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Top 13 Trending TikTok Dances (Updated 2023)

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2022 started off strong with many popular TikTok dances that have been picked up by creators across the app. Many of these are easy TikTok dances to learn with catchy songs. We organized the top 13 trending TikTok dances so far in 2022. Most of these trends peaked in March or April of this year, but some, like our first pick, are still topping the charts.


Before we dive in, watch this video explaining an easy Bollywood dance move that can be used in your next TikTok. 


Top 13 Trending TikTok Dances in 2022

1. About Damn Time by Lizzo

Famous artist Lizzo announced in mid-April that her new album, “Special,” will be dropping on July 15. This album features her song “About Damn Time,” sweeping across TikTok. It didn’t take long for a creator to choreograph a fun dance to the upbeat bop. User @jadengomezz’s fun and flirty dance were duetted by thousands, even Lizzo herself, multiple times!

2. Wheelie (feat 21 Savage) by BigLatto

Towards the end of March, creator @itsseanbankhead or Sean Bankhead choreographed a dance to part of BigLatto’s Wheelie, featuring 21 Savage. The dance was picked up by multiple other creators like @nat_bat_ (Natalie) and @emma.ogea (Emma Ogea). If you’re looking for a sassy dance to feature on your page, check out some of the tutorials under the sound by @nat_bat_ herself.

3. Kiss It Better by Jaydon Lewis (Amapiano Remix)

This remix of Kiss It Better by Jaydon Lewis makes listeners want to shimmy. Thankfully creators @jadecw_ (Jade), @_minimayhem (Mayhem), and @_sam.wilson_ (Sam Wilson) developed the perfect moves to groove with. The steps are easy enough to learn, and the beat is addicting to move your hips to. The dance was created towards the beginning of April and is still seen on trending pages today!

4. Toxic x Pony (Mashup of Toxic and Pony by Altego)

The dance by @benibol (Ben Calleja) was created at the end of 2021. However, it quickly picked up traction at the beginning of 2022. Choreographed to a mashup of Toxic by Brittney Spears and Pony by Ginuwine, the dance is undoubtedly sexier than others on this list. Popular creators like @raeinhyer and @nianaguerrero (Niana Guerrero) posted their dance versions in January 2022 as their popularity increased.

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If you’re looking for a cute dance to learn with a friend, check out the tutorials under the sound “Oui” by 12:00.

5. My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle by Duke & Jones

Figuring out the original creator of this simple dance is tricky – especially because the most popular video featuring it is @blondebrunetteredhead. This account is shared between the main three actresses from “Riverdale”; Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Madelaine Petsch. After some digging, we found that user @jessqualter posted at the beginning of May saying, “THANKS SO MUCH 4 doing our dance”, leading us to believe they are the creator. 

6. Oui by 12:00

If you’re looking for a cute dance to learn with a friend, check out the tutorials under the sound “Oui” by 12:00. We couldn’t find the original creators of the dance; however, some of the top videos come from @noahbeck (Noah Beck) as he dances with Charli D’Amelio and Lizzo. The trend peaked at the beginning of 2022 but is still seen here and there throughout the app today.

7. Koto So Silly Sped Up by Koto

Surprisingly enough, the top video to this sound is from teacher @paigeperkins0 (Paige Perkins), who stated her students would be mad if she didn’t do this dance after school. You can check out the trend creator’s page to learn the dance! TikToker @niyahdareal0g (Niyah) has this dance pinned on her profile page for you to practice. It’s a fun and hard-hitting dance for TikTokers looking for a challenge.


8. Cmonnn (Hit It One Time) by 5Star

This dance is another popular TikTok dance that started towards the beginning of February this year. The creator is unknown from our research, but some of the top videos have around 4.5 million likes. The sound has over 1 million videos in total. The top users who have danced to this sound are @bigbanks and @rosee_20.

9. Cool For The Summer – Sped Up (Nightcore) by Demi Lovato & Speed Radio

The top video under this song has 18.7 million likes and was created by @genboy3 in the middle of March this year. The original creator of the dance is @imhibryda, who choreographed this easy, sassy dance towards the beginning of March. It was quickly picked up, and the sound now has 2.7 million videos under it, most of which are this fun dance.

10. No Hands Remix (Original Song by Roscoe Dash and Waka Flocka Flame, Remix Artist Unknown)

In January this year, the audio was initially used in a “Euphoria” edit by user @mysticfiona (Charlene). Still, dancers quickly picked it up as a new, promising song. The top video comes from @gabimfmoura, where she says, “I can’t stop doing this dance,” in the caption. Other creators like @rileyhubatka and @brycehall have posted videos doing the same dance to this remix. The original creator of the dance is unknown to us.

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11. Wait A Minute! (Duckhead Edit) by Duckhead Dj Kasur

At the beginning of April, creator @official_mdindri created an easy and fun dance to a remix of Willow’s famous song “Wait A Minute!”. Creators like @merrickhanna and @jeffztingz have taken her simple choreography and added their own flair, making it a popular TikTok dance to be creative with.

12. Formosa – Brega Funk Remix by Kaio Viana & MC CJ

Another popular dance that began at the end of 2021 but carried over well into 2022 is @gabylopesof and @juliabritzz_’s hip-shaking choreography. This sound has 2.5 million videos under it, and the original dance video has 2.3 million likes! Creator @iamferv has the most likes using this dance and is currently sitting at 5.8 million with her video made at the beginning of January this year.

13. ROVER by Mattinthecut

Towards the end of April, @jeffxtingz created an easy dance to the sound ROVER on TikTok. Popular creators like @unicewani and @merrickhanna quickly picked it up. The easy steps give dancers room to improvise and add their own personality to the trend!

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