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Top 10 Places to Learn Fitness Training Online

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The key to a long life is establishing healthy routine, like eating nutritionally and getting enough sleep. Another important aspect of overall health is a sate and effective workout, whether you choose jogging, group exercise classes, or sports. One of the newest fitness trends is not what the exercise is but how you are experiencing it as online fitness classes grow in popularity.

From beginner exercisers to gym rats, from loyal joggers to blissed-out yogis, there are online fitness training programs to help everyone get fit from the comfort of home.

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Nothing is holding you back from having the healthy lifestyle you crave, as online fitness training programs improve every day. By discovering online fitness classes, you can choose the type of workout that will best help you achieve your goals.

1. Amphy Full Ab/Core Workout with Ben M. - Best Overall is the best place to learn fitness online, with a variety of classes to meet any need. At Amphy, nothing replaces live online fitness classes, and this circuit with Ben will help you build and strengthen your core muscles.


The Full Ab/Core Workout with Ben M. is an excellent choice for any exercise level, beginner to advanced. This efficient 30-minute class will target your entire core, including your abs, obliques, and lower back muscles.

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2. Forge

While personal training seems like an in-person activity, some online fitness training programs have cracked the code on offering practical personal training in a virtual space. Check out Forge for custom workout plans and nutrition advice for any stage of a fitness journey.


It is common for a beginner to fitness to seek a personal trainer to help them establish healthy habits and learn proper techniques. For the fitness enthusiast, a personal trainer can diversify a routine or help them work through a plateau in progress.

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3. Classpass

Group exercise classes are a great way to enjoy a wide variety of dynamic fitness classes while feeling motivated and inspired by your fellow exercisers. Classes like step aerobics, cycling, and boot camps are trendy group exercise options.


However, group exercise classes don’t need to be an in-person experience only, with online fitness classes with Classpass. This website is well-known for offering flexible passes for exercisers to bounce around between in-person classes for a monthly fee. Still, Classpass also offers digital fitness classes for those who prefer to work out at home.

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4. Gaia

Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility, promote well-being and mental wellness, tone muscles, and increase heart rate. The amount of people practicing yoga continues to grow, as this fitness option remains popular for all ages and abilities.


Gaia is a notable brand in the yoga market. In addition to hundreds of videos, this website offers an extensive library of yoga poses and resources for other topics related to the practice of yoga, including meditation.

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5. Daily Burn

Daily Burn offers thousands of high-quality videos available for online streaming featuring various exercises, including barre, HIIT, pilates, and stretching. These videos are appropriate for all fitness levels, and Daily Burn offers a 30-day free trial.


For the newbie fitness student or the lifelong exerciser, staying inspired by your workout routine is a challenge everyone faces. Checking out a robust online fitness training resource like Daily Burn is a great way to stay motivated and find a new activity to love.

6. Girls Gone Strong

For many women, the traditional gym membership can present intimidating situations because of the atmosphere or limited knowledge about exercise. Luckily, there are online fitness classes geared toward women to help them get fit without getting nervous, like Girls Gone Strong.


If you are looking for a supportive, women-led exercise atmosphere, visit the Girls Gone Strong page. This site offers fitness coaching, nutrition advice, and a library of expert articles and resources.

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The website provides a wealth of information about fitness and some innovative apps to help you achieve your goals. Here you can find sports tips, workout regimens for distance running, and even sign-ups for 5ks, 10ks, and marathons near you.


Even if you are looking for an online fitness training program, you can still take what you learned outdoors and enjoy the benefits of fresh air. The effective app is a great workout buddy on a run, and the tips on proper swimming techniques will improve your next pool session.

8. Crossfit

Crossfit has become incredibly popular, and with good reason. Now, you don’t have to go to a physical class to enjoy Crossfit fitness.


If you’re looking for a trendy workout you can complete anywhere, visit the Crossfit website to learn about the fitness philosophy that made them so popular. Don’t forget to check out their famous “Workout of the Day” or “WOD” to get the whole Crossfit experience.

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9. Livestrong

If you’re new to fitness, it may be a good idea to start with the basics with trusted information delivered by experts. Because of the risk of injury, it is crucial to understand the risks of any workout regimen and how to exercise safely. provides high-quality information you can trust, as every article is reviewed by a credentialed fitness professional. Livestrong, the for-profit arm of the foundation that inspired those yellow bracelets, offers visual exercise guides and tons of information for online fitness training programs, nutrition, and overall health.


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10. Tracy Anderson

Fitness pro Tracy Anderson has her own website that offers a virtual workout studio, online personal training, and even live classes.


Part of the fun of fitness is the fun group environment when other workout enthusiasts gather together to break a sweat. That energy and excitement can be the motivating factor needed for everyone to do their best.


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Get Started with Your Fitness Training!

Nothing is holding you back from having the healthy lifestyle you crave, as online fitness training programs improve every day. By discovering online fitness classes, you can choose the type of workout that will best help you achieve your goals.


Our top choice would be Amphy. Not only are the fitness classes top-notch, but there are also a wealth of other classes that may pique your interest. Still, take a look at the different quality options and begin your online fitness training site.

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