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Why Teachers Who Went Online Want to Stay There for Good

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Covid-19 was an incredibly difficult time for many people. This forced many teachers and instructors to go online, and to their surprise they found out how amazing it can be. In this article you will see some of the reasons teachers and instructors who went online want to stay there for good…

Global Reach

Teaching online broke down the borders of who you could teach – in-person teachers are confined to teaching students within a radius of their home. With online classes, you can teach people hundreds or even thousands of miles away – your reach is to anyone with a smart device and internet connection.

Most teachers are inspired by helping their students grow and expand. Teaching online lets you touch the lives of people you could have never dreamed of, from all around the globe. As an online teacher, you can teach group classes larger than you could ever fit in your local studio.

Who didn’t dream of being famous for sharing knowledge and training in something they love? Now you can build yourself a global name.

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Who didn’t dream of being famous for sharing knowledge and training in something they love? Now you can build yourself a global name.

Make More Money

Group Classes


Teaching online also unlocks much higher earning potential. Since online classes can be large and have no cost to add extra students, you can start teaching classes 10, 20 or 50 times larger than before and therefore start earning much more. 


For example, if you were teaching 1-on-1 classes for $80 per hour, you could now teach 20 people simultaneously online for $10 per person = $200 for the same hour of your time and expertise.


You now give (and therefore receive) more value for every hour that you teach.


Use your commute time


Since online classes are done from home, you cut out your commute time. You can now take that hour or two previously spent travelling and start teaching during that time instead. Without adding any time to your day you can increase your monthly salary by 10-20%+.


Save your costs and the planet


By staying at home you save on two major costs: travel and rental. Teaching from home means you no longer need to pay monthly rent/fees at your local gym, classroom or studio. In addition, you’ll save on commute costs (no longer needing to travel from home to work), increasing your bank balancing and reducing your personal carbon footprint.


Today most people spend all day at work so they can afford a nice home that they leave empty most of the time. Working from home allows you to use your home you work so hard to afford.


Earn Flexibly


Being tied to a physical place or hours of work can means needing to take off time when you have something else on. There are millions of reasons why you might be able to work a few hours from home but not a full day from your studio, kitchen or gym. Maybe you have a wedding out of town, your child is home from school, you have to stay home to let in the maintenance guys to fix your shower or AC unit…  etc. 


You may even be happy to teach a couple hours on your weekend, when your place of work might be closed or it wouldn’t be worthwhile to travel in. Perhaps you want to take your work with you while traveling, and even join the digital nomad community.

Be Your Own Boss

This one is pretty self explanatory. Everyone likes to have autonomy over their own time, teaching style and prices. By teaching online you’re in command.

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Connect to your students

Online classes = convenience and flexibility. This often means that you students who used to come once a week can more easily learn twice or three times a week. It means when a student moves out to the suburbs or to another city they can remain your client. It means they can continue with you even while on business trips and vacations.


The intimacy of calling in from your home and the student from theirs can create a deeper connection between the two of you, as it shows a more personal side of each others lives.

Say goodbye to your commute

On average, commute times (to-and-from work) will take up 1-2 hours of your day. These are usually the least enjoyable hours of your week with studies showing commuting being one of the largest factors impacting fatigue and job dissatisfaction. Save those 20+ hours every month spent on trains, busses and cars and work from home.

Build a more secure business

2020 gave us a lot of reasons to stay home. Covid-19 is still spreading and may be with us for a long time; with some researchers predicting this is only the first pandemic of many to come. Teaching from home can give you the security and stability of knowing your teaching can continue uninterrupted , despite the chaos outside.

To conclude

Covid-19 challenged everyone to change and adapt the ways they lived and worked. Some of the amazing things we learned was the incredible potential of online teaching and instructing, and many teachers are swearing to never go back.

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