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Amphy Software Update 2.0: The Ultimate Stay at Home Learning Platform

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This year Amphy unveiled a bold new design and UI for the largest online marketplace for live virtual courses and events. The smart new design aims to drastically improve the product’s user experience. 


The Amphy Team worked overtime to bring this new update to market as soon as possible. The colorful aesthetic and easy navigation make booking classes or virtual tours an absolute breeze.


Amphy’s mission is to create a globally connected world of open information sharing. This newest update is the biggest step towards that goal to date. Now users can enjoy every minute of the user experience. From discovering and giving Amphy a try, to completing the purchase and attending their very own live online session.

We expect to see Amphy making big waves in the e-learning industry this year. 


“We took our original website and made it better. These new flexible and accessible features make it easier to find and grow your passions and skills like never before. It’s a more pleasurable way to grow professionally and allow businesses to engage employees”.  

-Kovi Fine, General Manager 

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Featuring a beautiful new design, navigational features, micro-celebrities, teachers, and countries to virtually travel to.

New Features You’ll See on Amphy 2.0

It’s a big upgrade

Majorly Improved UI Design

It’s the same Amphy that you know and love, but with a beautiful new look. Amphy 2.0 features a huge display of trailers to popular classes as soon as the page loads. It has handy recommended classes separated into rows of different categories. Browse through trending, recommended, popular, and free classes, all from the HomePage.


Amphy Hubs

Amphy is the largest marketplace for live online classes, courses, and experiences. The newest update accommodates the multiple available features by introducing Hubs. The four Hubs on Amphy are classes, places, kids, and events. In classes, you can experience live learning with incredible teachers, coaches, and tutors in just about any subject. Grow your professional skills and passions from real-life experts from around the world.   

Fast Filters

Fast filters help you find sessions faster. With useful keyword recommendations conveniently placed at the head of the page, fast filters make navigation easy.

fast filters


You can finally save your favorite teachers and sessions for later. If you found a teacher you like or a class you might take one day, hit the heart icon to move it to “My Favorites”. It will be waiting for you there until it’s time for you to book. 



Story View

Story view is a unique way of browsing through listings. I’m sure you’ve seen the never-ending scroll on TikTok, or Instagram’s Reels, well let me introduce you to Amphy Story View. On the mobile version of the site, you can scroll through the trailers in a Reels-style format until you find something you like. If you’re interested, simply tap the Book Now button to finish.


gif of amphy stories feature

Quick Booking

On the desktop version of Amphy, use the hover effect on listings to automatically show you the availability for the following week. Once you pick a time, it takes you to the checkout without going through the class page or picking a date and time. So if you know what you want, there’s no wasting time.


Personalized Gift Card Graphics

Have an occasion coming up and want to make someone feel special? Now on Amphy, you can send colleagues or loved ones an Amphy gift card with a custom graphic. Redeemable on any session available on Amphy. You can slap your brand’s logo on it, or put your best friend’s face on the card. This update takes easy gift-giving to a whole new level.


Amphy strives to continue to grow, adapt, solve issues, and optimize for users as we continue and move forward. We’re making the world a more connected and fulfilling place to live in. We were born out of the need for connecting remotely brought by the Corona Virus. As workplaces continue to adopt the remote workplace model, we continue to serve this need. 


There are people living all over the world that would previously never have access to each other and be able to share information. With Amphy, anyone from anywhere can connect with others anytime that they like. Now you can learn more things, have more experiences, and be who you’ve always wanted to be. We’re creating “a brighter us”. 


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This year, Amphy launched a brand new blog. The blog was filled with content for students, hobbyists, and remote office workers. It aims to better serve the growing audience with valuable industry insights.


You can explore your favorite topics and interests by reading fascinating articles, helpful how-tos, the latest news updates, and more. Now users will enjoy a more complete experience when visiting Amphy.


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Skillshare, an American online learning platform similar to Amphy, has announced that they are ready to take their company to the next level. They will deliver their services to India’s EdTech Market to kickstart their global growth.


Not only does this increase capital in Skillshare, but it will provide India’s e-learning market with the opportunity to grow immensely.


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