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13 Reasons Why Having a Life Coach Can Solve Your Problems

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What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is an experienced and well-educated individual who helps others define personal problems and provides them with the tools to get what they want out of life. It’s easy to confuse a life coach with a mentor, who is there to help you develop specific skills, whereas a life coach help to give you more of an overall direction.  


There are many types of life coaches such as:

  • Addiction coaching
  • Health and wellness
  • Mental health coaching
  • Relationship and divorce counsel
  • Life skills mentoring
  • Family balancing
  • Career guidance

Life Coach vs Therapist

A therapist is a psychologically licensed individual who works one-on-one with people diagnosed with mental health disorders. A therapist will unravel the challenges you’re experiencing today based on triggers from past scenarios. 


In layman’s terms, you could say a therapist helps an individual understand why they are who they are and why they think the way they think. 


Working together as a team, the therapist will counsel to move past the barriers that hold one back through strategies like cognitive behavior therapy. 

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13 Reasons Why You Need a Certified Life Coach

A certified life coach solves present-day problems and helps you work towards a brighter future. Many people tend to procrastinate, return to old habits, or make excuses for why they can’t rather than how they can. 

A life coach helps by removing these barriers and changing your mindset so that you can be confident in the next chapter of your life. 

Help Develop Healthy Habits

A life coach will help you build and develop healthy habits by helping you figure out the triggers leading to the unhealthy habits that are already in place.


After defining what contributes to counterproductive habits, they replace the triggers with valuable skills, enabling your mind to connect to personal growth.

Decrease Fear Driven Anxiety

Most anxiety sufferers are driven by fear of the unknown or self-denial of failure. A life coach manages the feelings behind fear-driven anxiety and provides tools to help one push past the unrealistic feelings of perfection.

Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Self-loathing and doubt stem from previous feelings or experiences stemming from failure or trauma. A certified life coach helps define the triggers leading to self-doubt and corrects self-talk to become more confident.


Your mentor will help you look towards the future by changing the brain chemistry to look at different points of view. 

Find and Develop Your Purpose

Many people don’t understand or know what their purpose in life is. A life consultant enables you to find your strengths and talents, which opens the door for opportunities in doing more of what you love. 


Finding your purpose is about knowing what comes naturally to you and consciously choosing to master the art.

Find a Career You Love

Along with purpose and talent finding, a life coach has the resources to help you find the career made for you. They define your weaknesses and build upon your strengths to help you love the career you enroll in. 

Form and Maintain Better Relationships

Relationships struggle due to a lack of communicating one’s needs and setting healthy boundaries. Life coaches are equipped with conflict resolution knowledge to teach and guide you to adopt a problem-solving mindset. A mentor helps develop these skills by working towards maintaining essential relationships.

Build Communication Skills

Your life consultant will help you figure out how you’re communicating and build upon your speech skills in skiing for what you want and need. 


They will teach you about perspective, control, and emotional intelligence to help you develop and maintain strong friendships and relationships.

Give Your Life Meaning

Sometimes people get in a slump and feel as if their life has no meaning as they get stuck doing the same thing every day. 


A life consultant points out where boredom and weaknesses come from and help you determine what it is you desire to give your life back some meaning. 

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Decrease Bouts of Depression

Depression is mainly about how you think, feel and interpret your life. Life coaching is experienced in changing distorted cognitive thoughts helping look at things differently, and ultimately making you feel differently positively.

Help Build Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone has faults and strong points within their personalities. A life coach’s job is to help individuals recognize their strengths and weaknesses and turn them into self-acceptance.


As you work together, you find that strengths and weaknesses bring out the best side of you based on those strengths and weaknesses.

Help You Find Who You Are

Life is challenging and can get overwhelming sometimes. Amid the chaos, it’s discouraging to know who you are. A life consultant helps pick out core things about your personality that haven’t changed throughout your life.


Once defining personal core aspects, you work together to find a balance when chaos strikes so that you can manage your stress better.

Stay on Track with Your Goals

Just like habits, goals fall behind, and often you’re left wondering what the whole point is again. A life coach will help you stay on track based on the initial guidelines you went over at the beginning of your first appointment. 


When you slip or stray from your goals, your coach will redirect your attention to your goals to enable success.

Help You Feel Internally Happier

Initially, you come in with a problem, a goal, and self-conflict. As you work with a certified life coach, you’ll notice things unfold that you didn’t notice before.


Throughout the program, you’ll start to feel better about yourself and how you view the world. 


As things unfold for you and start working, the life coach will have essentially brought purpose, control, and direction to your life, ultimately making you feel generally happier. 

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Bottom Line

Many people worldwide struggle, have downfalls, and stray away from their goals. However, a life coach is there when you cannot fathom where your life is headed anymore. Even if you don’t work with one personally, there are some amazing life coaches you can follow on social media for an added boost of inspiration. 


Bouts of depression, anxiety, and life’s meaning come into your mind, which will leave you feeling hopeless. Before drowning in a dark hole, pick yourself up and consider a certified life coach as a solution to the problems you’re experiencing. If you are looking to learn more about life-coaching, or trying to find one who’s the best fit for you, check out Amphy for everything you need to support you in your journey. 

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