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What Are Crystals And How Do Shamans Use Them?


Crystals and stones are considered living beings by many while most view them as “just rocks”.  Yet they are categorized as having characteristics and properties or abilities that channel or produce certain qualities which are of higher energy vibrations coming from the Life Force of Spirit. 

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In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being. Nikola Tesla 

Crystals and/or semi-precious stones support shamans during their work to aid them in channeling universal energies, to lend them protection and assist them in connecting with Spirit.  Also, they are used to create a union between Mother Earth and all that exists within and upon the earth for the shaman. 


Shamans have used crystals and semi-precious stones for thousands of years to help empower themselves to perform “Great Works”.  These earthly gifts are an important aspect of a shaman’s “medicine bag” and as adornment.  Crystals and/or semi-precious stones support shamans during their work to aid them in channeling universal energies, to lend them protection and assist them in connecting with Spirit.  Also, they are used to create a union between Mother Earth and all that exists in general. 


As a natural born shaman myself, I have a great many crystals and semi-precious stones which my clients chose from to hold during healings, vision quests, and meditation and therapy sessions. These crystals and stones help facilitate a more productive session as they offer supportive energies needed by the client and enable them to have soul journeys etc.


I have been asked by quite a few of my clients which crystals and stones do I use for my practice and my own purposes and which ones would benefit them the most.  Here are my favorites that I make use of in particular.   They help any one who wishes to attain the virtues and energy frequencies these crystals and stones offer:  


Turquoise – Known as ‘The Profound Master Healer’ not only heals, but offers spiritual protection, tranquility, peace of mind and intuitive wisdom. Can guard against environmental pollutants.


Shamanic Dream Stone – Used for dream work and when traveling the spiritual dimensions. Can also be utilized as a manifestation tool.


Serpentine – Connects one with nature, aids in meditation and spiritual exploration. Retrieves spiritual wisdom and assists with past life memory recall.  Energetically establishes more control and balance in your life. 



Gaspeite or Malachite – Strengthens and clarifies the emotional body. Aids in forgiveness and alleviates wallowing in self-pity and fretting. 


Sugilite or Rose Quartz – Carries the energy of spiritual love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutes lower vibrations.  Helps in finding true love and/or unconditional love.  


Tourmaline – Good for keeping the digestive system healthy and strengthening teeth and bones. Recommended for adrenal disorders and is used to treat stress, anxiety and trauma. 


Onyx – Provides intuitive guidance on a shamanic journey and protection.  Connects you to your inner truth.  Absorbs negative energy.


Lemurian Seed Crystal – Useful for personal healing, meditation, and intuitive energy work.  Embodies Divine Feminine energy, unity consciousness and higher wisdom.  Activated when your energy vibration matches the vibration of the crystal.

Crystals interact with the body’s energy fields as vibrational energy. They can redirect and re-channel energy flow with their unique energetic vibrations, helping to unblock areas of the physical body’s energy field that have become “stuck.”  They have potent healing powers, when we touch the stones or when we wear them, these powers are immediately activated. As the crystal vibrations interact with the body’s natural energetic frequency, the body’s energy is focused, balanced, and cleared.  Also, crystals absorb energy and convert it into an electronic frequency.  This frequency is unique to each crystal and offer many people pain and anxiety relief and so much more.


Also, crystals can provide support for mental health issues, to a degree of course, the use of crystal therapy does not negate the needs of the individual if their require: medication, psychotherapy etc.  Crystals can help you boost your mood. They can be used as a tool: to ground; find purpose and connection to something greater than one’s self.  



When meditating, crystals make a difference in how profound and transcending your meditation can be.   Also crystals’and semi-precious stone’s powers and qualities are accentuated during meditation.  


Do you meditate to control your anxiety and stress? Watch this quick video to learn a meditation you can do everyday to control anxiety and stress in your life. 



When shopping for crystals and semi-precious stones, decide upon the qualities you wish to acquire and then ascertain a personal connection to the crystal(s) and/or stone(s) before purchasing any. You can attune your crystals and stones through meditation by connecting with their energy. This bond will unlock the qualities of the crystals and/or stones to channel more readily that which you desire to realize.   


Remember to cleanse them regularly by placing them in sunlight or moonlight; in sea salt or a salt bowl; wash them in clean water (distilled is best) or smudge them with smoke.  The method used to cleanse your crystals and stones are dependent upon what works best for them individually.  it is best to research this.


Crystals and semi-precious stones of different sizes, jewellery and ornaments are essential to everyone to aid them along their healing, life and spiritual paths.  They offer protection; inner peace; balance; healing; the release of negative energies; raise one’s energy vibrations and more.   

All crystals and semi-precious stones also will cleanse, impart healing energies and raise the vibrations in your home and work space or car.  They bring beauty and a special aura to the space they are in.  They also make wonderful gifts in whatever form they are given, a gift that truly is always giving. 





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