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What Is Energy and Shamanism?


Contemplate this quote by Albert Einstein…


“Everything is energy…” Energy is the force of existence itself which can generate many things on many levels.  


“Match your frequency of the reality that you want…” You can manifest what you desire as long as you can realize the level of energy your desire rests in.  


“You can not help but get that reality…” You can achieve your desire.  Basically you can manifest anything without much effort. 

This is proven through physics as realized by Mr. Einstein and other scientists and individuals such as mystics, shamans, philosophers. This is spiritual truth also, that everything is energy vibrating on many levels projecting possibilities that could exist, is existing and will exist.  Releasing lower vibrating energies allows you to raise your energy and consciousness to manifest the greatest things possible beyond your heart’s desire.

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Individuals are taken to higher dimensions so that they may experience Spirit in their way.

Shamans understand what energy is and how to work with energy on all levels, including the subtle levels of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  Utilizing a healing modality (such as Reiki, Mushroom Revival, herbal medicines, channeling Spirit etc.), a shaman can transmute or shift energy to higher vibrations and cleanse stuck or blocked energy to allow stronger life force to flow to support the life functions of an individual.


Above all, a shaman serves Spirit. Spirit is universal… is eternal and unchanging.  Many cultures believe that it is present throughout the entire universe as the Life Force within all that exists.  But Spirit is not matter.  It is The Source from which all energy and consciousness arises.  


Shamans deal with the soul, which we are as a true essence, a higher level of energy and consciousness, which is part of Spirit.  A shaman performs soul retrievals, soul extractions, and spirit de-possessions to bring balance and wholeness and/or free the soul of all the low vibrating energies that may create illness, dis-ease, imbalance and disconnection.


Shamans are called to the path and must be discovered to be a natural born shaman, such as myself, by another shaman – their teacher, to be trained and heal themselves.  The connection to Spirit is strengthened through this training so that the shaman may channel Spirit to accomplish “Great Works”. Spirit allies – spirit guides and power animals, ultimately are met and befriended to assist the shaman in this “Work”.


As a natural born shaman myself, I am able to channel Spirit.  I must raise my energy vibration to meet the highest vibration that I am able to reach while dumping lower consciousness to the point I am barely aware of the physical world.  I am then able to provide the spiritual healing, spiritual guidance, along with higher knowledge and wisdom that my clients and students may require. 

Energy and Shamanism

Soul journeying is one method used to aid the individual soul.  Using rhythmic drumming to induce a trance-like state is a primary practice which allows a shaman to retrieve information, wisdom, remedies and perform spiritual healing the soul and body requires. Shamans enter non-ordinary reality, stepping outside of the here and now into the spirit world in supra-normal levels of energy and consciousness. The more the shaman’s ego is moved out of the way the more powerful the journey as extremely high vibrating energy is channeled which facilitates the spiritual experience for the client.   


Individuals are taken to higher dimensions so that they may experience Spirit in their way.  Messages are received by them or myself and we discover their power and totem animals; some of their past lives; their purpose and lessons in life and, at times, the ultimate connection to Spirit is realized by the client.  I may also perform soul retrievals and work with higher entities on the astral plane as necessary.  Also, I receive messages from those who have departed from this life, as can some clients.  


As a Cognitive Behavioral therapist, I utilize regression therapy (a deep relaxation technique) to help clients experience past lives to discover karmic lessons that have been continuing through many life times and their connections to other souls in this life and other lives.


Most shamans are spiritual guides and offer guidance to clients through energy readings to acknowledge the past, present and future of a client and also through remote viewing – seeing what is going on elsewhere in the now. I often use tarot cards or a trance state to gain wisdom and information from Spirit along with remote viewing.  


I am also a spiritual teacher.  Not all shamans have students.  I teach students about: Spirit/God Consciousness/I Am; other dimensions; chakras; the astral body; how to obtain higher wisdom; and to connect with Spirit etc. Also, I help them to develop spiritual abilities and how to work with them.  It goes without saying, I teach students Shamanic and healing arts and attune them to be Reiki healers.


In general, I teach a variety of meditation techniques to clear mental, emotional and physical repressed energies and transcend the mundane world and mindfulness skills – self-awareness meditations to all my clients and students.    


The benefits of shamanic Work and energy healing are obvious.  A shaman understands that his connection to Spirit allows him to  acquire the energy vibration necessary to manifest what is intended personally and for others.

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Personally, the benefits of raising your vibration is multi-fold, such as: 


– You feel better within yourself and have a more joyful outlook on life. Other people notice your joy and like being around you.


– You are naturally drawn to experiences that bring you positivity and happiness.


– You stop attracting things that hinder your growth.


– You feel more energized, vital and alive.  


– You are healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. Could look more youthful if older.


– You may find clarity, peace, and higher love.


hand of meditator with beaded bracelet


Basically, to “raise your vibration,” you must be aware of your thoughts and emotions to recognize when you are in a low vibration to do the work necessary to shift yourself into a high-vibrating emotional and mental state (such as joy, gratitude, or peacefulness).  This can be done through meditation, alternative healing modalities, working with a shaman or taking a walk outdoors.  There are many ways do this, but along the way a spiritual teacher is needed as the path to Spirit is uncharted and one could become horribly lost.  


All who do their healing and spiritual work will not only realize personal healing and power, but a possible connection to Spirit that one can develop.  They may perhaps realize powers to manifest higher intentions to make a difference for All; to utilize higher abilities such as:  mediumship; healing attributes and more to assist others and guide them to a better self and better life, in turn making a difference in the world.  True wisdom and joy, along with acceptance, can be known which may unfold a “heaven on Earth” which is within all souls.  



Written by Orecia (Iris) Terner

She is a co-author of two books Practical Manifesting: Overcome Fear, Realize Truth, and Create the Life You Were Meant to Live and Pessimist’s Guide To Manifesting.  She has students and clients around the world with whom she works in-person and through Zoom, Skype, FaceBook, and over the telephone.   You can contact Iris through email at [email protected] or on Facebook at Orecia Terner.

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Meet Orecia.

<span style="font-weight: 400">Orecia is a natural born shaman (who was discovered and trained by an indigenous shaman), therapist, Reiki practitioner/teacher, and spiritual teacher.  She is a co-author of two self-help/spiritual books.  She works with students and clients around the world online and in-person.</span>

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