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What Are Alternative Health Modalities and How Do They Work and Help?


I have been asked many times what are alternative health modalities.  They can be defined as treatment techniques that are holistic, all-encompassing treatments which facilitate healing for the body-mind-spirit/soul.  Alternative medicine is a term that describes medical treatments that are used instead of traditional (mainstream) therapies. Some people also refer to it as “integrative,” or “complementary” medicine.


To name a few alternative healing therapies:  


– Acupuncture

– Aromatherapy

– Ayurvedic medicine

– Chinese Medicine

– Homeopathy

– Hypnotherapy

– Massage therapy

– Meditation

– Reiki

– Shamanic healing arts

– Tai Chi

– Yoga 


There are books that list and describe most of the healing modalities which are available today.  I will focus on discussing the few that I utilize to help others as I know them well.

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Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine which is energy healing.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

CB Therapy is psychotherapy. There is a difference between counseling and psychotherapy.  Counseling focuses on specific issues and is designed to help a person address a particular problem for a short term, such as stress management.  Psychotherapy is long-term and focuses on a broader range of issues and more in-depth mental and emotional problems and disorders.


I assist clients in dealing with stress, anxiety, panic attacks and to manage emotional and mental issues along with disorders ie PTSD, depression, ADD and ADHD, to name a few, by utilizing talk therapy; active, compassionate listening and mindfulness and mediation techniques to bring the client to present moment awareness to change habits and behaviors etc.  Also, I help clients to deal with addictions and to discover personal and relationship issues and how to process them within themselves and their lives.


Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine which is energy healing. Practitioners channel the “universal energy – Chi (Life Force)” through themselves and out their hands to encourage emotional, mental, spiritual and/or physical healing.  Research shows healing in this manner can reduce anxiety to increase the sense of well-being.  Reiki can also help to alleviate ailments like the cold, flu, headaches and stomach issues. It is also quite effective in serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer bringing about a turn in one’s health for the better.  In my 25 years of healing clients and students with Reiki, I have witnessed amazing results such as a client of mine overcoming a 15 year affliction of serious vertigo after one treatment.  She was ready to heal and let the affliction go.  The energy enabled her to do so.


As a Reiki Master Healer and teacher, I hold energy healing sessions in person and on-line and/or direct Universal Chi long distances to effect healing as stated above.  Also, as a teacher, I can perform Reiki attunements and train students as healers in person or online. 

Alternative Health Modalities

Shamanic Arts

Shamans understand that the material world is an expression of a subtler energetic realm, and we are able to interact with both realms at all times.  They can achieve various powers through trance or ecstatic states of consciousness utilizing drumming, chanting and other methods specific to shamanism to attain these states. They typically have the ability to heal the sick, to communicate with the other-world, and to escort the souls of the dead to cross-over, psychopomp. Shamans are connected to Spirit and do Great Works as dictated to by Spirit to help others.  One must be called to this path by Spirit through visions, dreams, higher abilities awakening within and/or guidance from others that Spirit speaks through.  Then one must be discovered by another shaman and accepted as a student to be taught the ways of the path.  


As a natural born shaman myself, I am able to channel Spirit to provide spiritual healing, spiritual teaching and guidance, along with higher knowledge and wisdom, to clients and students by utilizing the following:  

Soul Journeying

– I take individuals to higher dimensions so that they may experience Spirit in their way

– I receives messages from Spirit for them

– I discover their power and totem animals

– I discover their past lives

– I perform soul retrievals

– I work with higher entities on the astral plane

Regression Therapy

– clients experience past lives

– clients discover karmic lessons that have been continuing through many life times

– clients discover connections to other souls in other lives


Spiritual teacher and guidance

– I perform tarot card readings to see past, present and future of client

– remote viewing – seeing what is going on elsewhere in the now

– I gain wisdom and information from Spirit

– I teach students about Spirit; other dimensions, chakras, the astral body etc.

– I teach students to develop spiritual abilities  and how to utilize them

– I teach a variety of meditation techniques to  clear mental, emotional and physical repressed energies and transcend

– I teach mindfulness skills – self-awareness

– I teach students Shamanic and healing arts

– I teach students how to control the astral body


– I receive messages from the departed

– I call the departed to come forth to talk with them

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All of these modalities can bring about profound shifts of energy, healing and awareness within a person making available what they need to create better lives.  Over the last 25 years I have been working with clients and students to help them heal, change and grow to realize their relative truth and for some, The Ultimate Truth of Spirit.  This is my vocation, a destiny handed to me by Spirit which I have given myself over to entirely.  I feel blessed and fortunate to have this path, as I am fulfilled by the and appreciative of the gifts bestowed upon me to aid others. 


Many clients and students I have seen over these years, have gone on to realize their higher purpose and have fulfilled their destinies.  


Written by Orecia (Iris) T

She is a co-author of two books Practical Manifesting: Overcome Fear, Realize Truth, and Create the Life You Were Meant to Live and Pessimist’s Guide To Manifesting.  She has students and clients around the world with whom she works in-person and through Zoom, Skype, FaceBook, and over the telephone.   You can contact Iris through email at [email protected] or on Facebook at Orecia Terner.

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Meet Orecia.

<span style="font-weight: 400">Orecia is a natural born shaman (who was discovered and trained by an indigenous shaman), therapist, Reiki practitioner/teacher, and spiritual teacher.  She is a co-author of two self-help/spiritual books.  She works with students and clients around the world online and in-person.</span>

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