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21 Best Chess Boards for Sale

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Check out this comprehensive review for some of the best chess boards for sale, from travel size to ornate pedestal sets.

If you’re looking for a new hobby or have become interested in chess, you’re probably searching for the best chess board you can play with. Chess is a classic board game that has been the favorite of many people around the world, but it can be even better with the perfect chess board. 


Whether you are a beginner or a chess grandmaster, you will need a chess board that holds your interest and is comfortable for you to use. Green and natural buff colors are common colors for the board squares, as are black and white. The colors of chess boards for sale can vary as widely as the types of boards that are available. 


All chess boards for sale will have an 8×8 grid with sixty-four squares; 32 light-colored squares and 32 dark-colored squares. Each square is identical in size, and the board measures equal length on all 4 sides. There are no chess board variations from this 8×8 design, but there are variations in color, material, and of course, the design of the chess pieces. 


Beginner chess boards for sale will have chess pieces that make recognition of each piece easier. A good chess set should have an extra queen in each color in case you lose one. Regardless of your preferences, we are sure you will agree that chess is a challenging game with many positive traits and that a good chess board will make the game even more fun. 

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Whether you are a beginner or a chess grandmaster, you will need a chess board that holds your interest and is comfortable for you to use.

Basic Set-Up of a Chess Board

Each chess board has 16 pieces for each color and the shapes, while all similarly recognizable, can vary greatly. There are eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one Queen, and one King.

What Brands Make the Best Chess Boards? 

There are a few brands that offer quality chess boards for sale. MTM Wood and JLP Woodworking create beautiful, handcrafted heirloom quality sets; Berkeley Chess offers sets with themes; Millennium and DGT manufacture excellent electronic chess boards, and Chess House offers a consumer-friendly online buying process with exclusive products and warranties.

How Much Does a Good Chess Board Cost?

Even the most basic chess set can be good for playing the game. Chess sets range from $10 to over two-thousand dollars for ornate, intricate sets made from costly materials. A basic, sturdy set averages between $50-$200, depending on the materials and size.

wooden chess board

What Chess Boards Do Professionals Use?

Most tournament players use a roll-up vinyl board due to its easy transportability. For playing pieces, Staunton is the most recognized, universal set. 

Our List of the Best Chess Boards For Sale 

If you’re looking for the perfect chess board to play on regularly, we’ve got a multitude of options that may be your ideal set! 

Price: $25.49

Rating: 4.5/5


Description: This board folds for easy storage with game-piece storage slots and includes two Extra Queens. The magnetized game surface allows for easy play in a car, on a plane, or in other situations where the board may move around. 

2. Gamie Miniature Magnetic Chess Set 

Price: $17.97

Rating: 5/5


Description: This magnetic game board eliminates errors that come with moving a board. Complete with side storage drawers, this set offers a fun, unique way to play chess on the go.

Price: $19.99

Rating: 4.5/5


Description: This handy chess board is a wonderful way for beginners to learn the game of Chess. Complete with a spinner to guide your game, this magnetized surface also indicates all possible moves to assist players.

4. New York Skyline Chess Set 

Price: $120.00

Rating: 3/5


Description: This stunning black and white chess board features renowned architecture from around the Big Apple as pieces.

Price: $24.50

Rating: 4.5/5


Description: With Staunton-style chess pieces and a roll-up vinyl mat, you can learn to play chess anywhere, anytime. Printed guidelines on the mat reinforce the basic rules and moves as you learn. 


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6. Antochia Crafts 11” Personalized Chess Set

Price: $184.00

Rating: 4.7/5


Description: This beautiful wooden board has glazed mother-of-pearl, rose veneer pieces of intricately detailed cast iron. You can opt to laser engrave the inside of the case with a name, date, or saying. 

Price: $179


Rating: 4/5


Description: This whimsical set has dogs on one side and cats on the other as they face off in the prestigious game of chess. A truly unique set that is a wonderful conversation piece or perfect for the animal lover. 


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8. Chinese Terracotta Warriors Retro Wooden Chess Set

Price: $47.01

Rating: 4.7/5


Description: An ornate Chinese-themed chess set with side storage drawers. Unique terracotta warriors serve as the chessman pieces. 

Price: $55.38

Rating: 4.9/5


Description: Imagine playing chess in your favorite forest. This handcrafted chess set is olive wood with rough-hewn edges on the board and the natural swirls and shades are visible in the board and through each piece.

10. King Arthur Camelot Chess Set 

Price: $236.91

Rating: 4.7/5


Description: A fascinating set modeled after King Arthur’s court with polyester casting and handpainted chessman pieces. You will cherish this gorgeous board for years to come.

Price: $259.20

Rating: 4.8/5


Description: This handcrafted, luxury board is for the chess connoisseur. The walnut wood chess board is w complete with storage. Beautiful brass accents adorn the cement and resin compounded chess pieces for an outstanding visual impression. 

12. Chess Genius PRO Electronic Chess Set by Millenium

Price: $144.00

Rating: 4.3/5


Description: One of the most powerful chess computers available. Select your electronic book of play and get ready for a challenge. A classic black and white style with over 2200 tournament standards

Price: $69.97

Rating: 4.2/5


Description: This chess tutor warns of threats and best moves. A more experienced player? There are 100 preset chess exercises to strengthen your game.

14. 15” Handmade Marble Chess Set

Price: $149.00

Rating: 4.6/5


Description: Weighted, hand-polished marble onyx chessman in classic black and white. You can store the hand-polished marble board in a lined, secure storage box to prevent chipping or breakage.

Price: $33.95


Rating: 4.5/5


Description: Black and white frosted glass compose these unique chess pieces set up on a mirror board for a unique playing field unlike no other. 


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16. Wall Chess Game

Price: $98-$195

Rating: 4.5/5


Description: This wall-mounted chess board has pegs that insert for a game that also serves as decor. With a board of birch and oak, the set includes a marker to remember the last move.

Price: $450.00

Rating: 4.5/5


Description: You’ll need plenty of room for this fabulously large chess set where the King pieces are a whopping 25” tall.  This chess set features durable materials and can be set up indoors or out.

18. Lord of the Rings Chess Set

Price: $210.79

Rating: 5/5


Description: What LOTR fan wouldn’t love this handcrafted chess set? Genuine leather board with resin chessmen modeled after characters from the much-touted series.

Price: $100

Rating: 5/5


Description: Select your opponent 1 and opponent 2 colors from 77 mild to wild colors. Chose glitter, opaque, or clear bright colors with a matching board.

20. Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set

Price: $145.00

Rating: 4.7/5


Description: Enjoy a unique way to play chess with your favorite Star Trek characters. With three main playing boards and four moveable “attack boards,” these acrylic boards with die-cast chessmen resemble those from the original television series.

Price: $2,100.00

Rating: 4.7.5


Description: Any list of the best chess boards for sale wouldn’t be complete without this incredible set that features hand-finished chessmen that look just like Star Wars characters. Complete with a frosted glass chessboard, this set is perfect for any chess-playing Star Wars fanatic.

Benefits of Daily Chess Games

Did you know that playing chess daily may help improve cognitive functions? 11 surprising Benefits of Playing Chess Daily include skills such as improving memory and recall, becoming a better planner, and helping people perform during stressful situations.

Final Thoughts 

People know the game of chess for its use of skills and advantages, calculations, and moves. From beginners to Chess Grandmasters, everyone needs to feel comfortable with the board they play chess with. There are as many chess boards for sale as the imagination can dream up, so find one that works best for you and enjoy your next chess game! 

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