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What Is Affirmation Writing?

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Affirmations are beliefs of good things and positive things in your life. We write affirmations in the present tense to create specific goals in our mind for the way we want our life to be. It’s a way to motivate ourselves to act on our goals  and have the power to change our negative thinking patterns and create a positive outlook in life


I started writing affirmations two years ago. I created specific goals for myself and what I wanted in my life personally, professionally, financially, and other things. I wrote them as though they were already a reality and in a week’s time I started to see a few things manifest. It was magical. For example, when I was stuck with writing papers for college wondering “Who can help write my essay?” a trusted and reputed service was so easy to find. I knew it was due to my affirmation practices. This reiterated my belief in writing affirmations and I continued to refine my words to make them more specific and powerful and write them every day. I have seen goals being realized in a short span of time, things shifting around me to make room for how I was envisioning my life in my affirmation writing.

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Combine your affirmations with an action.

An affirmation is usually a positive sentence of powerful words put together aimed to tap into your conscious and subconscious mind to push you to reach your full potential in life and to reach your goals that you write down each day. A powerful tool for writing affirmation is believing in what you are writing. Make sure that you live that statement, believe in it and visualise it in your life. It could seem like a bizarre goal to you today, but visualise as though it’s a reality in your life, daydream about it and write it in your affirmation. Then see it playing out in your life as a reality.


As human beings who constantly live in self-doubt, we tend to believe the things that we tell ourselves — whether they’re true or not. By hand writing affirmations every day, we are not just telling our mind – but we are telling the universe what we want too. And as beautifully written in the book Alchemist “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” so if the universe knows what you want it’s gonna soon manifest in your life!


Following are some handy tips I am sharing, for writing your own affirmations


Always write your sentence in a positive way and choose your words carefully. Only powerful positive words to be used in your sentence. Write your affirmation in first person and in present tense. I am ……. Visualise living what you are writing. Believe that it is happening in your life or has happened.Write affirmations that are your goals that you want to achieve. For example, I bought a single family home for $100000 in Mountain view district in October 2022. My new home is newly built and has great neighbours, picket fences and a two door garage. Make your affirmation specific. 


Add emotions to your sentences. Affirmations can be of various types. It can be about your personal being. How you envision yourself to be. I am joyful, healthy and fit, 57 kgs in weight…… It can be about your financial goals. For example, My job is financially rewarding and I received a 100% performance bonus this year and a 10% salary raise. It can be about other goals. For example, I travelled to India with my family during summer vacation. You can make it even more specific if you have a city destination in mind. For example, I travelled to the Golden Triangle in India covering Agra, Jaipur and New Delhi on my family trip to India during the summer vacation of 2022


It could be about your saving goal or something you’ve been working on to manifest or happen in your life. It can be about finding your life partner and believing that you have found him. Write his characteristics, define him in your words and believe he is now your life partner. 

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There is no right or specific way of writing affirmations. Main focus needs to be on writing positively. Here is a word bank of positive words that can be used in your affirmation writing. Joyful, content, creative, happy, harmonious, inspired, positive, powerful, fit, exuberant, happy go lucky, focused, dreamjob, dynamic, won, comfort, luxury, blessed, youthful, kind, guided, worthy, free, fortunate, grateful, passion, life of my dreams, rich, abundant, friends, empowered, travelling, globetrotter, wealthy, sparkle, ideal life partner, intimate, bought, sold, received, opportunity, invited, earning, income, home owner.


Be consistent. Your commitment to the practice of writing affirmations daily, can go a long way. Make them a regular part of your day-to-day routine, consistently writing at the same time.Start slow. If you are having difficulty starting this process, try writing one or two affirmation a day and then increasing as the days go by. 


Combine your affirmations with an action. While the affirmations can boost your motivation and confidence, you still need to take some action. For instance, if you write an affirmation such as “I am a happy house owner of a single family home in mountain view” you might want to take the action of starting to attend open houses in the mountain view area, talking to realtors and focusing on buying a home. Affirmations are meant to be a step toward making a change, not the change itself.

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Create your own affirmations, based on what will help you most. Set your affirmations in the present. Get personal and specific. Affirmations should be based on what real, specific traits you want to change. That is where they’ll have the most benefit for you.


Be patient with yourself. It may take some time before you see changes and manifestation.


If you are reading this article, you know that your awareness is already there to start writing affirmations. Now all you need to do is just do it. If you need help in the formation of the right words and sentences and doing it in a structured way you can join my Affirmation writing class at Amphy

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