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What Is Culture?


Culture is imminent; Culture persisted even when we were not alive and would remain till the time we are breathing and after. Culture is in the roots of each one of us and we follow it so solemnly that we don’t let any influence alter the effect of culture on us. In simple words, we may define culture as the ideas, beliefs, and customs a society follows and preaches about.

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We breathe culture, we hear culture, we speak to culture and we live culture, the word and the literal meaning of it lies in our lives.

Each society or group and Country follows different cultures, different perceptions, and have different meanings. Sometimes some cultures intersect with either society or other countries, though each country has its respective ways to follow, admire and reproduce it.


Culture in other words is a broad phrase that incorporates human society’s social behavior and conventions, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of the individuals that make up these communities. 


“Religion, food, what we wear, how we dress it, our language, marriage, music, what we believe is right or wrong, how we sit at the table, how we greet visitors, how we behave with loved ones, and a million other things are all part of the culture,”


Some refer to it as the customary brief, some call it the change with the generation and some are accepting it the way it is. 


But the question is 


Should It Be Changed Or Accepted The Way It Is?

Well to most of us culture represents the ethnicity of a particular area, society, etc. The way we never get bored of the trips and all those places we explored with our family and friends we’d never discard its memories no matter how much space do they cover or even might fill an entire room, similarly, culture is something which revokes the essence of a place, a society, an area, which has the memories of past attached to them, and no matter how much we modernize ourselves we’d never ever want to get rid of them at least to the point where we can preserve them for the next generation and next to next generation to see and feel the same kind of love and attachment that we did and have to and with our own culture.

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How Does Culture Affect Us?

We breathe culture, we hear culture, we speak to culture and we live culture, the word and the literal meaning of it lies in our lives. The way our generation has evolved from bullokarts to airplanes, culture has evolved though in a broad perspective has uprooted itself.


Culture affects our psychology, the human brain and leads us to develop decision-making tactics that are ethical and moral in nature.

Where Can We Find Culture?

As described earlier what we wear, what we speak, and whatever activity that goes around us come under the category of culture, for instance, the famous Madhubani paintings which is a handcrafted art piece  comes under the culture of that particular area, Pashmina shawl, the Darjeeling tea, Ratlami sev, etc


Extract yourself out from culture and what you will find is the watermelon with the seeds and without the melon. That’s how we as a society become after separating ourselves from the culture of that area and that place. Culture is a source for living a happy life though not the medium.


It’s the nature of the forces that act in favor, they try to give back as much as they can in terms of what we serve them with. Similarly with culture the more we accredit them with love, justice, and fulfillment the more they outshine bright in the world and impart its emphasis on the people worldwide.


So, by now i am sure you are aware of what culture is and what is its essence so now let’s try to dive deep into how can we implement learnings from the respective cultures into our lives and within our families


Its a basic step that we all need to understand and do with ourselves as we do in the kindergarten, as we are taught we see, we feel and we learn similarly in practising the respective cultures we need to see(analyze the culture and its importance in our life), feel(to examine or perceive by using it in your life and surroundings) and to learn(make the teachings of culture available for all so that they may not feel secluded or different when they set foot on a place totally different than that of theirs)

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Embracing The Culture

Were all different beings, our bodies are different our expressions are different we think differently but the things that align us on a scale is what culture represents, the warmth, the love, the care, embracing whatever background we belong to and still not letting the transformations you adopted affect your culture is how you truly embrace the culture you belong from. We all should be proud and be united about it.

The source of culture often comes from the roots, which shows the strong strength and dedication of purity in their art in their living and in their everyday lifestyle, though this might never concern you that transformation can bring changes in your culture, as spring lets the new leaflets come out from the tree while the roots and the stem remain the same, they do not regrow or outgrow their structure but welcome new buds and leaves on themselves similarly, culture might adopt new norms and broaden its horizon but never changes what lies in its cultural heritage.

Culture is there to make you feel like home even in the state of wonderland where everything is new and unknown.

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