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10 Benefits of Hula Hooping


10 Benefits of Hula Hooping

There are so many exercises that one can utilize to get results. Some choose to go to the gym regularly for exercise. Others choose to work out at home, and with online classes, it’s easier than ever.


The truth is no matter what activity you do, as long as you are consistent with it, you will get results. But what about a fun exercise that can be done safely anywhere, at any time?


What about an activity that boosts your motivation to continue creating a healthy lifestyle?


Herein comes the hula hoop.


The hula hoop is the hidden gem of exercise. The fun-loving activity turned fat burner is your key to being consistent and enjoying exercise. Here are 10 health benefits of hula hooping.

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One great health benefit of hula hooping is that it burns calories.

1. Improves your Mobility

Aerobic exercise improves your mobility. It helps manage and combat chronic diseases such as obesity, type two diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease.


Performing weight-bearing aerobic exercise works to decrease symptoms associated with these ailments. The more you move, the more you can move. As the saying goes, “when you don’t use it, you lose it”, which applies to muscle and joint mobility. 


When you don’t move regularly your muscle mass will begin to deteriorate. When that happens, your muscle strength will slowly decrease, and you will notice the things that used to be effortless are becoming more difficult.


Great examples are struggling to walk up a flight of stairs or the time increasing on a 2-mile run. 


Hula hooping is a fantastic aerobic exercise because it’s low impact meaning that almost anyone can do it.  What’s even better is that it improves blood flow to all major organs while helping you combat chronic disease. 

2. Burns Calories

One great health benefit of hula hooping is that it burns calories.


How many calories does hula hooping burn?


You’d be surprised to know hula hooping burns just as many calories in 30 minutes as walking more than four mph and even dancing. 


A study performed by the Mayo Clinic in 2020 proves that women can burn more than 160 calories in 30 minutes. Men, on the other hand, can burn close to 200 calories in 30 minutes.

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3. Burns Fat

Hula hooping reduces fat around the waist and hips. It burns visceral fat. Visceral fat is normally the most challenging fat to target during exercise because it wraps around the organs inside the body. 


As you burn visceral fat, you will notice the waist and thighs beginning to shrink in size. This is good news for men and women looking to lower their body fat percentage and increase lean muscle mass.

4. Works Lower Body Muscles

Another excellent health benefit of hula hooping is that it engages your muscles in the lower body. The main muscles activated during a hula hooping session are the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. 


You can even increase this effect by using a weighted hula hoop to rev up the number of calories and visceral fat you burn. 

5. Enhances your Balance

Hula hooping regularly will enhance your balance. The movement required to keep the hula hoop moving smoothly will require you to maintain your balance and stability effectively. 


Engaging the lower body muscles in the legs and glutes helps you create a solid stance to perform the exercise. Then stance will keep you from leaning forward or sideways and losing your balance.

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6. Increases Muscle Mass in the Core

It comes as no surprise that hula hooping on a regular basis will increase the muscle mass in the core. The core is tightened throughout the exercise to keep the hula hoop moving around your body in a smooth circular motion.


It is also the only way to keep your balance during the exercise. Hula hooping engages all of the abdominal muscles, specifically the obliques. Combine that with decreasing visceral fat, and you may just end up with abs this winter. 

7. Decreases Risk for Chronic Disease

Hula hooping regularly will decrease your chances of developing a chronic disease. For example, one struggling with obesity has an increased chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. 


Performing this exercise regularly helps the body burn fat and build lean muscle mass, which lowers your risk of being obese. It also helps to reduce the symptoms I also help to the impact of stress. 

8. It’s Fun

There’s no way to talk about hula hooping and not mention that it’s fun. Hula hooping is something that almost everyone has done at least once as a child. Remember those hula hoops with the balls inside that made the twirling sound as you twisted?


When something is enjoyable, we want to do it over and over again. Our motivation to be consistent with it is increased. 

9. It’s Portable

You can take a hula hoop with you anywhere.  You can use it indoors, outdoors, at the gym, and in the house comfortably.  The smaller weighted hula hoops take up less space and can be carried in a backpack or tote bag.  No gym, no worries.


Thanks to the rise of remote classes, platforms like Amphy offer plenty of options from beginner hula hoop classes to more focused arm hula hooping classes. If you’re looking for a more personalized approach, you can even try private one-hour hula hoop classes.

10. It Can be a Team or Group Activity

Hula hooping can become a group activity for family, friends, and even workout buddies. You can even turn it into a friendly competition by seeing who can hula hoop the longest without stopping.


Since you can find a nice hula hoop for under $20, it’s easy to join in on the fun and burn fat while you do so. 

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Wrapping Up

There are many health benefits to hula hooping. It’s a fun exercise that can be done anywhere, at any time to help you stay active, burn calories, and even build muscle. With platforms like Amphy, learning the ropes to hula hooping can be done from the comfort of your own home.


If you’re looking for a more intense workout, a weighted hula hoop will do the trick. However, if you just want to get started to see if this will work for you and your lifestyle, there are many hula hoop types and color variations to meet your needs. Happy hula hooping!

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