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Which Shoes Are Best For Fitness Training?


When it comes to improving your overall mental and physical health, fitness training is the way to go. Daily physical activity is said to have remarkable effects on how we feel, act, react, and live. 


So, how do you get started on a new fitness journey or reimagine the one you’ve already started? By choosing the correct equipment of course!



Shoes may seem like standard equipment at first thought, but your choices need to be backed by more than just appearance when it comes to fitness. 


The type of shoe you go with can easily make or break your workout, and your type of exercise will also affect which shoe is best for you. But how do you know which shoes are suitable for your personal fitness journey? Let’s find out.

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Why Your Shoe Choice Matters

When it comes to your fitness journey, shoes count a lot. Whether your goal is to have fun, tone, lose weight, or double your strength, your shoe choice can potentially derail these results from happening. Like all clothing, shoes are a form of protection. 


Your skin, bones, and muscles rely on this protective layer to keep them safe. Choosing the best workout shoes is choosing the best protection, simply put.


The best workout shoe will help protect your body from any workout-related injury. Your knees, ankles, and feet take the brunt of the impact of the exercise. 


The correct shoe will help lessen this impact and keep your workout going. Now that you know why your shoe choice matters, let’s get into which shoes will be the right choice for you.

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Your knees, ankles, and feet take the brunt of the impact of the exercise.

Best Workout Shoes for Weightlifting

When lifting weights, the correct shoe will help with your form. Your form is a critical step to reaping the benefits of lifting without sustaining an injury. The best training shoe will equally promote stability and movement, allowing you to lift to your greatest potential. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops

If you take note of other people in the gym, you might notice many weightlifters opting for the high-top converse as their shoe of choice. Style aside, these shoes meet all of the standards of weightlifting shoes. They have a wide toe area to give your feet breathing room and stability and provide excellent ankle support. Many weight trainers also note the flat bottom of the shoe. It’s commonly said that this feature allows you to target your leg and glute muscles better. 


Price: $60.00 

Reebok Legacy Lifter

For every lifter who loves a flat foot squat, there is another who prefers the heel-to-toe drop squat. The Reebok Legacy Lifter has an excellent support system for the lifter who loves the latter. With a nearly one-inch heel-to-toe drop, this shoe supports your hip form while squatting heavy. The shoe also offers excellent ankle mobility to promote great form. 


Price: $200

Nike Romaleos 4 Training Shoe

The Nike Romaleos 4 training shoe is an excellent choice for the hardcore lifter. The shoe provides notable heel-to-toe drop to help with form and two straps that act as foot holders to provide ultimate stability while powerlifting. This shoe features a rubber tread that essentially sticks you in place when training for even more stability. If you like to lift for sport, this is your shoe.


Price: $200 

Reebok Nano X Flexweave

This shoe is excellent for a weightlifter who likes to mix up their workouts with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The Reebok Nano X Flexweave provides ample support for an adjustable workout. Its flexible technology will protect you as you move from weight training to athletic training. The shoe promotes breathability while training, excellent stability, and ankle protection as well. 


Price: $130 

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Best Training Shoes for Cardio

When it comes to cardio, many areas of the body require support to maintain an injury-free workout. Unlike weight lifting, the best workout shoes for cardio will not be the ones with a flat sole. Activities like running, walking, HIIT, and hiking can put a lot of tension on the body. This type of movement calls for more padded support in the shoe area. 

Nike Free Metcon 4

The Nike Free Metcon 4 is an excellent choice for the hardcore cardio lover. Stacked with enough cushion for running and lateral support for jumping moves, this is the best training shoe for anyone who enjoys a sweaty HIIT workout. The shoe’s design is meant to take on some serious impact to support the ankles and knees during intense cardio sessions. 

Price: $120

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

If running is your game, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is the shoe for you. Built for the committed runner, this shoe is the perfect companion for mid and long-distance runs. The mesh fabric on top allows for excellent breathability as you embark on your run. 

Price: $120

Adidas Ultraboost 21

The Adidas Ultraboost brings style and comfort to your walks, jogs, and runs. The groundbreaking lightweight technology is where support meets comfort. Whether you are in a gym or hitting the pavement, the Ultraboost is a great workout companion. For lovers of the Earth, the Ultraboost is made with high-performance recycled material.

Price: $180

Nike Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoe

The Nike Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoe is great for the outdoor enthusiast. The shoe has a solid grip in the soles with responsive support that makes any trail a breeze to embark upon. To help keep the outside elements out, the shoe’s outer layer is tightly sealed off.  

Price: $130

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When to Replace your Shoes

Knowing when to replace your workout shoes is equally as crucial as it is to choose the best shoe in the first place. A worn-out shoe loses its ability to support and protect you. No matter how great the shoe once was, if they are getting to the point of no return, it’s time to trade up. 


The length of replacement time will be different for everyone. Several factors go into when a shoe is officially worn out. The environment, how often you use them, and how intense your workouts are all factors to consider.

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