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Tips for Learning To Speak the Italian Language


Tips for Learning Italian

It can be really difficult to learn a new language.


Thankfully, Federica will share with you some of her top tips to make learning the Italian language easier for you.

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Learning Italian

Hi everyone, today I want share with you some tips to learn Italian.


Number one, listen to Italian music. On Spotify you can find a lot of it. For example, Indi Italiano. Number 2,  watch Italian movies or tv series with subtitles.  On Netflix, for example, Baby, Sugurra, or Summertime. Number three, listen to some podcasts in Italian. Number four, if you like to cook or eat, follow some YouTube channels about Italian recipes. For example, Giallo Zafferano. If you want to try a trial lesson, don’t hesitate to book it now on Looking forward to hearing from you! Ciao


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