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5 Surprising Plant Based Proteins


Plant Based Proteins

Just started a plant based diet? It can be hard to find plant based foods that are also filling and great sources of protein.


In this video, Alexa will show you 5 different sources of protein that you can eat that are also plant based.


Alexa Hanshaw is a functional health and stress management coach and founder of Alexa Hanshaw LLC, on a mission to empower people to become the CEO of their Stress.

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Lentils has about 18 grams of protein in it.

5 Surprising Plant Based Proteins

Hi. I’m Alexa Hanshaw, and today I’m going to talk about five surprising plant based proteins.


The first one is edamame. Edamame has thirty-three grams of protein in it.


The second one we’re going to talk about is lentils. Lentils has about 18 grams of protein in it.


The third one is pumpkin seeds, which has just over nine grams of protein.


Then we round out with some quinoa which has just under nine grams of protein at about eight grams.


Then finally, spinach. I know the powerhouse vegetable also has some protein in it, and it has five grams of protein in it.


So if you are looking to minimize your meat, but still keep your protein count up, go ahead and try one of these five plant based proteins.


I am so excited for you to book your next class on and I cannot wait to see you!

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