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Top 11 Places to Learn Meditation Online

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Learning how to meditate has health benefits, especially for your mental state and stress levels. Here are the best places for online meditation classes!

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With Amphy, you’ll be able to learn meditation online from a live professor, either on your own or with a group.

Best Apps to Learn Meditation Online

One of the most convenient ways to learn something is through your phone. If there’s an app for it, you can take it with you wherever you are and learn while you’re in line at the store, waiting for an appointment, or driving (although we wouldn’t recommend meditating while driving). Here are our top three app-based programs for meditation.



If you’re on social media at all, you’ve probably seen ads for the Calm app. It features meditations for stress and anxiety. The Calm app doesn’t teach a lot of meditation basics, but it is handy if you are prone to insomnia, anxiety, or excessive worrying at night. Calm does what the name implies–it calms you down. There is a free trial period on the app.



Headspace offers more than just guided meditations and breathing exercises. It’s an all-around mental health app. If you are looking to get into meditation in addition to mentally healthy workouts and exercise classes, Headspace is a great option. The app offers a “Move Mode,” which brings professional athletes and therapists together for classes on how to exercise your brain and your body simultaneously. Headspace is a paid app with a free trial.


Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers guided meditations for any day as well as live meditations and classes. Some of these are hosted by celebrities. The app includes chat rooms, live or recorded meditations, and themed music playlists to calm you down. Insight timer is primarily a free app with some premium content.

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Best Online Meditation Classes

If you want to take a full-on course on meditation, you can do that too! There are dozens of popular course websites, from Masterclass to a specific YouTube channel. Professors and mental health professionals teach the classes. Here are some of our favorite course-based meditation learning sites!


Udemy is one of the leading sources for online classes. You can learn anything on Udemy, including the art of meditation. Udemy’s courses are taught by leading experts in the field and are relatively inexpensive (with a thirty-day money-back guarantee on most purchases).


You can learn meditation at your own pace. However, while Udemy’s instructors are professional and teach excellent classes, they aren’t generally available for personalized feedback. Udemy’s classes are all asynchronous and meant for you to watch on your timeline.


Glo is a teaching website geared primarily towards yoga and meditation. It doesn’t offer classes on a variety of subjects. Instead, Glo focuses on mind and body wellness and provides a wide variety of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness courses.


Glo has a monthly subscription offer for everything on the website. If you are looking to learn meditation combined with yoga or pilates, Glo is a fantastic choice! However, it’s one of the pricier options on this list, and you pay by the month to access any of the content.


Amphy offers education on any topic, which experts teach. However, unlike Udemy or Glo, Amphy’s courses are taught in real-time by professionals in the field. Amphy has a series on meditation taught over Zoom. Amphy offers some of the most in-depth and personalized meditation classes we’ve found!


The meditation classes on Amphy can be either individual or as a group, and when you sign up, you get a personalized Zoom link for your class. One-on-one coaching is much less expensive than either of the other courses, and you can purchase as much or as little as you want.


Mindworks is a non-profit 501c3, with a very powerful online learning system based on Buddhist meditation, by 20 teachers with over 400 years of combined experience.


Their mission is to provide genuine meditation instruction to the world, without jargon, religion, or culture, in an accessible and profoundly transformative path. Based on feedback from their worldwide audience, our program is very powerful. Our free course attracts 1000 people per month and 2/3rds of the users rank it 5 out of 5 (the others rank it a mere 4 out of 5).

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Best Free Ways to Learn Meditation Online

Learning to meditate is incredibly useful for anxiety, breathing, and proper mindfulness. However, almost all of these options cost money. If you are trying to find a better mental place but don’t have the money to pay a subscription for a class, there are options to learn meditation for free (sometimes with ads). Here are the best ways to meditate for free online.


Mindfulness Exercises
Mindfulness Exercises is a website dedicated to mindfulness. With over 2,000 free resources, Mindfulness Exercises helps you create better mindfulness and have peace in the present moment. They offer short individual meditations, longer courses, and challenges you can complete independently or with friends. If you are an independent learner who wants to know more about mindfulness, this is a great place to start!


UCLA Mindful
UCLA Mindful is an app and website dedicated to helping people manage daily anxiety, stress, and illness. Backed by the university’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCLA Mindful is created to be accessible and free for anyone. They have a special section dedicated to those with chronic or severe medical conditions.


Of course, one of the best places to find free content is YouTube. Learning meditation is no exception. YouTube has free meditation classes, any length of guided meditations, and links to sign up for more in-depth subscriptions or classes.


Calm and Mindful both have channels with guided meditations and tips for meditating. One of our favorite channels for short guided meditations (with no mid-video ads!) is Goodful. You can do their meditations anywhere and pick a class that suits your current mental state.


University of California, San Diego Center for Mindfulness

The UC San Diego School of Medicine also offers free guided meditations. These are either live or recorded. They offer Zoom classes and record everything on their SoundCloud account. The University of California wants to ensure that everyone has access to mental health professionals and ad-free meditation through its website.

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And the winner Is...

Amphy! Amphy is the least expensive paid option on this list and is the best because of the availability and uniqueness of the classes. With Amphy, you’ll be able to learn meditation online from a live professor, either on your own or with a group. Amphy is as close as you can get to a personal meditation guide!

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