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What is the Law of Attraction? And How to Get Anything You Want.

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With the Law of Attraction, what you focus on you tend to attract to yourself. It’s believed that you are always attracting everything in your life no matter what. By understanding the law of attraction, you can begin attracting only things and circumstances you want.

What Are the Rules of Attraction?

You will attract what you give focus to, whether consciously or subconsciously. Self-awareness allows you to direct your energy where you want it to be. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you will have instead. Below are some rules that will help you manifest using the Law of Attraction.

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The Law of Attraction can be an excellent tool for drawing what you most desire to you.

Don’t Harp on How or When it Will Happen

Have a deep knowing that what you desire is on its way to you. When you dwell on variables such as “how” and “when,” it can distort your belief that it is coming. Know that when the time is right, the way will show itself to you.

Act As if it Has Already Happened

Close your eyes and imagine that you’ve already achieved or gotten everything you desire. How would you act, dress, and talk? Get clear on who exactly you would be if everything came to fruition. Remember that your thoughts will guide the Universe.

Let Go of Desperation

Think about the Law of Attraction like a potential romantic partner. Neediness and desperation are unattractive, and that energy pushes you further away. However, it’s much more attractive when someone wants you but doesn’t desperately need you. If you feel as if you need something, your thoughts come from a place of lack. Focusing on lack can have the opposite effect.

Take Action

When people think of the Law of Attraction, they sometimes forget that they also need to take action. You can’t simply sit in your bedroom and think of what you want; you must exert some effort. Listen to nudges from the Universe that guide you. Maybe you have an idea to go into a new coffee shop out of nowhere. Once you get there, you meet the love of your life that you have worked to manifest. By taking the nudge, your action resulted in getting what you desired. 

Law of Attraction

What Are the 7 Laws of Attraction?

Here are the 7 Laws of Attraction that will give you a better idea of how it all works.

#1 The Law of Manifestation

Learning how to manifest is one of the critical components of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Manifestation states that our thoughts and feelings create our reality. 

#2 The Law of Magnetism

The Law of Magnetism states that everything you receive in your life results from the energy you put out. Simply put, you attract what you are.  

#3 The Law of Unwavering Desire

The Law of Unwavering Desire states that you must have a strong desire for it to manifest into your life. Sometimes we only wish for things because we think we should want them. 

#4 The Law of Delicate Balance

The Law of Delicate Balance states that when everything in your life is balanced, you will achieve true peace. To have balance, you must have gratitude for what you already have to get the things you desire.

Law of Attraction

#5 The Law of Harmony

The Law of Harmony states that when you live harmoniously, the Universe will work with you. Surprises and unexpected events are a part of life. Rather than pushing against these circumstances, flow with them.

#6 The Law of Right Action

The Law of Right Action states that what you speak and do determines your life quality. You may have heard “treat others as you wish to be treated.” With the Law of Right Action, the more you give what you ask to receive, the more easily it can come into your life.

#7 The Law of Universal Influence

The Law of Universal Influence states that you and everyone else is one with the Universe. We are all connected, and all impact the world with the actions we take, even more so than we even realize. Your vibration weaves in with the fabric of the Universe. 

How to Use the Law of Attraction

As you come to realize that you are capable of anything you desire, you can begin using the Law of Attraction. Think about all the things you wish were different, and work to improve your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 


Here are some of the most common areas where people use the Law of Attraction, and how you, too, can leverage this powerful tool.

How to Manifest Love And Relationships

Love is one of the most unique gifts we can receive in life. New relationships blossom every day so that they can happen for you as well. To use the Law of Attraction to manifest love or a relationship, you must change your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Think about what you desire in a romantic partner and know that they are out there looking for you too. Try not to get too hung up on specifics, timing, or where you will meet them. Be the person who your dream man or woman would fall madly in love with. 

How to Manifest Money and Wealth

One of the most common goals people have is financial abundance. Money is a resource that, like water, flows in and out of our lives. Wealth can allow you to purchase more of what makes you who you are. You can also use your wealth to help the world around you. Start by changing your views around wealthy people if you have any negative feelings. You will struggle to manifest wealth if you associate the rich with negativity. 

How to Manifest Health

Health and mental wellness are typical desires for most people. We want to feel energized, happy, and healthy. Focus on loving your body and desire to provide it with fitness and nutrition.


Eliminate any stressful areas in your life when possible. Train your brain to see the positive in everything. Saying no to what you don’t want allows you to say yes to more of what you do want. 


You may also want to manifest weight loss. Typically, one of the biggest weight loss struggles is the diet mentality. Diet mentality creates thoughts of lack, making it even harder to lose weight. Rather than focusing on the foods you “can’t have” (you can still have them), focus on how many amazing, delicious foods you will get to enjoy. 


Instead of viewing workouts as something that takes your time and energy, remember that it will give you more energy in the long run. More energy usually equates to more time. Working out isn’t something you have to do; you get to do it. Choose workout routines you genuinely enjoy. For example, playing with your dog, playing sports, or swimming are all fun examples of working out. 

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Final Thoughts

The Law of Attraction can be an excellent tool for drawing what you most desire to you. Just remember a few key points:

  • Focus on the positive, not on lack
  • Cultivate gratitude
  • Trust the Universe
  • What you generate, you attract. Train your brain towards positive thoughts, not negative ones.
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