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What Is Face Yoga?


Are you looking for natural alternatives to achieve younger looking skin? You are about to discover the best kept secret which doesn’t require you going under the knife.


Face Yoga is a natural way of feeling and looking younger through a combination of methods which move, stretch and relax muscles.


The term “Yoga” is where most people get confused. Yoga is just a catchy way to say facial exercises.


Holistic skincare treats the skin as a whole, working with the mind and body which means this approach is far more than just choosing the right cleanser. There is NO product out there that can deliver the same results as face yoga!

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“Confidence is the BEST thing you can WEAR”

You know you can change your body appearance through regular exercise. Your facial muscles are NO different, they WILL respond to exercise.


Depending on your concerns and skin goals you can use face yoga to target any area of your face. Check out my personal results which I achieved in 5 weeks! I performed face yoga for 10min daily on my forehead as this was my first area of concern.


Now I am NOT aiming for PERFECTION, just to feel confident in my own skin at the age and stage of life I’m in.


My goal for you is to feel the same. Enjoy aging gracefully and embrace your natural skin.


“Confidence is the BEST thing you can WEAR”


As Skin Therapist and BUSY mum of 2 young children, what attracted me to face yoga was the fact that I didn’t need to go anywhere, invest in any tools and the techniques could be done sitting, standing or lying down watching TV.


Face Yoga techniques are all stand alone so can easily be incorporated even into the busiest of lifestyles. Within my workshops I share how I incorporate face yoga into my lifestyle.



You may be reading this thinking … Uh it’s too late for me. A common response to starting face yoga (or any form of exercises for some)


Let me give you some motivation. It is NEVER too late to strengthen a muscle and improve your personal wellbeing. I have clients from 18 – 60+ enjoying the benefits of face yoga. There’s no harm in experiencing the power of facial yoga!

How does Face Yoga Work?

Today , let’s explore TWO out of FIVE main components of a face yoga routine.


Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercises are focused and controlled movements to strengthen the small muscle groups found on the face. We perform resistance training through hand weight and create movements similar to a plank. Firing and activating the muscle fibers to strengthen and improve structure.

Performing these exercises will help keep your face looking toned, lifting areas that are sagging, and improve complexion trimming years from your face.


Simple science. Your skin is directly attached to the muscles on your face. Unlike the rest of the body where your muscles are attached to a bone or tendon. Therefore any slight contraction of the muscle will lift the skin.

Facial Massage

This simple method is hugely overlooked as an effective skincare approach to improve skin complexion. YOU CAN completely turn your skin complexion around in just 7-10days (on average) with face yoga massage moves.

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Massage is so powerful when performed correctly. Even just a few minutes twice a day can deliver results!! Majority of my clients comment on seeing skin improvements from facial massage within weeks!

The TWO main contributors to premature aging are FAT & FLUID! Facial massage targets these directly.

Surprised?! Let me tell you it’s NOT aging skin that needs targeting first! You need to tackle what’s changing underneath your skin before focusing on products.

Do you have any of these concerns?

Puffy eyes
Sallow cheeks
Sagging jawline
Double chin

It’s NOT aging skin that’s the main culprit of these concerns! So no matter what products you invest in , your not necessarily going to see the changes you want. You have tackle these concerns from the INSIDE out.


Again, simple science.

Massage boosts circulation removing toxins and bringing nutrients to the skin cells (Glow)

Massage reduces lymphatic congestion and removes excess fluid (Reduce puffiness)

Massage reduces muscular tension which contributes to those fine lines. (Reduce wrinkles)

Massage breaks up fascia. When fascia is too tight this can interfere with optimal circulation and muscle structure. (Reduce deep wrinkles )

Facial massage is the technique responsible for the glow, also pushing fat mass back into place and reducing puffiness. With facial massage you can manipulate and restructure muscle fibers to help contour and create symmetry.

However facial massage can deliver FAR MORE! We will cover this in the workshop.
Like I mentioned before, my Face Yoga education is a whole wellness package. Your skin is a mirror of what’s going on , on the inside. If you start listening, you can achieve your skin goals.

All my training comes with Skin Nutritional recommendations.

Happy Mind – Happy Gut = Happy Skin


Face yoga supports you to create a moment of self-care. For YOU and your muscles to recognize the feeling of relaxation and create muscle memory to reduce the chances of creating wrinkles throughout the day. (natural Botox effect)



We hold so much tension in our face and neck without realizing which massively contributes to pre mature aging and other wellbeing concerns (aches/pains/headaches/upper back tension)

Even just 2 minutes twice a day will make a difference. Within my workshops I guide you on how to achieve this.

Awareness and Action is key!

Why do face yoga? Is it just a fad or a legit way to improve skin appearance?

Firstly let’s look at WHY our faces change shape as we age. Understanding WHY can help you put effective solutions in place.

In your thirties , you start to see early signs of volume loss, mostly in the mid-face due to less collagen production which continues into your forties. At that time, you lose a deep fat mass around the mouth, and in the cheek area.


Then skin loses elasticity which causes sagging!


Bones don’t stay the same as we age. They migrate and lose mass. We massively lose bone mass around the eye area and jawline which is why we tend to see fluid retention in these areas first. Fluid easily gets trapped in these areas and can ONLY be removed through manual manipulation. This loss of bone mass can contribute to sagging, puffiness and loss of definition.

Luckily we can help restore fullness , encourage cellular turnover while plumping and tightening through simple facial exercises, massage & super food skin shots for internal support.


In terms of the science (and to answer the question you may be thinking: does Face Yoga actually work?!)

Face Yoga has been proven to make you look 3 years younger in 20 weeks in a study by dermatologists at Northwestern University.

Also, a study which was conducted by doctors using the Danielle Collins Method (who I trained with) on the BBC1 show I appeared on “Twinstitute” showed that Face Yoga can make the skin look 1 year younger in 1 month.

Ready to begin your Holistic Face Lift Journey?

Still sat on the fence? Book yourself onto the Introduction to Facial Yoga Workshop.
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