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19 of the Best Life Coaches To Live Your Best Life

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Most of us have bad habits and guilty pleasures. Whether it’s overeating or undereating, neglecting exercise, or mental health—none of us are perfect.


But it’s easier than ever to make positive personal changes.


The life coaching industry is growing fast. Here is a guide to the 19 best life coaches so you can get started today. Use this guide to find your life coach and start living your best life today.

1. Niamh Byron – Best for Physical Well-Being

Niamh Byron is a holistic health coach and yoga teacher whose classes have become popular on the live instruction platform Amphy.


Byron is an experienced health and wellness coach, yoga teacher, meditation guide, and nutrition expert. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Nidra, and Restorative yoga in addition to breathwork and meditation.

2. Camille Louise Goering – Best for Rewiring Your Brain

Camille Louise is a certified life and health coach, yoga teacher, and meditation instructor with an extensive record of healing hundreds from bad habits and compulsive behaviors.


Using her active recovery as a springboard, Camille developed a neuroscience-backed change model that works to change habits—quickly and painlessly.


At affordable prices, her courses are accessible to most—and she offers hundreds of free resources and practices with purchase.

3. Evette Rose – Best for Healing Trauma

Evette Rose is a renowned coach specializing in healing trauma and uniting the mind and body. 


She is the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy and the Rapid Growth Technique. This methodology focuses on resolving trauma to address persistent negative emotions and behaviors.


Evette argues that all maladaptive behaviors emerge from stress and trauma, so she seeks to resolve issues at their root.

4. Genevieve Anderson – Best for Holistic Financial Coaching 

Genevieve Anderson wants to revolutionize the way you think and behave around money.


Her company, Holistic Personal Finance, based in New Orleans, aims to boost your budget by assessing your relationship with money—in all areas of your life.


With her graduate-level education and over ten years of expertise in sales and management, she knows all the secrets to build wealth.


She offers one-on-one coaching and maintains a comprehensive blog to address all of your financial needs.

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It’s easier than ever to make positive personal changes

5. Billy Guan – Best for Long-Term Financial Coaching 

You can learn everything there is to know about managing money and accruing wealth with Billy Guan.


Billy is an experienced financial consultant and coach with a track record of seeing clients safely through market volatility.


In his course, you will learn to manage debt and assets, grow emergency funds, make and maintain investments, and build generational wealth. With Billy, money doesn’t have to be a stressor.

6. Dina Cramer – Best Manifestation Coach 

Dina Cramer is a psychologist and life coach on Amphy.


She specializes in teaching individuals to use the Law of Attraction to manifest their deepest desires in life.


Dina teaches extended meditation and visualization techniques. She offers accountability support and numerous resources along the way.

7. Arevik Hayrapetyan – Best Relationship Coach

As a TEDx speaker and relationship coach, Arevik Hayrapetyan knows how to make lasting changes in her clients’ lives.


With Arevik, you will work on identifying obstacles in your relationship patterns—and overcoming them.


Arevik’s private relationship coaching sessions will lead you through a safe and meticulous exploration of your relationship-related behaviors, so you can build the loving, lasting relationships you have always wanted.

8. Tony Robbins – Best for the Ambitious

Tony Robbins is one of the most successful coaches in the world. He boasts a strong record of impactful change with over 50 million happy clients and readers.


Robbins has a team of coaches trained in his patented methodology—all highly accredited.


In addition to business coaching, he offers life coaching services.

9. Tony Shelton – Best for Motivation

Tony Shelton is a former NFL player turned coach.


After numerous injuries, Shelton quit the sport and began coaching others through difficult experiences.


His coaching program, Rehab Time, focuses on developing motivation and guiding clients to success.

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10. Caroline Greno – Best for Emotional Health

Many people struggle to manage their emotions.


Carolina Greno is one of the best life coaches as she endeavors to train individuals to live with more intention.


She combines videos, slides, exercises, and creative activities to create engaging coaching sessions.

11. Sheila Daisy L – Best for Gratitude 

Expressing gratitude is crucial to happiness.


Sheila will teach you how to develop an attitude of gratitude and focus on the positive in your life.


She caters her courses to those struggling to maintain optimism and mental well-being.

12. Amber Pavey – Best for Mindfulness

Amber Pavey is a mindfulness instructor and educator who uses trauma-informed practices to help individuals develop mindful awareness across all areas of life.


She uses psychological tools and meditation to cultivate mindfulness and works with kids, teenagers, and adults.

13. Esther Perel – Best for Intimate Coaching

Esther Perel is a world-famous life and relationship coach.


She is the best-selling author of The State of Affairs and Mating in Captivity and has over 20 million views on select TED Talks.


Esther specializes in couples’ counselling and intimacy coaching—and even offers clinical training.

14. Dario Navarro – Best Mindset Coach

Dario Navarro’s Master Your Mindset series will guide you through a change from the inside out.


Dario helps clients to restructure their thoughts and beliefs—the foundation of lasting change. Using meditation and motivation techniques, Dario can help you adopt the mindset you need to get what you want.

15. Michelle Valenzula – Best for Women

Michelle Valenzula is among the top 1% of life coaches for women.


She is the founder of EmpowHer Purpose, a business and wellness community that promotes women’s health.

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16. Atousa Raissyan – Best for Spiritual Growth 

Atousa Raissyan coaches clients through spiritual challenges and works to develop mindfulness and gratitude in the lives of others.


Atousa helps everyone find their connection to a greater power—and harness that power for growth.

17. Ben Farber – Best for Young Men 

As an online life coach for young men, Ben Farber has revolutionized the lives of countless teens and young adults.


He works with young men to develop healthy masculinity, resilience, and mental health in a world that often prevents them from doing so.

18. Chad Weller – Best Performance Coach 

Chad Weller is a performance coach for motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals.


He adopts a holistic coaching method to ensure your ability to make healthy life choices and align yourself with your life’s purpose.

19. Tanya Lou Armstrong – Best for Brand-Building

As an entrepreneur and influencer, Tanya Armstrong knows the business of coaching online.


She became a coach to help others achieve the same.


Book Tanya to build your business, develop your brand, and live your best life doing what you love most.

Parting Tips

Above are the best life coaches to help you achieve your goals and reroute your life’s trajectory. Before choosing a life coach, set several criteria to guide your search. 


Determine your priorities for your coaching experience—setting an intention before attempting personal growth is essential.


Remember, you get out of coaching what you put in. Show up to your session and remain present throughout—you will be grateful you did. 

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