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Top 10 Places to Learn Fashion Design Online

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Here are the top 10 online fashion designing classes!

We reviewed the top online fashion designing classes on online educational platforms, noting the differences between platforms, including whether they offer live classes or only pre-recorded videos. Being able to interact with online teachers is essential for your understanding of the subject. In taking classes to learn fashion design online, interacting is critical to understanding the basics and more. With this in mind, here are the top 10 options to learn fashion design online.

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Online fashion design classes are interactive, so you can ask questions and get answers in real-time.


Skillshare offers a variety of videos so you can learn fashion design online. You can view classes in sewing, fashion illustration, and garment production on your schedule.


Here are some details about their services:

-Numerous fashion-related video options
The first month is free


-If you’re looking for a large variety, Skillshare may be for you.

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Amphy would be our top pick, based on this list of online schools.


Learning the creative business of fashion design is easy with a wide selection of interactive online fashion design classes available on Amphy.


Whether you want to become a fashion designer or just want to learn how to create your own capsule wardrobe, the interactive courses on Amphy will allow you to talk with your teacher in real-time.


Here are some of the great benefits of choosing Amphy as your online school:


-Amphy’s online fashion design classes gear toward everyone from aspiring fashion designers to fashionistas who want to upgrade their sense of style

-Online fashion design classes are interactive, so you can ask questions and get answers in real-time.

-Professional teachers

-Live classes that are not pre-recorded


With Amphy, the glamorous, creative world of fashion design can be yours. Try it today for an affordable experience.


Want online fashion design classes that show you how to launch your own fashion brand? Udemy has that in a pre-recorded video series along with courses in fashion sketching and pattern making.


Here are some facts about Udemy:

-Affordably priced
-Videos include a series in launching your own fashion brand along with pre-recorded classes in the mechanics of fashion design


This option is excellent for those interested in becoming self-started fashion designers.

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Fashion Institute of Technology

Are you looking to learn fashion design online as part of a degree program? Fashion Institute of Technology, a well-respected name in the fashion design world, offers training online that can launch your fashion career.


Here’s why the Fashion Institute of Technology might be the pick for you:

Respected training in the world of high fashion
Will require the tuition and time of a degree program


If you’re looking for a degree and technical training, this school is perfect for you.


Coursera is the next best thing to being in a college class. Classes in transforming the fashion business and managing luxury brands will help you put your fashion design skills to work.


Why choose Coursera?

Wide selection of pre-recorded college-level lectures
You won’t get to interact with your instructor in real-time, but you have access to a professional teacher and an online classroom.


If you want live classes, this option may not be for you.

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Classes by fashion icons like Marc Jacobs are available in pre-recorded videos. You can learn fashion design online with some of the top names in the business.


Some details about MasterClass include:

-Pre-recorded videos by top fashion designers
-No interaction, since classes are pre-recorded videos


This course also might not be suitable for you if you’re interested in live videos. However, it has a great selection of experts to learn from.

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago

SAIC is one of America’s top art schools, and it offers online fashion design classes and a six-course noncredit fashion certificate program through their Adult Continuing Education (ACE) program. Topics include: Sketching, illustration, pattern making, construction and sewing, letting you learn fashion design online.


Below is some information about the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s ACE courses and program:


-The many facets of fashion design classes and six-course certificate is taught by top instructors in real-time
-ACE online fashion design classes cost $625 per topic


This class is a more immersive option meant for those who are looking for live online instruction for the duration of the course, faculty-led demonstrations in real-time, and valuable instructor and peer feedback during critiques.

University of Fashion

The University of Fashion has hundreds of pre-recorded online fashion design classes on video, and you can start for free. Choose a topic, and you can follow along and make the same garment.


Why choose the University of Fashion?

-Learn fashion design online from hundreds of pre-recorded videos
-Affordable video library, but classes aren’t interactive


If you’re looking for live classes, the University of Fashion doesn’t offer them. However, you can access a vast video library.


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EdX offers online fashion design classes from the top art schools in the world. These pre-recorded videos will teach you fashion design from the basics and beyond. You can sample from the best fashion design programs to learn fashion design online.


Why choose edX?


-Top online fashion design classes from well-known schools around the world

-You can start for free


Overall, edX is a great free beginner’s option for those looking to do fashion design.

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Based in Florence, Italy, Polimoda delivers the best in Italian fashion design online. Knitwear design, fashion merchandising and marketing, fashion marketing and communications, illustration, and more are offered in degrees so you can learn fashion design online.


Here are some of the details on Polimoda:

-Wide range of online fashion design classes, including menswear, accessories, and children’s designs
-Those wanting to learn fashion design online as a hobby may find Polimoda too expensive


This course is an excellent option for those interested specifically in Italian fashion design and formal degrees.

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Learn Fashion Design Online

Deciding which platform and program you will learn fashion design online through can be confusing. Online programs in fashion design differ significantly in what they offer, their prices per class, and whether their online fashion design classes are interactive in real-time or pre-recorded.


Often, the classes that are available in real-time are the ones that can cost hundreds of dollars and lead to a degree in fashion design. That may be more than you can handle in terms of time and money. You may be interested only in advancing your sewing skills or in learning to dress more stylishly.


Amphy is that rare online learning platform that offers interactive live classes at an affordable price. You can hone the skills you need to become a fashion designer in Amphy’s wide selection of online fashion design classes.


By asking questions and getting answers in real-time on Amphy, you can learn fashion design online from your laptop computer at home. That’s what makes it our top pick.

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