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Top 10 Places to Learn Sign Language Online

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Finding online sign language classes can be difficult. Many places online claim to teach it, but how do you know that they work? Here are some of the best places you can learn sign language online.

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Learning the language can allow you to talk to people who may not have many other ways to communicate.

1. Amphy

2. Sign It ASL

Sign It ASL takes fun and interactive lessons that help immerse you in sign language to help you learn the language. Often the classes use humor and skits to help drive home lessons in a way that doesn’t feel like teaching.


You can choose to get small packages of classes or whole programs to learn the language. The courses are self-paced, so you control how fast you understand the topic. Pre-recorded videos and other material make it hard to ask questions, making learning more challenging for some.

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3. Sign Language 101

With Sign Language 101, you get a two-course lesson plan that offers twenty videos to help you learn sign language. The site also provides some free online videos to get you started, so you can see if the classes will work for you.


With the videos, you also get worksheets and quizzes to help you continue your education, even when you cannot watch the lessons. It is a helpful system for people who like to learn using multiple different methods.

4. Start ASL

Start ASL offers users access to the site and mobile apps that can work together to help you learn the language. It offers a large assortment of videos that can teach three courses full of information.


The class helps you learn the language in an orderly manner that will take you from the basics into the grammar, and lastly, a complete understanding of the nuance of the language.

5. Life Print

Life Print’s old-school design on their site may turn some people off, but don’t let that fool you. The site offers an incredible amount of resources to help you learn sign language. One of the best parts is you can use all of their videos and lessons for free.


Life Print is an excellent resource if you can self-pace and learn a language on your own. It doesn’t offer a lot of guidance, but if you can take their lessons and apply them properly, you can learn sign language well.

6. ASL Pro

ASL Pro gives you many valuable videos, games, and activities that can help make learning the language fun for any age group. The best part about ASL Pro is that students may not realize the site is teaching anything. They just see the lessons as fun and entertaining games.


If you want a more school-like atmosphere, you can watch the videos and join the classroom. These activities will ensure you are getting a deeper understanding of the language. However, if you just want to have fun with signs, this site can help with that.

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7. School of Sign Language

ASL is the most common form of sign language used in America, but if you want to learn how to sign in other places, you might need a little different education. The School of Sign language specializes in British sign language or BSL.


The resources on this page are free, and they can help you understand even more about sign language. After you have learned ALS, this can be an excellent resource for continuing to develop your skills.

8. Lingvano

Lingvano helps you learn sign language in quick and easy 10 minute lessons each day. This short lesson lets you discover the whole language without spending so much time that you get bored or discouraged.


The interactive lessons keep you entertained while you learn, so you don’t feel like working hard at the language.

9. Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages gets accolades for their ability to teach languages by immersing their students in the language. The new lessons become second nature and absorb easier. The site offers many different languages, and ASL is one of their most popular.


The program uses the website and on phone apps to make them more accessible. You pick how in-depth you want to learn the language. From chatting to fluent, you decide.


10. Expert Village

Expert Village is a Youtube page that offers you free lessons on a variety of topics. ASL is just one of the many skills they teach. The videos can help you learn many different sign language topics quickly and easily anywhere you can watch Youtube.


This method is excellent for learning terms and conversational phrases, but it can be more difficult for learning grammar and more detailed parts of the language.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen ten of the best places to learn sign language online, you are ready to start taking classes. Amphy was our top place to study the skills due to the site’s wide range of courses for different levels of sign language speakers.


You can start today and learn the basics, then eventually become fully fluent in sign language with classes on Amphy.

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