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What my Personal Meditation Practice Taught Me


What we learn by meditating

I learned to meditate when I was in my late twenties. Prior to it I started practicing Yoga and relaxations when I was around fifteen years old. First, I was told meditation is a kind of relaxation. 


However, when I learned to practice meditation with the guidance of my meditation teacher thirty years ago and started to meditate daily, I realized that meditation is the process of training our untrained mind to better manage its thoughts, emotions, and feelings, stay present and focus with any anything we do.


Meditation is inner reflection, when we practice, we go within and observe what is present in our inner world moment by moment. We learn about our own conditions and notice them without judgments, with kindness and curiosity.


We learn that all feelings and emotions are ok to have. It is ok to be angry, sad, frustrated, or having any strong emotions. After all we all are human and are conditioned to our life situations. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad, sometimes excited, and sometimes disappointed.


When we practice meditation, we observe our emotions and feeling in the moment. We understand and name our emotions, allow them to be as they are, feel them in our bodies and let them pass through our mind and our body…., coming back to this moment more present and focused.

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Being mindful

When we are mindful of our emotions, we appreciate our positive emotions like happiness and excitement and learn how to manage and take care of our strong emotions like anger and frustration.


Mindfulness practices also teach us how to be kind and caring towards ourselves and others. When we practice compassion and self-compassion regularly, we increase our capacity to be kind to ourselves and accept ourselves just as we are. We understand that as a human being we make mistakes, we fail sometimes, but we learn from it and grow.

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Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad, sometimes excited, and sometimes disappointed.

Being compassionate

Compassion practice teaches us to have compassionate love for others and accept them the way they are. We become more forgiving towards other human beings as we realized that they are just like us conditioned to their life situations and circumstances.


Mindfulness is about understanding ourselves and accept ourselves just as we are at this moment. When we practice self-compassion, we let go of harsh judgements, accept, and love ourselves just as we are.

person meditating on beach Amphy

My responsibility

After years of meditation practice and observing all the benefits these mind training techniques have brought to me, specially coming from financial background, being a controller and revenue manager for over 20 years, working for media and startup companies, taught me what is it like to be under pressure and meet tight deadlines in a daily basis. 


My regular Meditation practices helped me to stay present and focus on those moments that I had to manage my accounting team and close the book monthly with tight deadlines.


Then when started my journey to help other people and train their minds with mindfulness meditation practices, I realized that I have the responsibility to pass it on to everyone I meet and help them to reach to their highest potential in their life.

Next thing I noticed I was in a six-month teacher training course with willpower Institute and became Certified meditation instructor, and I have got my Yearlong certificate from Mindful Schools a couple years after, became certified to teach kids and teens as well as adults, and started to teach secular meditation practices to adults, teens, and kids since then.

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My biggest pleasure in my life is being a meditation instructor and witnessing that my students transform along their mindful awareness journey, becoming self-aware and living at peace!


This has been an amazing journey so far, I am honored and delighted to be chosen to teach these profound teaching to everyone I meet.


Every day I practice, I go within and observe what is present for me. I notice them with openness and kindness. Some days I need to practice compassion and send love and kindness to myself and others, some days I need to focus on my breathing and my body. 


Some days I need to practice gratitude, soaking the goods, and bring to my mind the things that make me happy and thankful. Some days I just need to sit still noticing all thoughts and emotions, that are like clouds, passing from the sky of my mind, acknowledge them, and let them go, come back to this moment, more present, at ease!


Love and blessing.

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