Her passion is helping women find the root cause of their health and wellness ailments and resolving the issue step by step.

19. Chris Prior

Chris is the founder of ‘The Optimized Life’, a coaching program designed for busy dads in the corporate world. His signature program ‘8 to Straight’ guides clients on a path to losing 20 or more pounds permanently without diet or cardio.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of high-quality wellness coaches and programs available these days. The coaches mentioned above and the courses available at Amphy are great resources to get you started on the path toward physical and mental health.

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